Tarra and Bella, Best Friends….




Unfortunately this beautiful story came to a sad end last year when Bella was believed to be killed by coyotes. Tarra actually carried Bella’s body back to the barn they shared together.

Tarra is in mourning for her beloved Bella and has turned to her sister elephants for comfort. Bella even visits the site where Tarra died. How incredible are elephants?

“It is with heavy hearts we honor the passing of Bella the Dog. Eight years ago, the white stray canine wandered into our habitat and befriended The Sanctuary’s founding elephant, Tarra. The inseparable friends were incredible in their devotion to each other and the story of their unique bond has been shared around the world. . . .We love and miss you, Bella, and will continue to take care of your friend Tarra.”


The End of an Amazing Friendship

Posted by: James Hathaway
Date: 11/02/11
A tribute page has been set up for Bella. You can leave your remarks about the amazing pair bond between Tarra and Bella. Please support The Elephant Sanctuary, they are doing wonderful work.

Your Tribute to Bella


Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and makes it so much the larger and better in every way.
— John Muir


Photos: Courtesy The Elephant Sanctuary

Videos: Courtesy YouTube

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  1. Beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. Some that say that animals can’t feel love and empathy. They couldn’t be more wrong.


  2. What’s there to say. I am with tears and give tarra a hug from me.


  3. They have so much to teach us.


  4. Love comes in different sizes – but the hearts of Bella & Tarra are filled with love for each other. I wish all people and animals the love of a lifetime.


  5. What a sad yet important story. I have always known (since I was a child) that animals could feel & experience love on all kinds of levels.
    That is why I like (love) animals – a lot more than humans sometimes.


  6. beautiful and sad story, i was very sad when bella died. tarra is my heart my house is full of fhotos from both.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i did suffered to much when she was gone. tarra is been my inspiration.. i pray for tarra i ask to GOD to help her to keep going. i know how much they love eichether. that is a real love. i soport bella foundation, and tarra. i will for the rest of my life. i just got a magazine for her birthday. i hope one day i can have good financial situation to go to tennessie and visit tarra and the other elephants at there.


  7. the fact that animals feelings are much more complicates and deep than human vanity attributes them ia sceintifically asserted in the last decades. when you think that reach people like tje king of spane travel far just for the fun of killing these wandefill animals you konw that some animals have emoations and loyalty that some humans will never know or undestand


  8. jesus we are so inferior


  9. Both my husband and I agree that there are organizations that claim to be interested in the protection and preservation of wildlife that are not fully engaged in the effort to do just that. It just seems that they talk and talk and nothing gets done.

    We get hundreds of requests for help from a enormous number of foundations. We send donations to over sixty organizations. What we get in return is calendars, key chains,and junk; even though we have asked over and over again to use the money we contribute to do battle with those that would destroy the wolves and other wild creatures.

    We have written letters, signed petitions, and sent money. What else can we do. It is sickening to see the massacre of the magnificent wolves and heartbreaking to witness the continuing attack on much of our wild animal population.

    Surely there must be something more we can do then just talk.


  10. alle dyr har føgelser, hvis de mister deres bedste ven, og de husker godt. dejlig film om tara-og bella :-))))))))—- det er jo ikke størlsen, det kommer an på :-))))))


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