Wyoming Plans Wolf Hunt For Fall 2012…..

Now I’ve heard it all. Wyoming plans on having a trophy hunt this fall, allowing up to 52 wolves to be killed. This will be carried out in the “flex zone” around Yellowstone National Park, which means any Yellowstone wolves wandering out of the park can be legally shot.

“Under Wyoming’s plan, the state would allow trophy hunting for wolves in a flexible zone around Yellowstone National Park, beginning in October. The hunting would last until 52 were killed or until the end of the year”

Remember the Cottonwood Pack?  The alpha male, female and their daughter got blown away by hunters during Montana’s first wolf hunt in 2009 because the state brilliantly opened the hunt right outside of Yellowstone and the Cottonwood Pack, not knowing how to read boundary signs, left the safety of the park and walked into a shooting gallery. Hunters were waiting for the wolves to cross over. It was like blasting ducks in a barrel.  Must be fun to kill innocent animals and heck they didn’t even have to work at it.

Yellowstone wolves are partially habituated to humans because they are enormously popular with tourists, who regularly follow their every move. Yellowstone wolves are used to people and have lost much of their natural fear of them, bad idea. They’ll be easy targets for “hunters” and I use that word very loosely.  Its’ not bad enough Wyoming wants to decimate their approx. 340 wolves down to 100 animals and ten breeding pairs, due to the disgusting wolf management plan that was concocted back in the  nineties to placate ranchers. Since the USFWS didn’t bother to update the plan since the reintroduction, we are left with the wolf killing states using these low numbers to “pick off”  their wolf populations. This is why wolves need to be relisted. The states are proving over and over again they cannot be trusted with the welfare of wolves. As soon as they had the chance  they started persecuting and killing them and continue to do it.

Congress should hang their heads in shame for what they’ve done. Especially the Senate Democrats who vowed they supported the ESA and wolves and turned around and threw Montana and Idaho wolves under the bus, sneakily slipping in a wolf delisting rider into a non-related budget bill, WITHOUT JUDICIAL REVIEW. In one fell swoop they doomed wolves in the Northern Rockies and gutted the ESA. Now any endangered species that becomes inconvenient can be kicked off the list by another “evil rider”. Who’s next? Grizzly bears? Salmon?

But get this, Governor Mead is hoping Congress will ride to Wyoming’s rescue and exempt them from the environmental lawsuits that are sure to ensue when they try to implement their “shoot on sight plan” in the rest of the state. Good luck on that one Wyoming during an election year.

Cynthia Lummis tried  to exempt Wyoming from legal challenges and that ” dog would not hunt”.


Wyoming plans wolf hunts this fall

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