Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves: A Public Policy Process Failure By Wendy Keefover ~ WildEarth Guardians

Wolf 527, killed on Buffalo Plateau on Oct. 3. Credit: Dan Stahler / National Parks Service

May 10, 2012

This is one of the most comprehensive articles written about Wolf Wars. Please read!!! Great job WildEarth Guardians!!


Northern Rocky Mountain Wolves: A Public Policy Process Failure

How Two Special Interest Groups Hijacked Wolf Conservation in America

By Wendy Keefover • WildEarth Guardians

Wolves, once welcomed and restored with verve in the Northern Rocky Mountains, are now killed by the hundreds by well-armed hunters. Idaho and Montana have issued over 62,000 hunting tags on a wolf population that totaled less than 1,300 individuals.

While empirical data show that wolves kill only miniscule numbers of domestic livestock and generally prey upon only the weakest native ungulates, the myth of the savage predator and the wile of lobbying groups prove stronger than truth for some important decision makers. Northern Rocky Mountain wolves go untolerated and unprotected, yet, without wolves, ecosystems are impoverished, the public is deprived of prized wildlife viewing, and decades of federal investments in wolf restoration are at risk. The Northern Rocky Mountain wolves may not long endure such intolerance.

The American West, and indeed the planet, suffers from a lack of apex carnivores. In July 2011, twenty-three biologists issued an admonition in Science with the publication of their article, “Trophic Downgrading of Planet Earth.” Authors forewarn that events not previously imagined, such as changes in fire regimes, exotic species invasions, carbon sequestration, and other calamities, will befall earth’s ecosystems as a result of the loss of apex consumers—both aquatic and terrestrial.

In this report, we explore facets of wolf policy, biology and ecology. We look at the economics and human values associated with wolves, and offer five pragmatic solutions to end unfounded violence upon wolves.



Photo: Dan Stahler / National Parks Service

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  1. Thanks for this information.

    Please ?! re-post the pic with the man’s face. I think protecting the visual identity of corporate lapdogs is a courtesy they do not deserve.
    Let the whole world watch and know their faces.

    Complicity makes possible one injustice,one horror at a time. Imagine if a Wildlife Service hunter refused. Then another. Instead they accept the assignment and the overtime.

    Just as sheriff depts could refuse to
    enforce illegal home foreclosures, locksmiths could be ‘too busy’ to make the extra cash from lock changouts.

    Carry on! For the wolves, as N says…


    • SO Agree I am so mad just plan MAd now. I have cried until my tears are anger.


      • Ellen…we’re going to channel our anger into action. Wait and see. We’re not done fighting by a long shot.

        For the woolves, For the wild ones,


      • I too, am very angry for what those stupid
        redneck Neanderthals are doing to our Earth…
        But in the end, they will pay the ultimate price
        when the Great Spirit renders His final Judgment,
        and all thew evil hunters and trappers will be destroyed.

        Check out this video piece I’ve created.


  2. Does anyone expect the hunters, the NRA,and all the lobbyists to tell the truth? They want to kill wolves (and a lot of other animals), and they will find the reasons until enough people become outraged and call them to account, make life uncomfortable for them.


    • Right, by exposing their cruelty and warped mentality, maybe we can incite enough public outrage and scrutiny that they’ll decide to put away their toys and quit their evil game. Hopefully there will be enough wolves left to recover and reclaim their rightful place in nature when that day comes…


  3. history tells us that nature will prevail no matter how hard mankind attempts to destroy the natural world…..unfortunately there are the ignorant, yet vocal minority, that forces bad policy on the rest of the natural process and in turn ignores the science and the warnings that we are destroying ourselves/the planet…..unfortunately only upon this happening will nature flourish and be in balance once again… los lobos


    • I am not that optimistic that nature will prevail no matter what humans do to destroy it. The first wolf extermination prevailed over nature’s ability to heal itself, not to mention thousands of animals and plants that went extinct for good.


    • The Great Spirit and ALL creation shall prevail,
      and those who have done evil to our Earth and
      the wild inhabitants thereof, will be destroyed.
      When man encroaches upon and disrupts the
      balance of nature, Nature will fight back with
      plagues, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions,
      apocalyptic weather, and other catastrophes
      from the likes never before experienced by modern man.
      The NRA and other special interest extremists are
      blasphemers, idolaters, and liars.
      The Almighty shall cast them into the fiery Abyss of Hades,
      where they will be eternally destroyed.


  4. How much more can our society take from the government when they are attacking every single inch of this earth and trying to destory our PLANET with Concrete and asfault. Honestly do think most of us are so tired of it with no way to STOP THem. The press will not do an honest news coverage as to protect and stand up for our wildlife. WHO are they afraid of? DOes no one have the back bone to stand tall for the animals? Every thing is going to be extinct we cannot survive alone. ALL of the world is so connected every single inch and each grain of SAND. I have cried until I have no tears left. Now I am just plan MAD AS HELL at what is happening STOP KILLING OUR WOLVES.


  5. Thank you, Nabeki, for sharing the excellent work of Wendy Keefover and the WildEarth Guardians.
    The National Wildlife Federation has posted an action alert at:

    Its not only the hunters and ranchers. Big oil is degrading caribou habitat in Canada so the government wants to kill thousands of wolves to protect the caribou. Industry threatens one species so the powers that be threaten and kill another species in response. What a lot of convoluted, self serving #&%$^##!!! Is there any wonder who was behind the making of “The Grey”. What a bunch of liars.


    • Yeah, I know wolves are victims of those who want to “protect” elk and moose but they don’t realize that all this was caused by their dumb management of wildlife resources..In addition to that we must also work in stopping the media in demonizing the wolves just as “The Grey” does…


  6. He’s not really dead is he? please tell me that he’s only sedated for that collar on his neck..Tell me what can I do to help from my faraway home in Laredo Texas..
    For the wolves, my life….


  7. Are wolves with collars killed too!? I think they have crossed the line long ago but now they have came back to the boundary and spat over it…they are going too far from the extreme…please let us do something…


  8. E. Idaho veterinarian says injured puppy appears to have been used for target practice

    Read more here:


  9. A veterinarian in Blackfoot said Friday that a stray Border Collie puppy he treated this week had suffered injuries from two bullets — one shattered her rear leg, the other lodged under the skin on her back.
    “Most people know that if you want to kill an animal, you don’t shoot them in the leg and back,” said Dr. Tony Parsons of the Blackfoot Animal Clinic. “To me, it looked like someone using a puppy for target practice.”
    The puppy was one of three found in a field west of Blackfoot earlier in the week. Two of the puppies were uninjured — but the third was bloody and found laying on the ground, said Leslie Schwindt, one of the people who discovered the 3.5-month-old puppies.

    Read more here:


  10. Friends of the Earth and wolves and other Beings of light…
    The excellent research paper outs the corporations and .orgs who are
    pushing for species ( wolves, polar bears, and others as many of you noted ) destruction/extinction.

    Consider the following actions? Commentary welcome and additional actions welcome.

    _Boycott beef/sheep products: sign the beef boycott link on the upper right of this page.. Then email the PAO of NCBA and tell them you are boycotting.
    _Boycott swine also: the ASI ( Amerian Swine Industry) is not only supporting wolf kills in WI, they have pushed a law making it a felony
    to raise non-GMO type swine. (Google Bakers Green Acres,
    So there is some overlap on these corps mandating through state legislatures via lapdog officials.
    _Defenders of wildlife also has some wolf actions.
    _One of the most basic actions we can take is to oppose the re-election of state officials who are pro-corporation punto ! Legislators who are introducing laws written in A.L.E.C committees don’t care about their constituents. It is crucial these types not be forgotten or forgiven and not be re-elected. The balance of powers is a joke now, as the Courts have given corps both personhood and no liability for any harms they incur. They have the go-to both ways. So the seriousness of the outing corruption in local and state government, let alone national… is vital.
    The voters handbooks do not mention ALEC members and recently
    another court just ruled that legislators don’t have to provide this information.

    Disrupt the money trail through boycotts and removing support for products. That is a direct way to stop this anti-life movement of corporate power.

    _Out the NRA, SCI as the neo-colonial anachronisms they are…
    There is nothing in the 2cd Amendment that states just because you own a rifle you can shoot any person or animal that scares you.

    _ Vote for Ron Paul as he wants to overturn Citizens United, NDAA, HR 347, and DAA, and more. Citizens United was the landmark decision that has brought this enormous open wave of anti-women, anti-nature and of course, anti-wolf nightmare to the US. While you may not agree with all his policies, he is the ONLY candidate who will
    restore the Constitution. Americans will be able to protest without being arrested, PD’s will not be allowed to injure and taz unarmed unresisting citizens… If you are a Dem , register as a REP for the primary and vote for R Paul. IF the primary in your state is over, then write him in in NOV. Romney and Obama are clearly corporate men.

    _Keep using social networking to keep awareness going against
    the corporations listed in the article. Don’t let the awareness die down, although it may rise and ebb..

    _There needs to be another petition to stop trapping. If trapping was banned in 88 countries we must continue.

    _Add more actions? I m open to other views and ways!

    Peace to all Sentient Beings


  11. These people just don’t give up
    Plan approved to guide northeastern Montana wildlife refuges for next 15 years
    Wolves and grizzly bears have wandered close to the refuge, and the CMR has said it will work with the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks on managing those animals if they do migrate that far east. The same goes for bison if they are ever reintroduced as a game animal, something Montana is studying right now.

    Read more:

    Read more:


  12. Sometime bad and good collaring for the wolves. when I see the hunter hold dead wolf with collar on made me sick and outrage! and see California DFG made sure OR7 stay safe and let the ranchers know wolf near areas. Really mixing my feel about collars on wolves. why the fed.trapper was with those CDFG went check on OR7? Guess he help them to research how do with the wolves the fact..right?


  13. I don’t know about collars either – basically don’t think they should be on the animal – how about a warning system on killer men out stalking? I am also following Calif. Wolf AND wondered WHY a “trapper was w/ the “officials” who were doing what? – warning those yahoos there was a Wolf in their midst? This poor animal needs a body guard now, in paticular since the DFG is run by that Mountain Lion killer who had to go to Idaho to kill – he must love this!


  14. “the hell hole that Idaho has become” says it all.
    “the hell hole that the US has become works as well.
    keep on for the wolves and all beings.


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