Trapping And Killing Wolves With A Smile….

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These two are having themselves a great time, snaring and trapping wolves,  laughing their heads off.  Killing animals is so much fun isn’t it? I mean what’s not to love about a wolf being strangled to death??

The videos were shot in Canada but there are pictures on the  Internet showing extreme cruelty to wolves caught in traps and snares in Idaho. They’re  hard to watch but necessary. This evil cannot be hidden anymore, it needs to be  spread far and wide for people to see.  Wildlife have no protection from this madness.  This is legalized animal torture.  What does this say about us as a culture? Can we sit silently by while these animals are brutally killed?

How many Idaho wolves are stuck in traps or snares right now, without food or water, scared to death, in excruciating  pain waiting to die? Or choking slowly to death in snares. Is this what we brought wolves back for? Spent millions of taxpayer dollars, only to slaughter them back into extermination?  Where is the outrage? Are we just going to sit by and watch this happen? Idaho has killed half of it’s wolves, 368 are dead in the state. 534 DEAD in the Northern Rockies and that’s not counting Wildlife Service killings, poaching, 10j and general wolf mortality. Pregnant alphas are being slaughtered. When is the media going to cover this story? Shame on your silence!

Traps and snares are indiscriminate killers. Wolf pups, dogs or any animal, wild or domestic,  is at risk.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds…Samuel Adams

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  1. I have sometimes carefully avoided writing in celebratory ways about places I love on the earth. On the other hand, you can write, as Leopold did, about attitudes toward the earth and do some educating. The problem is not wickedness or evil. Lynn White calls it a development of the Judeo-Christian tradition that makes man the center of the earth and all creatures subservient to him. The problem, as stated in Genesis, is a piece of early Jewish arrogance. But many peoples have felt it. The Navaho call themselves Diné, “the people.” Many, many people have called themselves the people, as if no other people existed, and have thought of themselves as the center of the universe. We have to get over that. I am profoundly of the opinion that that attitude has to go or we destroy our own habitat. So without innovating anything, I would just rather get a little more American Indian than Judeo-Christian in my attitudes toward the earth, and a little more Zen and Saint Francis–like in my attitude toward other animals.

    – Wallace Stegner

    “In wildness is the preservation of the world” – Henry Thoreau.


    • I beg to differ. The Christian doctrine of “dominion,” properly applied, does not lead to abuses. Matthew Scully has this to say about it: “The term dominion carries no insult to our fellow creatures. We were all sent forth into the world with different gifts and attributes. Their gifts, the ones their Creator intended for them, are good for many things—governing just isn’t one of them. Someone has to assume dominion …” However, I believe (as does Scully) that humans are intended to assume leadership over the animals as benevolent monarchs, not exploitative tyrants. The Bible describes man as the pinnacle of creation, BUT it also includes a repeated theme of humility, of the higher serving the lower rather than taking advantage of his rightful position. I also find it odd that Stegner disavows Judeo-Christian attitudes, then proceeds to praise a Catholic saint. Obviously, Christianity can produce kindness to animals when it has not been improperly twisted.

      I’m a Christian myself, and I know of other Christian wolf advocates who are very devoted to the cause. I acknowledge that Christians as a group seem less likely to be sympathetic to animals than the average non-Christian; however, I think this to be a poison that has taken root in our modern-day Christian culture, rather than a genuine outgrowth of Christianity’s core principles. To suggest that the Bible is the root of the present lack of respect for the earth and animals, is to discount the efforts of those Jews and Christians who have put heroic efforts into improving the lot of animals. Another quote, again from Scully:

      “…animal welfare actually began, in both the United States and Britain, as the cause of nineteenth-century Christian reformers who founded the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and its American counterpart. Often they were the same people, such as William Wilberforce, Anglican priest Arthur Broome, Cardinal Henry Edward Manning, and Anthony Ashley Cooper, behind the abolition of slavery and child labor. ‘I was convinced,’ wrote Cooper, known as the Earl of Shaftesbury, ‘that God had called me to devote whatever advantages He might have bestowed upon me to the cause of the weak, the helpless, both man and beast, and those who had none to help them.’”


      • Yes I agree, (I was dubious about including everything that Stegner said myself, though he does say ‘many’ peoples have had and still have this overwhelming arrogance that they are chosen and that their belief system is the right one….sounds familiar that) I think that there has been an awful lot of hi-jacking of cultures and religions to further Man’s causes for the ill of Nature, unfairly so and as you say, there are and were a lot of people who will read only good into the words of the Bible or whatever scripture or belief you chose and act for the betterment of man and the planet. But there too, has been far too many people who will justify their actions by these words (Wolves especially were persecuted by religion in thought and in deed, see Barry Lopez – ‘of wolves and men’)(See also ‘Wild’ by Jay Griffiths)
        Man to me is a terribly mixed up animal and because of his ape/simian lineage and his ability to negotiate (I use the term loosely) himself within social groups and climb on top of each other (we are in fact the result of developing into ‘born liars’, harsh, but true I believe, we have to fight against our own natural impulsive, often violent tendencies every day, hence the need for religions, laws and self regulation) has been able to raise himself up to be above the Natural laws that have sustained us and our ways of thinking has given us many wonderful things, but we will hide behind anything to justify our actions, we find it hard to see anything but our own furtherment (if such a word exists) rather than the bigger picture, though through science we are discovering the inter-connection of everything and that bio diversity is not a by product of life, but essential to it. But then, many cultures, Native American for example, knew this for many years long before science evolved.
        “True human goodness can manifest itself only in relation to those who have no power”
        ..”here, I think, that we find the fundamental failing of human beings. Humans are the animals that manufacture weakness. We take wolves and make them dogs. We take buffalo and make them into cows. We take stallions and make them into geldings. We make things weak so we can use them. In this we are utterly unique in the animal kingdom”
        “All animals exploit the weak-although generally they have no choice in this. A pack of wolves will make numerous dummy runs on a herd of caribou, precisely so that they may look for signs of weakness in one of the herd. When these signs are detected, they will focus their energies on that individual. A wolf mother will kill its cub if it perceives unusual signs of weakness in it. Life is a deeply unpleasant process that sifts the weak from the strong. Life is profoundly cruel.” (though to me cruel is to place human feelings onto animals, life just IS this way, this is life and how it evolved and why humans have tried nobly to rise above it, but we go too far, forgetting our spiritual history)
        “What is characteristic of humans, however, is that they have taken the unkindness of life, refined it and thereby intensified it. They have taken life’s cruelty to another level. If we wanted a one-sentence definition of humans, this would do: humans are the animals that engineer the possibility of their own evil.
        It is no accident that we are these animals. In the ape, as we have seen, social intelligence comes first. We are so adept at manufacturing weakness in other animals because we were first able to do it to each other. The schemes and lies of an ape are its attempt to make apes that are stronger than it weaker than it. The ape in us is always alive to the possibility of engineering weakness in other apes. it is always watching for an opportunity to practise evil”
        Excerpts from “The philosopher and the wolf” – Mark Rowlands.

        Quite bleak thoughts I guess, but necessary I think to understand who we are and where we come from and our thought process. Of course we do good things, but unlike the wolf we are far, far more self centred than them, the pack is all for them, for us we still fight amongst ourselves and Nature.


  2. I saw these before and I was horrified by the sadism in this act. They say “Its quick and painless” okay let me choke you with a rope and then tell me how it feels. There’s nothing right with strangling a innocent animal then laughing your ass off about it.


  3. My friends, I will do my absolute best to save these magnificent creatures. And all of who are voiceless. I am doing the most I can at the age of 13; making posters, petitions, protesting, and donating my allowance. Please, if you have any other ideas let me know.


    • Sounds like you are doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work and who know, you may become a good leader, which our planet really needs.


    • Howls Wazaiyata…thank you so much for dedicating your time to help the wolves, I’m so encouraged by young people on this blog, there is hope for the future!!

      You give me strength just knowing you are making a difference. Keep up the wonderful work. Donating your allowance? How amazing. Thank you so much and keep reading,

      Please update us on your progress. I hope you have like minded friends that support your efforts.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. I will do my absolute best too – I always think of the phrase “God created man in his image” that we are constantly told, and then I get an immediate image of hunters like these, or war and I realize how untrue that statement is. There’s God in everything on Earth and beyond, not just man. How arrogant!


  5. I’m tired of writing letters and being polite. The wolves and other creatures who are being indiscriminately slaughtered cannot afford this peaceful protest. Its not working…its time to start thinking of more pro active ways to put an end to trapping. Its time again for the creative wayseers to step up to the plate.


    • I agree. The majority is the lunatic fringe; appealing to the morality of those without a conscience, is just being a pawn in their charade. I’m running for office. I’m interested in hearing something besides that we should just keep begging them to become less cruel. We’ve done it (for years & years & years). Form an animal caucus. Form a coalition with as many groups as possible. We need power…numbers is the only hope we’ve got. The blood-thirsty will pay to engage in their sadism, and the profiteers can always give the politicians more money than we can. Let’s band together – all environmental and animal groups.


    • You are right … we need genuine political pressure. Most of the state game boards, etc. are staffed by hunters and trappers. Either they need to be replaced with people better prepared to represent all citizens of the state, or the power to manage wildlife needs to be taken out of their hands (e.g. through the initiative process).


  6. You can write and complain all you want, but it won’t make a difference. There is a fundamental difference in the some people perceive wolves and the way that we do. The ONLY way to stop this cruel massacre of wolves is to hit them where it hurt$!! Don’t buy any products made in Idaho! Do your homework, many cheese companies get their cheese from Idaho. Produce items , especially the famous Idaho potato,… don’t buy them!! If we all did this, maybe it could have an effect.


    • Susan, I agree that’s one way to push back against this but we all have to be pro active. I’m working on a post about that and hopefully will have it up tonight.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. Can you tell me why sick bastards like this are walking around free?


  8. A quote by Jane Goodall –
    “If we do not do something to help these creatures,
    we make a mockery of the whole concept of justice”.


  9. Let me get this straight, and please, correct me if I am somewhat wide of the mark. When an animal, specifically say, the wolf, hunts, he (she) does so, on the basis of seeking out food for himself and his pack. He does not do so for any other reason and when he is successful and makes a kill, then due to his remarkable digestive system, little is left, and that which is, is ‘cleaned up’ by scavengers. Now on reading accounts about this process, it would seem reasonable to conclude that the wolf will by the ‘laws’ of natural selection, take the old, the weak, the young and the sick, although from what I understand, ask a Native American or Eskimo if this is so and he will say ‘sometimes’, as the rules on this are not clearly defined. As R.D. Lawrence said, ‘Nature is careless about the individual, but careful of the species’. There is a process at work here, which if left to itself would seem to work out just fine and perhaps when required, with just a little ‘management’ inserted by an animal with the acquired wisdom he has accumulated, one who can see the whole picture, that is Homo Sapiens, the little adjustments necessary can be made with minimum fuss and suffering to those creatures that have perhaps pushed the boundaries a little and we need to ‘re-balance’. (Although of all creatures, we are guiltier than any other)

    The ‘Gaia’ theory of James Lovelock, suggests that the Earth is a self-balancing system which will right itself given time, given certain conditions, though such are the enormous complexities involved, balance may not be correct, for Nature herself seems to have a shifting, searching internal drive, a kind of ‘self-design’ that ‘moves in mysterious ways’ and which we are not privy too. For as long as the dinosaurs were around, the Universe, by some means, then saw fit to remove them (largely, save for a few remnant descendants) and other life forms moved in to evolve. Nature ‘moved on’.

    Now when Man goes out to hunt, and I am not talking about those Native peoples who traditions and ways of life have for thousands of years generally sought to hunt in ways not too dissimilar from those predators he has learned to co-exist with. I am talking about those who go out to hunt for ‘trophies’ or to ‘manage’ wildlife, perhaps not unlike what we see happening in various States in the USA, or indeed what may be happening in other countries around the world.
    It seems to me that these men (and women) go out not only armed with their traps and snares and guns and whatever other implements they deem necessary, but also with their egos, their ignorance (in the true meaning of the word – lack of knowledge) and their own personal simian, ape-like desires. Perhaps desires such as thrill seeking, pleasure seeking, the re-calling later of the derring-do tales to impress their friends, neighbours, even school-children. The camaraderie involved with being in a club, a group, a membership that gives them a sense of purpose, a taste of conquest that they think is their God given right, perhaps even constitutional right, handed down by their forbears, maybe even by God himself. That feeling that makes them feel good about themselves at the weekend, because during the week they too like many of us are hunters of another kind, but with no prey available, targets to hit maybe, but nothing to kill. We arose from hunter-gatherers, only to find our animal instincts subdued to making a sale, making a deadline, making a living, making it to the store. Always making it.

    The belief systems of human beings knows no bounds and can be rigorous, rigid, unbowed and often bloody and it takes huge amounts of will and self-examination in order to change them. Witness our own attempts to change even the smallest habit.

    So armed with all these factors, can I safely assume that, unlike the wolf, human beings will hardly be discriminate about the particular animal they kill, perhaps selecting simply the biggest or whatever they happen to come across at random, or letting their snares and traps ‘determine’ who will be the unwilling victim.

    It hardly seems an appropriate way of ‘managing’ a sophisticated complex web that has been spun since time itself began. It seems to reverse the old creed, ‘take what you need, not what you want’. What effect this ‘management’ has had on the environment only far greater minds than I can tell. Perhaps those that hunt or those that know the results cannot or will not reveal the answers and that is the real evil, for evil it is, that lies at the heart of all this. Not evil in the biblical sense but a fundamental way of behaving that seems to be only capable of arising from Homo Sapiens. We have no excuses now. Despite our ignorance of an overall plan for us, these ’other nations’ and our Earth, we cannot say we were not warned, the genie is out of the bottle, we cannot ‘un-know’ or ignore the evidence presented before us, and to do so really harks back to what may be called the ‘banality of evil’, in that we accept ways of behaving that slowly become acceptable and ingrained, reinforced by many levels of systems, fear, exclusivity of a ‘club’, bonding that deems you must not stray from within the group, unless you be deemed an outcast within your own circle. Peer pressure is everywhere and a tool for good or for evil. Humans render helplessness in other creatures and each other in order to gain power over them. If this is so, it’s no wonder change comes slow, we have to fight against our own simian brains, our DNA even, too overcome our deep prejudices.

    What we are up against, is ourselves. Although we are capable of wonderful things and our inventions are many and good, the same species that built the temple to Love, the Taj Mahal, brought down the Twin Towers, the same species that builds shelters for the sick and starving, built sheds to eradicate millions of their own brothers and sisters. It is not them and us, though it’s tempting to think that way, ( I confess I do it myself, I catch myself doing it at the steering wheel when someone cuts me up. I want to plot and scheme their downfall, instead of letting go, but then, and this is important, I still have to remain ‘defiant’, and resistant to their wilful behaviour), as if I wish to separate myself from my own species, as if refusing to believe that I were not capable of such ghastly acts and so class these others as a kind of sub species, lesser than I. But the fact is, there is only us.

    Redemption is a great force, Seton, Leopold emerged from a time when the destruction of wildlife and habitat was still on an unprecedented scale and worked long and hard to preserve it. They moved against the current thinking of the previous age and current time they lived in. It takes real courage to say I was wrong, if we are all honest, it’s perhaps the hardest thing we can do. But then to go on and work in a manner which directly compromises your former beliefs, the ‘poacher turned gamekeeper’ effect, cannot be an easy path to take. You have to face a lot of abuse, criticism and even your own heart must weaken in the face of the ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’.

    We do need these huge changes of consciousness once again, the same changes that accepted the abolition of slavery, the working conditions of children, the emancipation of women and yes, these things are still to be accepted and hold to account those who will not. But there are enough of us to see it through.

    “ gain any sort of media attention for a social or environmental issue requires a circus, a celebrity or an act of violence. We only tried the first two and yes money really does talk. But once you get direct access to ordinary citizens, you discover that the victory of selfish consumerism is not yet complete. Despite the numbness and nihilism in our culture, there’s still an instinct for justice and proportion, a value of self-restraint, an abiding sense of the common good. I’m no Utopian, but I’ve found that deep down humans love the world that sustains them. Given honest information and a bit of respect, they will act to defend it, even for the sake of the unborn stranger…”

    Tim Winton – ‘Lands Edge’.

    “This land is your land, this land is my land
    From California to the New York Island
    From the Redwood Forest to the Gulf Stream waters
    This land was made for you and me.”

    …..a certain Mr Guthrie I believe…..


    • SO, aside for waiting for humanity to come to this great

      epiphany, rapture, what do you suggest for the here and now?

      Start our own anti-snare trapping club, I know that would make me

      feel good. As you said we need to feel belonging, they belong to

      the bloodlust club, we the protectors of the sublimity of nature.

      People will still throw puppies off the bridge into the river, why?

      “We” will never know, surely an evil sub minority but still “they”

      exist!! Us and them, “god only knows it’s what the fighting’s

      all about” ( Pink Floyd)

      You are so eloquent, please start the ANTI snare trapping club

      there are many who will follow, but they await a leader.

      I tirelessly support the NRDC, they couldn’t stop this, can anyone.

      A boycott Idaho campaign is a start, if you can get these sick

      videos to go mainstream and get a wildlife loving celeb, as you

      stated, to take up the cry to stop this, YES we can make a huge


      Do you have any thoughts on how to move the process forward,

      because I for one am tired of waiting for “humanity” as it moves

      glacially towards civility!!!

      You have my support, ideas? Anyone?



      • Ron w…I just did a post called Calling All Wolf Warriors…it’s up to us to come up with ideas. One is to organize with other wolf advocates in your local hometown and brainstorm. That’s how a grass roots movement is born. Our problem is we are fragmented and disorganized. And we desperately need media to get the story out. The trapped, tortured wolf is now a national story, will this wake up America? We need the support of people who are not involved in this movement to speak out. We need to move the masses, so they demand wolves be relisted and the torture stopped. We can boycott the wolf states and we should. NOW!!!!!!

        Please think of getting together with like minded people where you live. There is power in numbers. I know you are frustrated, we all are but lets take that frustration and anger and turn it into something powerful.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  10. I agree, “we all” need to do our part to protect all wild life and Mother Earth… Humans need to take precautions by populating in their space and remain in their own space to avoid any problems that would/may arise do to wild life’s natural instincts. I only can accept the death of a wild animal for only the safety of ones life and only for the ending the suffering of an animal in a humane way only! This type of trapping is inhumane by strangulation… etc. If a rancher is having problems with wolves taking their live stock, then they need to get Game Wardens to take care of the issue. These two clowns are ignorant humans and the Game Warden should take their licenses… it’s the laws that need to be changed to humanely remove nuisance and dangerous animals. We spent millions upon millions to save these animals to allow such laws that these two and others utilize for their personal gain. Ranchers and property owners hire thugs like this and it’s not any difference than I were to hire a thug to take care of a dangerous and or nuisance human being… um, now there’s a thought, think I could get a license to delete some of the ignorant dangerous and a nuisance neighbor?


  11. Never never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well being of a person of animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way. Martin Luther King.


  12. I wrote Jeff Siddoway, Rep Senator of Idaho who approves of wolf killing & baiting them with little puppies, He told me “Lady, you don’t know anything, yet you profess to know everything. You are so bias you ignore the obvious. Dated March 23,2012. He is for every wolf Dead, & is a sheep rancher in Idaho.


    • Caryn….that is so completely rude but what can you expect from him, after all he drafted the “live bait” bill. I’d like to know what the obvious is that you’re ignoring, maybe that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about??

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. I watched the two videos, and as you said “They’re hard to watch but necessary.” I am surprized at the number of people who not only will not discuss things of this nature, but who refuse point blank to even look at a few photographs. “They give me nightmares” I am told and “you are mad watching things that upset you,” but if we don’t watch, who will? Who will speak out for these manificent creatures?
    Thank you for keeping us up to date, thank you for caring.



    Two links to write to the Pres:

    and a link to the VP that gets directed to the Pres:

    My letter to them:

    States are not managing wolves – they are brutally slaughtering them well into breeding season – slaughtering pregnant moms and pups, too!
    They never recovered from their last near extinction at the hands of people. Taxpayers have previously spent millions to help them recover…because the majority of folks want wolves protected…not slaughtered. The fringe minority that wants to kill them are satisfying a blood lust – they get an epinephrine rush (like a drug high) from killing (just as any killer does – my BA is in Psychology). These folks do not need to have license to kill! The Lord had Adam name all of the animals (His Creations) to bond with them (as when you name your child). We have been mandated by the Lord Almighty to be guardians/caretakers/good stewards of the Earth and all of His Creatures. These folks that are the killers won’t vote for you anyway. There are a lot of folks, like me, who voted for you and are so angry about this issue (and the Keystone Pipeline that we don’t want any part of either) that we will be forced to NOT VOTE! We know that the Republicans will continue to kill wolves and they will do the Keystone Pipeline. WE THE PEOPLE WANT WOLVES PROTECTED NOW!!! WE THE PEOPLE DON’T WANT THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE…NOT ANY PART OF IT. WE DON’T WANT DIRTY TAR SANDS OIL.
    Thanks, in advance, for your prompt attention to doing an executive writ to put wolves back on the Endangered Species List today…and making it permanent!


    • Thank you for sharing Nikki, I think people have had enough of this cruelty and want it stopped.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  15. My letter to the two that head the Commission (had sent letters to the others on the Commission before the meeting)

    You are supposed to represent all of the citizens…the majority of folks want you to STOP KILLING WOLVES!

    It is shameful that you ignored the people that showed up and
    eloquently voiced their opposition to your plans to kill and torture
    even more wolves! TRAPS AND SNARES SHOULD BE ILLEGAL. PERIOD. They are
    just torture and are a real threat to unintended targets.

    You are the ones who are “nuts”! The epinephrine rush (like a drug
    high) is the same for a so called hunter, just as it is with a
    criminal killer. No difference. Blood lust is the same no matter what
    Child of God you’re killing! It is just as wrong!

    Science backs up wolf lovers. They are a vital integral part of a
    healthy ecosystem (not just in one location – like
    Yellowstone…everywhere…science doesn’t work that way, in a limited
    perspective, like yours…). Real science doesn’t bend and twist to
    fit your lies.

    People came and spoke out their wishes. You ignored them, because they
    did not rubber stamp your special interests. This is supposed to be a
    democracy, wherein the majority rules. You ignored the majority! I am
    sure that you all will lose your appointments on that Commission (be
    voted out of office/recalled) at the very least. There are more of us
    and we demand that wolves be protected!






    • Wonderfully said, the BOYCOTT IS ON!!


  16. I’m not really sure where these two killers ands others like them develop their attitudes which they feel justifies their behavior. I took out better males (men) in VietNam than these worthless pieces of shit and would gladly oblige them by helping them with trheir personal de;parture from this word. Sorry Nebecki, as I know how you feel about violence in general. However, there comes a time when fire must be fought with an overwhelming fire or a mighty flood water of lethal force and deadly justice!!


  17. Bottom line. I agree with Wolfeagle above. I would never want to harm anyone, man or beast, but there’s plenty of ways “peaceful harm” could be accomplished. To each their own.


  18. Every time I read about another brutal wolf killing, I feel diminished as a human being. Don’t play into their hands by lowering yourself to these people’s level. They’d love it, and to use it, true or not, to sway public opinion to their brutal side.


  19. I love what you all have said here and I feel all these emotions. The emotion of loving an animal and having to stand by an watch them being destroyed. Tortured.
    I feel Wolfeagle’s contempt and his desire to get rid of the enemy, but of course then we would them be like them. I applaud Nikki’s comments she is very perceptive and that just about sums up all of Idaho.
    We do need to send a flood of mail to the president letting him know of the atrocities the states are committing toward the wolves under States management. Lets do it.
    The Ranchers and hunters seem to be in charge of
    wildlife these days as they were in the early 1900’s- history is repeating itself at the will of Cattle and Sheep barons. They have been spoiled for the past 80 years without wolves and yet the wolves comprise a small percentage of their total losses. I think they are “crying wolf.” And they are “crying buffalo” now in Montana.
    I feel at the mercy of all the wolf haters now and it doesn’t feel very good.
    I called Butch Otter’s office today and asked that he open his heart to the wolves. To stop the killing and to tell him the wolves will do him no harm, not to fear them. I think the only thing he has to fear from the wolves one day is his own conscience. Last time I called his office they told me to stay out of Idaho
    that they did’t want any wolf lovers there- they were
    civil this time.
    Keep lovin the wolves and send them messages to watch where they walk.


    • Thanks for applauding my comments. I really feel that these individuals in this plethora of states that have been coming up with lethal brutality upon lethal brutality are wired differently…I don’t know if it’s steroid rage/aggression from eating so much meat (and the steroids that were used in the animals diets prior to them being slaughtered and consumed by these killers) but their actions and their appearances are definitely consistent with steroid overuse behavior. That often times means an early death from clogged arteries and the like…unfortunately, not soon enough…All of the letters, phone calls, etc…truly do fall on deaf ears…they have completely closed minds. (and I’m being generous there….they don’t behave like they have minds or hearts or souls…just closed whatever)….and no matter how much we disagree with them and want them to change to see our way of thinking and get them to stop having control over the fate of wolves….we really have to focus on all of us, every single one of us, POWER IN NUMBERS….writing the President every single day…asking/demanding that he do an executive writ to put wolves back on the Endangered Species List Now and make it permanent!
      WE need to do this, all of us, and we need to do it every single day….until it is a reality….does anyone have any suggestions for getting some media attention? that way we could get more folks aware of this to join in on the write the president every day to get wolves back on the ESA.


      • Robert Redford and the NRDC couldn’t do it, if you showed

        the poor wolf suffering in the leg trap at a nationally televised

        event, then you would have an uproar the size of a tsunami…

        That however take huge dollars, we must find a foundation to

        fund the video advertising costs..


  20. They are definitely ‘wired’ differently. Interestingly, a lack of remorse is one of the behavioural characteristics of a psychopath….


  21. What is wrong with these jackass backass merciless hunters?

    Inbreeding? Born brainless, when will it stop?

    Sub humans hunting defenseless animals, wow what a sport,

    setting a leg trap, duh, I’m still a Neanderthal. Same guys who beat

    their woman too, no doubt. I will lobby intensely to stop this

    senseless slaughter. In the meanwhile, you morons keep right on

    watchin jackass, and getting you kicks killing animals for fun,

    your day will come and you will be judged!!! F U.


  22. these guys are dumb asses they are killing man’s best freind


    • Exactly, these Fucks are the same Chromosomal types that have no
      compunction to kill a human. It’s a genetic type, no doubt.
      IQ must play a role obviously. who could ever do this? WHY.
      It’s just for fun. So difficult to watch, how can it be legal to kill,
      what can we do about it. Makes me cry.
      I will be calling them first thiing in the morning, you have to get dog
      lovers incensed!!!!!


      • The Wildlife News recently reported that Washington State’s Governor Gregoire is being considered as Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s replacement in an article entitled Governor Gregoire: Troubling Livestock Legacy. According to the article, “….a livestock “pilot” program she instituted in Washington, which fast-tracked the introduction of livestock grazing on Washington Wildlife Areas free of charge to ranchers, while running roughshod over the concerns of agency wildlife biologists, should give wildlife advocates pause.”
        When we shared this article with our supporters, we received many comments, messages and emails which expressed utter outrage! In response to the growing concern about the future of America’s great outdoors and our fragile natural heritage, Wolfwatcher authored a petition

        to take the voice of ‘we the people’ directly to the White House:
        We petition the Obama Administration to:
        Appoint Congressman Raul Grijalva as the 51st Secretary of the Interior
        I copied and pasted from Wolfwatcher……that’s right…..Gregoire, who killed the Wedge Pack (after meeting with us initially and “acting” like she was “sympathetic”)……PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE , which I separated that ends in the word petition….AND SIGN – GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO SIGN….THIS IS A WHITE HOUSE PETITION THAT WOLFWATCHERS STARTED TO GET CONGRESSMAN RAUL GRIVALJA…..WOLF HERO…..APPOINTED SECRETARY OF THE INTERIOR!!!!!!!! THANKS


  23. just stop killing them they didn’t do any thing to you did they in 50 to 100 years they will be extinct they just kill them to have trophys fuck them


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