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 Comment–Idaho Fish and Game Commissioners Meeting, March 21, 2012, Boise, Idaho

Hello, Commissioners,

I am Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston. I live in Cottonwood, Idaho. I am an Environmental Historian and wildlife rehabilitator. I am the author of four major books related to environment,  wildlife and human-wildlife relations, including my latest work from Penguin, Wolfsong: A Natural and Fabulous History of Wolves. I am also a journalist. I represent the educational  Ravensong Group and I represent the will of the American people.
     As an American and an Idaho tax payer, I call each and every one of you out.  I remind you that wolves are apex predators and wolves are a globally endangered species.  Anyone who manages to pass  Wildlife 101 in college understands that healthy elk herds need healthy predators. I could confuse you with more facts, but Commissioners, I know you are not really ignorant or stupid and you know the facts. Wolves do not decimate herds–wild or livestock. Less than one percent of livestock depredation comes from all predators–PERIOD.  And as for elk, deer and bison herds–the number of predators, including wolves, is dictated by the number of prey–not vice versa.
Wolves are a type of dog.
In fact, they are America’s dogs. What kind of man kills dogs? If a dog killer enters my neighborhood or your neighborhood–they would be stopped and arrested. Yet Idaho persists in killing America’s wolves. The American people demand that you reassess your roles in the brutal destruction of American wildlife resources. The American people demanded and implemented the Endangered Species Act in 1973. The American people spent $300 million in wolf recovery. This includes the wolves of the Northern Rockies–of which you and men of your ilk have slaughtered 524 since October 2011. You sell game tags and demand hunters obey Idaho game laws when it comes to elk and deer. Yet you sell wolf tags and do not punish wolf poachers, like the female outfitter and her husband in northern Idaho who deliberately lured a wolf and killed him–without a tag. And like OR-9, the Oregon wolf who was poached by a killer without a tag a few weeks ago. The American people demand justice for these wolves and the other 500 killed for no reason.
            Your clear plan is extirpation of all wolves in Idaho. The American people are not stupid and we are angry at your killing. The children of Idaho do not have decent education and many are hungry. Yet you, in your arrogance, complained that not enough hunters killed our wolves in the Lolo and you contracted with the brutal federal Wildlife Services and spent $35,000 of Idaho tax dollars to butcher 14 Lolo wolves. Wolves who were bothering no one and only wanted to live in peace in American wilderness. $35,000 could have paid an Idaho teacher’s salary for a year. And it could also have fed hungry children. Some would say America has been sleeping while you destroy our wolves and our tax investment. Commissioners, THE SLEEPER HAS AWAKENED.
We are mad as Hell and we will not take your abuse of our investment and our wolves and wildlife any more. At this rate of your irresponsible killing and mismanagement,  you are putting Idaho wolves on the fast track to federal protection.
You have demonstrated that you are incapable of responsible wolf and wildlife management. We will see you in court and your state will remain boycotted. You can’t love Nature from the barrel of a gun.
Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston



Photo: wolf wallpaper

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