URGENT: Calling All Montanans!! Show Your Support For Wolves TODAY, May 10th, Montana FWP Helena Meeting…. » Trrapped wolf Facebook

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  1. this is sick ! stop this Animal abusers РStoppen Sie diesen Tierquäler Рa shame for everyone Рfrank +


  2. stop all killings of the wolves and shut the hunters in sted where is the justice


  3. Wolves have been hunted and killed for to many years and Now the killing needs to stop. Wolves are beautiful and we could learn slot from them. Enough slaughter enough hurt enough pain.


  4. Trapping is an gruesome hobby to take up,it amazes me how states can sell a license and think they are coming out ahead,the amount of game a trapper takes out of the cycle is unprofitable to the states revenue compared to a license fee for one animal


  5. THIS is not a wolf,appears to be a coyote hybred.


    • ed..Don’t think so, it’s just the way the animal is postured that makes it look so strange. It could be a wolf dog but I don’t see any coyote in there.



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