Hacker Attack On Howling For Justice?

UPDATE: April 1, 2012

Everything seems to be working OK, so comments are back to normal. If anyone has any problems please contact the blog. Sorry for the inconvenience!

For the wolves,



I’ve received reports people are getting strange messages from Howling for Justice. Hackers may have been involved. If you receive any strange emails please post them here with the address they came from ( I will not make your comment public), otherwise I’ll approve your comment unless you ask me not to.

You can still continue to post it, will just take a little longer for me to read every comment.

Sorry for the inconvenience, hope to have this sorted out very soon!!

For the wolves,



Photo: Courtesy wwwactiveraindotcom

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  1. As frustrating as it is that someone would take the time to “hack” – consider it a compliment. Your blog is making waves, making a difference, and the wolf killers are wallowing in the mud that they are being exposed. Be strong. Never give up. The wolves are giving you a mighty howl across the Northern Rockies and beyond!


  2. I haven’t received anything like that…but I have very, very
    strong protections…..so….they must be working.

    Thanks for the alert.



  3. Not a bad idea, Nabeki, just in case these hackers
    are working for the enemy antis and are trying to
    infiltrate our noble dens disguised as one of us.
    Right now, our security is top priority so that we can
    continue with the important work at hand for our
    precious wolves.


  4. not received one Nabeki- but up theirs if I do – not to worry about me I would never doubt you or your work no matter what happened


  5. Please don’t ever stop being there for the wolves and for us, believe me, you do make a big diference.


  6. We can ride this out. These days it’s best to use aliases on the web anyway, especially fB. Evil times abound and not only the wolf killers, lobbyists for beef industry, fur industry, big oil, all using wolves as a scapegoat. Keep the actions going as discussed previously. Hacker no hassle.


  7. Thanks for the warning Nabeki, but as Resist said, You and Howling for Justice must be getting to them. I have not seen anything yet, but will be carefull. In the meantime let us all Tweet and paste on Facebook. I am sure all your members are behind you 110%
    Be strong and remember we are all for the wolves.


  8. We are here for you as you are here for us, for the wolves, for the wild!


  9. Have not had any problems yet but am not surprised. All the anti-animal groups seem to be banding together (NRA, agribusiness, hunting) to stop groups trying to protect animals in any way.


  10. Just an idea! What about Hollywood with all the movies! They use the image of wolfs like twilight what money they have made!! Should give back for too the wolfs for their fame in film!!! We should all blog the right people to jump on this evil of the witch hunt on wildlife!!! It’s beyond the beyonds !!! I think anyone who uses images of any wildlife should give back for their welfare. That would be a given, The greed is over the top. The wildlife does not belong to us its nature on the planet!! The world is over pop. and we can’t replace the wolfs etc. once they are gone. Hey, I will stand in front of these hunters and take a shot for the wolfs!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets all get to the stars in Hollywood and let them help. Peace Sheila


  11. Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve not gotten any strange messages either – hope it was just a blip.


  12. I haven’t received anything either, but will let you know if I do. I plan to keep howling. 🙂


  13. I haven’t received anything like that, but it doesn’t matter anyway. I will never give up fighting for wolves. With you always.


  14. WEEKEND EDITION MAR 30-APR 01, 2012
    The Predator Persecution Complex
    The Perverse Logic of Wolf Hunts
    The hysteria that surrounds wolf management in the Rockies has clouded rational discussion. Wolves are hardly a threat to either hunting opportunity or the livestock industry.


    For instance, the Wyoming Fish and Game reports: “The Department continues to manage to reduce Wyoming’s elk numbers. The total population of the herds with estimates increased by 16 percent in 2009 and is now 29 percent above the statewide objective of 83,640 animals.”

    Things are similar in Montana. Populations have grown from an estimated 89,000 animals in 1992 prior to wolf recovery to 140,000-150,000 animals in recent years.

    In Idaho we find a similar trend. According to the IDFG 23 out of 29 elk units are at and/or above objective. Hunter success in 2011 was 20%: one in five hunters killed an elk.

    Wolves are clearly not a threat to the future of hunting in any of these states.


    Ranchers are equally irrational. In 2010 Wyoming livestock producers lost 41,000 cattle and calves due to weather, predators, digestive problems, respiratory issues, calving and other problems. But total livestock losses attributed to wolves was 26 cattle and 33 sheep!

    Last year Montana livestock producers lost more than 140,000 cattle and sheep to all causes. But total livestock losses attributed to wolves was less than a hundred animals.

    In 2010 Idaho cattle producers lost 93,000 animals to all causes. Respiratory problems were the largest cause accounting for 25.6 percent of the cattle lost. Next came digestive problems, accounting for 13.4 percent of the cattle deaths. Total cattle losses attributed to wolves was 75 animals.

    To suggest that wolves are a threat to the livestock industry borders on absurdity.


    Worse yet, the persecution of predators does not work to reduce even these minimum conflicts as most proponents of wolf control suggest.

    The reason indiscriminate killing does not work is because it ignores the social ecology of predators. Wolves, cougars, and other predators are social animals. As such, any attempt to control them that does not consider their “social ecology” is likely to fail. Look at the century old war on coyotes—we kill them by the hundreds of thousands, yet ranchers continue to complain about how these predators are destroying their industry. And the usual response assumes that if we only kill a few more we’ll finally get the coyote population “under control.”

    The problem with indiscriminate killing of predators whether coyotes, wolves, cougars or bears is that it creates social chaos. Wolves, in particular, learn how and where to hunt, and what to hunt from their elders. The older pack members help to raise the young. In heavily hunted (or trapped) wolf populations (or other predators), the average age is skewed towards younger age animals . Young wolves are like teenagers—bold, brash, and inexperienced. Wolf populations with a high percentage of young animals are much more likely to attack easy prey—like livestock and/or venture into places that an older, more experience animal might avoid—like the fringes of a town or someone’s backyard.

    Furthermore, wolf packs that are continuously fragmented byhuman-caused mortality are less stable. They are less able to hold on to established territories which means they are often hunting in unfamiliar haunts and thus less able to find natural prey. Result : they are more likely to kill livestock.

    Wolf packs that are hunted also tend to have fewer members. With fewer adults to hunt, and fewer adults to guard a recent kill against other scavengers, a small pack must actually kill more prey than a larger pack. Thus hunting wolves actually contributes to a higher net loss of elk and deer than if packs were left alone and more stable.

    Finally hunting is just a lousy way to actually deal with individual problematic animals. Most hunting takes place on the large blocks of public land, not on the fringes of towns and/or on private ranches where the majority of conflicts occur. In fact, hunting often removes the very animals that have learned to avoid human conflicts and pose no threat to livestock producers or human safety. By indiscriminately removing such animals which would otherwise maintain the territory, hunting creates a void that, often as not, may be filled by a pack of younger, inexperienced animals that could and do cause conflicts.


    We need a different paradigm for predator management than brute force. As Albert Einstein noted, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Unfortunately insanity has replaced rational thought when it comes to wolf management.

    George Wuerthner is an ecologist with among others, a degree in wildlife biology, and is a former Montana hunting guide. He has published 35 books.


    • Thank you for these very useful statistics.

      Now is there a criminologist/psychologist out there able to supply stats about the perverted people whose criminal careers begin with animal torture then progress to rape and murder of humans? Today another school shooting, and no doubt, more wolves put to horrible deaths. What on this poor pathetic earth motivates anyone to do these things?




  16. I haven’t received anything either. I am keeping up with asking the President to put wolves back on the Endangered Species List every single day. I have previously posted the three links I use every day…the Power in Numbers thing….
    and starting today I wrote a letter to Ed@msnbc.com and thelastword@msnbc.com and Rachel@msnbc.com as well as going to msnbc.com and clicking on msnbctv and then scrolling down to contact and clicking on that – and filling out the form – ALL ASKING FOR A STORY ABOUT THE WOLVES SO THAT WE CAN GET MEDIA ATTENTION BECAUSE THE MORE FOLKS THAT KNOW THE MORE PUBLIC OUTCRY THERE WILL BE AND THAT IS THE WAY – POWER IN NUMBERS – THAT WE WILL GET WOLVES BACK ON THE ENDANGERED SPECIES LIST…PROTECTED PERMANENTLY….LIKE THEY SHOULD BE!!!
    PLEASE write to them, too, asking for them to do a story about the brutal slaughtering of wolves….
    we have to speak for them!


  17. The link to msnbc for submitting a story idea (about the wolves of course) is


    I had forgotten the step after clicking on contact, then you have to click on reader inquiries…so I went back and copied the link to share/make it easier….if everyone of us clicks on this link and asks them every single day…we will get the story in the media…we will get the pubic outcry…we will get wolves protected!!!


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