Down Time….

I’m taking the week off and won’t be posting regularly until Monday, April 16, 2012. Please feel free to read through the over 600 blog posts. I’ll be checking the site often but approving comments will be a bit slower.  And of course I’ll still be working hard for wolves no matter where I am.

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Photo: stuff of awesome

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  1. We all need a break sometime! enjoy, relax…


  2. Please, tell ,me how we could help for saving the wolves. There is something hard to,do. How could we reach the goals. We must empeach people to kill and injure wolves.


  3. Have a nice time ❤


  4. Enjoy your vacation, you deserve it !


  5. Have a great time. I am sure we will all keep on posting on twitter and facebook items appealing for the protection of the wolves. Hugs to you.


  6. dansk. vi alle har behov for at hvile hjernen, så man kan igen kan fungere , så rigtigt god ferie. ulvene har virkeligt behov for hjælp, og her fra danmark, gør jeg alt hvad jeg kan, jeg elsker dem, og forstår naturens dyreliv— menneskene ego indstilling kan jeg ikke med. knus fra danmark.


  7. we all need some recharge time… relax, reflect and come back strong…


  8. I am amazed you go on and on – it has to be very draining – hopefully you will have some fun


  9. yes….part of the wolf credo :”rest in between”!!!!!!!

    a wise idea.

    thanks for all your hard word and commitment…and courage.


  10. Sometimes you need to step back from the sadness and renew yourself.
    God Bless you.


  11. Enjoy your week. Surely, you deserve it. Hugs and big thanks for all you do for the wild ones.


  12. ENJOY the downtime. That is VERY important. thanks and God bless.


  13. Wolf from Wenaha pack captured, fitted with global positioning collar
    Written by Katy Nesbitt, The Observer April 04, 2012 01:39 pm

    A 96-pound male wolf from the Wenaha pack was fitted with a tracking collar Monday in northwestern Wallowa County. The pack is estimated to have four to five wolves and produced one pup last year. It is uncertain if the wolf collared is the alpha male of the pack. ODFW photo
    A 96-pound male Wenaha pack wolf was collared Monday in northwestern Wallowa County.

    The wolf, now known as OR-12, is the only collared member of the pack.

    OR-12 was trapped by an Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist and fitted with a global positioning collar.

    The collar will send data regarding his location to a computer every few hours so his movements can be tracked.

    Michelle Dennehy, spokeswoman for the agency, said the wolf was released in good condition.

    It is not known whether or not OR-12 is the pack’s alpha male.

    Read full article:


  14. Have a good week. I know the wolves won’t be far from your thoughts, nor from ours.

    Many blessings to you.


  15. Rest, rest, rest & more rest. Have a relaxing time where ever u may be.


  16. Capitol Chatter: Proposed wolf season comes under fire:

    ST. PAUL — A Mississippi American Indian leader objects to a wolf hunting season that appears near passage in the Minnesota Legislature. – By: Don Davis, West Central Tribune

    ST. PAUL — A Mississippi American Indian leader objects to a wolf hunting season that appears near passage in the Minnesota Legislature.

    She joins several Great Lakes-area tribes in opposing wolf hunting and trapping proposals.

    Chairwoman Sandra Skinaway of the Sandy Lake Band of Mississippi Chippewa told a Minnesota Senate committee about her concerns, but said the issue flew under the radar and she missed testifying to a House committee.

    “In the Anishinaabe creation story, we are taught that the wolf is a brother to original man (Anishinaabe) and the two traveled together throughout the earth naming everything,” she testified. “Once this task was completed, the creator told the wolf and original man that they now had to take separate paths but said that whatever happened to one would happen to the other and that each would be feared, respected and misunderstood by the people that would later join them on earth.


  17. Link to above article; Capitol Chatter: Proposed wolf season comes under fire:


  18. We all need time to reflect,take a deep breath and re-gather our thoughts. Take care.


  19. And then something happens when you’re gone. It’s always like that for me! Every time I go on VK someone started a fight on my role play site and I have to log on to make sure the site’s still working!


  20. Have a good, bad needed break Nabeki


  21. Relax (as much as your heart will permit). You have stood hard and fast for the wolf and found out the horrible things that are happening to wolves so we can all fight for them. Without you, who knows how much more they would have suffered. God bless you Nabeki!


  22. Yes, enjoy your downtime and vacation Nabeki – the wolves are never far from our thoughts. 🙂


  23. Enjoy a mental rest NABEki you so deserve it (: being at ONE with the land is healing and will help us all to regroup and continue….BLessings BE TO a wonderful rest PEACE AND LOVE surround with.


  24. Like

  25. wow this makes me happy to see people go to that length to save a wolf from freezing to death


  26. The video of the trapped wolf being rescued from being trapped in icy water and the measures taken to save her are very heartwarming and makes you feel so good to know that there are such people that will go to the risks they did to make sure she survived ! Blessings to
    all who made sure she survived !


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