Tango With Wolves…

No words for this video, it moves my soul.


Video: youtube MereRana

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  1. Wolves in their truest form … Wadv for sharing this …


  2. Precious, moving and heart-warming. Thank you for sharing! 🙂


  3. you have a great soul


  4. this is a beautiful video – we must continue to do everythign we can tao educate & protect the Wolves- they are truly magnificent & being a Ntive American they are family to us & a spirit guide. May the Great Spirit watch over & protect them from stupid humans.


  5. Well Done


    • This video that Howling for Justice shared is beautiful & very well done. To look at teh majestic Wolves & know how precious they are & at the same time how misunderstood. This is a must see video. I’m 1/2 native American & it really touched my heart.


  6. Tears and Joy for the amazing gift and knowledge they have given Humans.. for those that did not learn from them its your loss humans.. May our hearts remain true to help pick up the pieces of their so broken world of destruction on their homes and lives.. running pregant mothers trying to save the babies.. and live just as us no difference.. Every single day is another OF candles and prayers none STOP for the THEm to survive this Holocaust .. the Evil SOuls against a wild and wonderful creature.. Thanks for this beautiful video helped my heart rest just for the moment.


  7. es bello el video gracias a los lobos

    the video is beautiful thanks to the wolves


    • Siempre trae lágrimas a mis ojos de Nicole

      Los lobos son hermosas,


  8. What a BEAUTIFUL video!!!! It shows the WOLVES in their TRUEST FORM and this is how it should be!!! So touching and moving!!! Thank you for sharing this beauty!!!


  9. It’s so beautiful! Anyone who isn’t moved by this (hunters/trappers?) has no heart. This is what we fight for!


  10. Thank You!!!!!!


  11. Oh, so beautiful…like a Garden of Eden, before mankind came and ruined everything! ;P


  12. Thank you for the beautiful and peaceful video, we need this heartwarming view to get away from the sorrow… and the anger. Gracias Nabeki, no sabĂ­a que escribes y/o hablas español. Desde MĂ©xico un abrazo y cariño para ti y tu lucha por los lobos. Estoy cerca de ti y de ellos.


  13. Thanks for lifting my heart, even if it’s only temporary. We take the gifts we are given and are thankful for those small little spots of love and happiness. Blessing to all.


  14. DANSK. Tak for ulven – filmen, :-))))))), – ulve er sĂĄ smukke, og vi mĂĄ hjælpe dem for overlevelse, – jeg elsker dem, <3<3<3


  15. Petition signed and video shared in facebook , thanks Nabeki!


  16. Thanks for sharing this video with as. It is brilliant.


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