George Wuerthner To Speak On Predator Ecology: the Ecological Niche of Wolves On the Landscape

Wolves/Trophic Cascades

April 12, 2012

Groups Sponsoring Predator Ecology Program Next Week

Moscow- ID – Friends of the Clearwater, the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, and the Kootenai Environmental Alliance are each sponsoring events next week with ecologist, author, and wildland photographer George Wuerthner. The title of the program, Predator Ecology: the Ecological Niche of Wolves On the Landscape will focus on why some scientists believe that robust wolf populations increase biodiversity production and are important for ecosystem health, and how hunting and trapping the iconic predator may lead to social disruption within the pack, potentially causing conflicts between wolves and humans. Wuerthner will be delivering a program in Moscow on Tuesday April 17, 7pm, at the 1912 Center 116 E. Third Street, in Sandpoint on Wednesday April 18, 6pm, at the Sandpoint Community Hall 204 South First Avenue, and in Coeur d’ Alene on Thursday April 19, 12pm, at the Iron Horse Bar & Grill 407 E. Sherman Avenue.

“The more we study predators, particularly wolves, the more we realize that they are essential to maintaining resilient ecosystems,” said Brett Haverstick, Education and Outreach Director for Friends of the Clearwater. “This is a great opportunity for members of the public to learn why wolves are so important to have on the landscape.”

With over five hundred wolves killed in Montana and Idaho since federal delisting, the groups are concerned that wolves are not being allowed to fill their natural order.

“Predators like grey wolves keep ungulate populations on the move, which helps prevent over browsing in riparian areas and leads to an increase in biodiversity,” said Ann Sydow, lead organizer with the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance. “We need our state agencies to stop demonizing wolves and instead give them a chance.”

Questions abound on what type of impact hunting and trapping wolves will have on the animal. Some people think the management model employed by Idaho will have a negative effect.

“Wolves are socially dynamic animals. When older wolves are removed from a pack, that can lead to social disruption, possibly causing younger, less experienced wolves to kill livestock,” said Adrienne Cronebaugh, Conservation Advocate for the Kootenai Environmental Alliance. “The more wolves we kill, the more conflicts we may see in the future. It doesn’t make sense.”


Photo:  Courtesy Wyo/File

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  1. thank god for an eduacator!!!!!this is where it begins..EDUCATION.thank you m George Weurthner.


  2. it appears i need some education in my spelling!!forgive my typo,mr. wuerthner.


  3. thankfully there are some people who can see farther than a rifle barrel! I so hope this is good news for our wolves.


  4. I think it is great to offer the public more education on wolves to overcome the superstitions of the past. However, when people do not want to learn, when they want to keep on doing what they are doing, e.g., hunting and killing, then education will not reach them.


  5. wonderful.

    I just watched a show on the thylacines (tasmanian tigers) and felt so saddened by what happened to them. We are still dealing with the same attitude 70 years later on a different continent. There is a disregard for the natural order of things. The anti wolf hysteria is similar to the anti thylacine mania. The result was the the extinction of a lovely and unique preditor. It’s a cautionary tale, it could happen here too.


    • Denise- there are people that strongly believe that there are a few hundred thylacines that live deep in the bush. An extant population would do better flying under the radar rather than have the GOV get involved. The less humans know the better……Go on the thylacine museum website and download Magnificent Survivor. Compelling evidence does exist


  6. estoy decuerdo con el george mi apoyo para con el


  7. Thank YOU! Finally education to stop this killing spree!!!!!


  8. Wonderful….the web spreads a little more each day.
    Of no direct connection, but if it ok and its not been posted before, check out the link and video…..have tissues.


    • That is a great story. I need a story like this when wolves and other predators are under such persecution.


  9. I pray I will live to see the day when all Wolves will live gentle lives on our planet.


  10. ❤ jeg er glad for at der er begyndt at tage ulven i forsvar, den er uundværlig i naturen– det har jeg altid hvis i 60år, HVOR ULVENE LEVER, DER TRIVES SKOVEN ❤ :-))))))))


  11. URGENT ACTION REQUESTED: HB4809 is end of Wilderness Act!

    Please devote 5 mins to opposing this bill as it fundamentally erodes the Wilderness Act.

    Reference links are numbered and provided at the end of this post.

    Please immediately contact your state senators to VOTE NO on HB 4809. Petitions are also online at (4) (5) below. It is an A.L.E.C. funded bill to return tracts of federal USFS, BLM, and even NPS lands to states jurisdiction. The sportsmens bloc (NRA, Safari Club, et al) are really pushing this bill. If you google it you will see a host of petitions ‘for’ this bill, including Remember them?

    If HB4809 passes the Senate, it enables roadless areas to be opened and since the West is governed by state level ALEC lapdogs, soon exploitation by energy, mining, logging interests at the state level can be expected. (Many of the same corporations and PACs sent their state level and DC congressional lackies to vote for de-listing the wolf.) This bill erodes the Wilderness Act, essentially. (2) That will remove habitat for many species, including canis lupis !

    HB4809 also allows importing of polar bear kills by trophy hunters thru Canada. (Reptilian minds will not stop, so please help stop them. No use appealing to their sense of morality, they have none.)

    Arctic animals and Indigenous (specifically the Inuit) are suffering many levels of environmental stress, all undeserving victims. (1)If you are following the Fukeshima fallout and rainout that is traveling via the jet stream, there is concern as to recent seal and walrus dieoffs and now polar bears with various skin diseases are being researched.

    In my heart I seek a world that is just and deep in the woods one can hear the howling of wolves and know they and other 4-leggeds are safe. I dream of better times.

    Thanks if you can help with these initatives to stop HB4809.
    S. A.

    1 ENews: (nuclear news)
    2 Sierra Club explains what the bill REALLY means:
    3 global animal:
    4 Force change info:
    6 To read the entire bill: google HR4089 for pdf.


  12. Its really frustrating that no one wants to take direct action, its all intellectual fact sharing. The hunters could care less about our education efforts and complaints. They simply want to kill things. We have to take lessons from the past and get involved in direct action and non violent protests. Lets DO something, not just hold meetings and preach to the choir, The wolves are dying as we sit here and enjoy refreshments. WHERE are the actvists??


    • I ask that question everyday, but there are people like me doing all that we can. no one should be afraid to change their world. Keep your heart open and hopeful Donna and surely the reality that you seek will become yours.


  13. Direct action: Sent thousands of letters to chambers of commerce, blood red letting them know that people caring has effects on community involvement.
    Call the TV stations THOUSANDS of times to the news editior.
    Picket Chambers, Visitors Bureaus.
    And in all those cute farmers markets large blown up posters of the trapped wolf being shot.


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