Idaho Wolf Hunt Over In Most Of The State Leaving 374 Wolves DEAD….

The Scapegoat  (William Holman Hunt)

UPDATE: April 1, 2012

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For the wolves,



The Idaho wolf hunt is finally over in most of the state but the Lolo and Selway zone wolves will continue to be hunted until June 2012,  straight through wolf denning and pupping season. While wolf mothers will be tending to their newborn pups, they will be sitting ducks for “wolf hunters”.   For the rest of Idaho’s wolves the nightmare is over but in just five short months the brutality will start all over again. 374 Idaho wolves are dead. This won’t be the final count since the hunt is still going on in the Lolo and Selway.

This gives us a short time to mobilize against the madness. Let’s make use of it!!

Meanwhile the sad story of the trapped, tortured wolf  has gone national. Reuters covered it along with other details pertaining to the wolf hunt slaughter that’s been going on in the Northern Rockies since Sept 2011.  The New York Times, The Baltimore Sun, Yahoo News,  AlertNet, Oregon Herald, Chicago Tribune,,  Greensboro News,  World News, Richmond Va News and on and on.  The story needs to be told, repeated, tweeted, shared and not be allowed to die.


From Yahoo News:

Dead wolf photos stir tensions in West

ReutersBy Laura Zuckerman | Reuters – 6 hrs ago

SALMON, Idaho (Reuters) – Photos of dead and maimed wolves have pervaded the Internet in recent weeks, raising tensions in the Northern Rocky Mountains over renewed hunting and trapping of the once federally protected animals.

Escalating rancor between hunters and animal rights activists on social media and websites centers on pictures of wolves killed or about to be killed. Many have text celebrating the fact that Western states are allowing more killing of the predators.

Commenting on a Facebook-posted image of two wolves strangled to death by cable snares, an individual who identified himself as Shane Miller wrote last month, “Very nice!! Don’t stop now, you’re just getting started!”

A person going by the name Matthew Brown posted the message, “Nice, one down and a BUNCH to go!” in response to a Facebook image of a single wolf choked to death in a snare.


Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. I am amazed of some of the remarks made. shame on your people who delight in these murders. what do you think God thinks of your remarks? you know, all that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own. Karma, baby…..


  2. karma…..i am a firm believer….all those wolf haters and their hysteria,torture,killing,maiming and than gloating over their shameful acts… will come back on them….and deservedly so….


  3. So many more people are aware now, and really upset and angry over this, There has been over 1200 comments on the yahoo news page over the story since it came out. I have been posting making people aware of the plight of the mother wolfs and the pups. I think Idaho is going to back down from allowing the hunt to continue, they know it’s just going to get really ugly for them if they allow it to happen.


  4. That wolf should have a name – His death just might have played a vital role in turning the tide . . . .He should be honored with a name . . .


    • I totally agree, he needs a name. What do you think Nabeki? Shouldn’t this wolf be honored with a name? I suggest Rip. It’s an actual name, but it’s also the abbreviation of “Rest in Peace,” which I hope this poor wolf does.


      • Naming the beautiful wolf is a wonderful idea! I understand the acronym/name Rip….I just have a problem with having his name be a play on words like that….I know we all trust he is resting in peace….but I would rather see him have a name that reflects his beauty and strength of still standing proudly with all his suffering going on….perhaps a Native American name that means/translates to the Proud Strong Noble Beautiful One….
        Have a wonderful week “off” Nabeki.


      • Nabeki, in a previous post you had put an awesome link that once clicked on, we could input our zipcode and get the direct emails to our senators and rep (federal) and I have been trying to find the link and the dang emails – I copied and pasted and sent them to myself for future reference…I really need that link again…this time I swear I’ll save the emails where I can later resource them….like now….I want to send letters telling them to say NO on those dang bills – H.R. 509 and S 249

        Thanks so much


  5. Perhaps we should call that martyred wolf, Defiance. This to honor him and all the butchered children. Remember, in Nazi occupied Russia, bands of Jews stood together against the Nazis and their story was documented in a book and in a film called, Defiance. What these monsters are doing to our wolves is just like the European Holocaust. Now it is Passover season, let us stand as witnesses to the Wolf Holocaust and work to end it. Pray for the sword of justice and speak out for DEFIANCE.


  6. I pray that this marks .beginning of the turning of the tide


  7. I would like to have a photo of the poor wolf in the trap (although I
    cried for quite a while before I just became furious after seeting it
    again & that stupid hunter..). On Thursday I
    had complied my letters to the House, Senate, & Obama…and was
    trying to find a printer for car stickers…when I suddenly just got so mad
    I called Fish & Game in Washington & told the woman who answered
    for F &G what I thought about the entire situation…that I was starting
    a ban on beef across the country, etc. that I was ashamed to call myself an American ….then called Salazar’s office & said somewhat the same thing.

    So, what is the status…is this going on to Michigan or is all of this
    ended? I need to know, because if isn’t, everything is going out
    tomorrow & I am going to pursue car stickers. Have a couple of friends
    to help me…set up an Umbrella, folding table & chair in the park,
    across from the major grocery stores …to get people to sign a
    petition to not eat BEEF for one month.

    Sandi, Santa Fe


    • The only request for justice that will touch these people’s “hearts”, is hitting them in the pocket-book, so right on with a beef boycott. A good contact for you could be Bob Brister of Utah Environmental Congress – he just had wolf bumper stickers made up. If I wasn’t a vegetarian, I’d take your pledge, right here. By the way, I’m running as Democratic candidate for Utah House seat District 19, on environmental platform.


  8. This is the Wolf Holocaust!!!!! This nation has gone kill crazy!! What will happen when there are no more animals to kill………..Will it be open season on the elderly or the disabled????????When there are none of them left,will it be open season on all humans???? Every one can just kill each other???????? This is insanity,,,,,,,,,,America has become a nation of sick killers……..Where does it stop? May be God could start over and forget the humans next time around…………I see the killing of dogs and cats in shelters and the abuse of these animals by people all the time. On the news I hear of the murders of People and children almost every day. I rescue Siberian Huskies and rehabilitate them and find forever homes for them. They are as close to wolves as you can get in a domestic dog. I currently have one Husky / Wolf cross. I will not let any one know that she has wolf in her. She may never leave my home,unless I can find a trust worthy person who will love and understand her and treat her the way she needs to be treated.I am only one person, but I am doing what I can. I also pray a lot for the wolves and all animals. I pray that Humans will wake up and realize that.all this killing MUST STOP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. I think it is horrific what is happening to the wolves as well as other sylvan animals which could very well be considered not only a holocaust but genocide as well.
    However, there is also an ongoing and unseen holocaust every day whereby millions of land and aquatic nonhuman animals are murdered. This holocaust reaches fever pitch in a Judeo-Christian god’s name.- Passover, Easter, Christmas, etc.. The lambs, piglets, cows and other nonhuman animals used for food suffer like that wolf suffered everyday for prolonged periods of time.
    For many years I documented the way animals whose flesh become food are treated, especially the way neonates are murdered at the slaughterhouse,-the mothers screams of anguish and the heart rending cries of the lambs, piglets,calves and goats as they are stomped on and smashed (called PAC-ing-pounding against concrete) is something that everyone who consumes flesh, milk and eggs should see because I have to believe that most people are compassionate and this unimaginable cruelty would move them to action.
    Easter, Passover, Christmas and other” holy days” are seen as a time of peace, but in essence they are a time of frenzied violence so that a murder victims body can be shared and prayed over and the family can give thanks and wish for peace on earth and goodwill to all.
    Their is a vast cognitive dissonance that allows one species to be seen as worthy of saving.The wolves suffering and “farm” animals suffering is no different from each other.


  10. One murdered wolf would have been one wolf too many, let alone 374 tragic endings. 😦


  11. From freelance writer Beckie Elgin.

    To the Man Who Shot Oregon 9

    The photograph of you, spread by the media, shows a young man wearing a camouflage jacket, blue jeans and what is perhaps a wry grin. At your side is the body of a large gray and bloody wolf. He is Oregon 9, litter-mate to Oregon 7, or Journey, the renowned wolf who has traveled over 1,000 miles in search of a mate.

    I admit to a feeling of grief while viewing this picture. Drained of the vigor of life, the body of Oregon 9 is so diminished, a mere semblance of what he was before. When you shot him, he became nothing more than an object, a vacant-eyed prize. Did you expect to bring home a wolf when you pulled the trigger? You did not. You captured skin and bones, a pool of blood, but the best of him was gone.

    Besides grief, I feel anger. There was no need to shoot that wolf–we all know that. His meat will not feed your hungry children. His coat will not stave off a frigid wind. He was not shot in self-defense or to protect anyone or anything. Economically, his corpse won’t boost your bank account. Your decision to kill Oregon 9 came from something other than necessity and that, I am most curious about.

    What would you say if I asked why you shot the wolf? Or is trophy hunting so ingrained in you that you’ve never questioned it? Perhaps it’s a tradition you’ve been raised in, a sport revered by family, friends and neighbors. Maybe your relatives helped eradicate wolves from Idaho years ago. At least then, folks didn’t have the scientific evidence we have now to point out the ignorance of their acts.

    There’s a world of difference between you and I, but not so much as we might think. We’ve both been conditioned throughout our lives and yet we can both decide what to keep and what to throw out from these teachings. This is not only our right but our responsibility. As members of a sentient species, we should question paradigms, make changes, and consider how our choices affect the world we live in.

    It’s easy to judge what another’s life-lessons has turned him or her into, and I’m trying not to do this. You may be a kind and generous man; you may split wood for an elderly neighbor and read books to your children. But the bloody wolf at your side denotes an aspect of your character I find disconcerting, as well as outmoded. If this photo were a daguerreotype it would be easier to accept.

    My father had a friend who was an avid hunter. Once, Dane told my parents that he’d put his guns away, for good. “Why?” my dad asked. “Because people don’t need to hunt anymore,” Dane explained. “We’ve taken too much for too long and the reasons for it are gone. Someone has to quit so I figured it might as well be me.”

    In a world where humans are decimating the environment and driving extinction rates faster than species can evolve, Dane’s philosophy is one to be revered. Changing our own ways is more difficult than expecting others to change theirs, but selflessness such as his is the only hope we have in preserving the world that supports us.

    It would be presumptuous of me to ask you, the man who shot Oregon 9, to change. But I will ask you to think, to sincerely question your actions. And if I ever get the chance to ask why you shot that wolf, I’ll be interested to learn if you have arrived at an intelligent and ethical answer.


    • That is an amazing comment filled with wisdom and great understanding… cosmicly speaking… thank you.




  13. Lynn Anderson, keep us informed on your campaign. We need more environmental candidates. I’m on FB. I e-mailed a comment on The Missoulian the other day because of an excellent article on the wolf hunt is politically driven. It still might be on the opinion page. Montana is advertising on WGN Chicago which is new to me since I listen to it. I talked my daughter out of going to Glacier with her 5 children. Hopefully the press will seriously affect Montana and Idaho.


  14. People donot want to take their kids to places that have a bunch of violent gun toting fools running around,facebook is the answer to making this a united actvity instead of a local one,make the people see every act of violence done to the wolves in order to get action before november, utube and facebook is the answer


  15. Boycott would definitely work but Modern Family filmed an episode in Wyoming – too bad they didn’t cancel. The San Francisco Ballet will be in Idaho – too bad they don’t cancel. The Heart Assoc. is pushing Idaho potatoes – too bad! With all the horror these states have created it seems pale compared to what Wisconsin is going to do – assume the “good republican – Paul Ryan who hunts w/ bow & arrow will be out there w/ a pack of dogs”? they are disgusting and should have their foot caught in a trap while someone shoots @ them – what cowards and brutal monsters


  16. Why are welfare ranchers allowed to exist and yield so much power over what policy is,why not expose them for what they are in this time of raising taxes and them just wanting more subsidies,how can our tax dollars now go towards undoing, wolf population, what has taken alot of years and taxdollars, instead of promoting our investment,all because of welfare ranchers politics,


  17. Count me behind the Beef Boycott!

    Calling National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA) about the boycott would be useful :

    Here’s some info from’s legislative watch page:

    “H.R. 509 / S. 249 – To amend the Endangered Species Act of 1973 to provide that Act shall not apply to any gray wolf
    The gray wolf has been on the ESA since 1972. Since then, wolf populations have not only recovered, but grown to such considerable sizes that they are threatening wildlife and livestock. In order to give states the authority to manage wolf populations, this legislation removes Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections for gray wolves.
    NCBA urges a YES vote on H.R. 509 / S. 249
    Sponsors: Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.), Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah)”

    Take some B12 supplements and who needs antibiotic and hormone ridden, Monsanto-GMO-alfalfa-fed cow meat anyway. Seriously.
    Stay firm. Stay together.


  18. Wait a sec. Are these people honestly thinking about a second hunt this year. The pups that where born this year won’t even be able to reproduce until 2014 what the hell? Taking the lives of innocent animals is going to make nothing but trouble. Montana and Idaho I am begging you to stop this cruel act now. Killing an animal with you’re big bad gun makes you look like a coward. They aren’t “natural” you where never “born” with them so stop trying to say it’s fair or humane to get shot. I know people that died from gunshot wounds and they died instantly so is it humane to get killed by another human because it was
    “quick” or “painless” NO! I DIDN’T THINK SO!! The time has come for us and humans to lose the double standards, throw out the Nazi excuses, and seek peace with in nature.

    Dywane from Alaska.


  19. You guys in the USA may or may not be able to receive this BBC programme to be screened this Thursday, but I hope many people will.


  20. ITs hard to believe the people inside the skins of flesh of the people that made these horrible decisions to continue to abuse and destroy this wonderful intelligent CReature created just as you and I to live on the land, raise their families, and eat just as Us…. truely truely one of the MOST HEART BREAKING MOMENTS IN HISTORY MAY WE NEVER EVER FORGET the DECISion makers AND VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE.


  21. When will it stop. I just read the article from the NYT and it said that Idaho has decreased its wolf population by 40%. 40%! In less than or just one year’s time. Yeah, I’m sure there are ethical hunters out there (but they ain’t in Idaho), but the extremist hunters are being sanctioned by the Idaho state government, and by extenion the Federal government, if they do nothing to intervene. I think a 40% reduction is quite enough. One “outfitter” outfit is claiming how sad he is about “their way of life being put out of business.” Hardly. Exaggeration much? Well Mr. Casperson, it makes me sick everyday to look at your state and this country too. Idaho has proven it can’t manage its wildlife population. What’s so frustrating is that the Federal government must have seen this coming, and they don’t seem to care. No matter what good things the Interior dept. does, it will never erase this. 😦


  22. Don’t forget also that the IDFG had 20 wolves shot from the air in the Lolo and what about the toll taken by Wildlife Services of wolves suspected of livestock depredation in Idaho? The total dead of wolves is many more than 374.


  23. Makes me sick thinking of those poor little babies and mom trying to protect them..


  24. Oh those poor little ones, and Mom trying to protect them…


  25. Is that bill that Rehberg and Hatch concocted introduced NOW? If it is current/happening now, who can we contact to have it stopped? Are they kidding? Like they haven’t already done (and are still doing) such damage? Say what?….I will happily sign any and all petitions…am still writing every day to all three links for the Pres to put wolves back on the Endangered Species List permanently and ban all traps/snares…and writing letters directly to msnbc/story ideas and emails directly to Ed Schultz, Lawrence O’Donnell and Rachel Maddow. My letter about releasing Mexican Grey wolves and calling Salazar (the rancher) out will be published in letters to the editor either thurs or fri this week in the Oakland Tribune (they called mon to tell me that)…I am already vegan….we need to address this insane bill they just “hatched” and also….who at the Forest Service can we direct our outrage? I saw the post that they claim the SOB was on his own time so they can do nothing about it….they can definitely do the right thing about it…since they know he did it, they should fire him with no benefits and have his trapper license taken away and he should never be able to set a trap or carry a gun….that would be the greatest thing….if all the killers couldn’t have their weapons….


  26. Here is some more great information about wolves, and the slaughter thereof. A link back to this page is included.

    Gray Wolf Information Links – (Gray Wolves Are Needlessly Being Slaughtered!)


  27. is not need to kil them!!!! this is criminal!!!!!!!!!!!! this need to stop!!!!!!


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