The Amazing Journey and Sad End of Wolf 314F

May 31, 2012

This important story deserves a repost. The little Montana wolf didn’t have to die. She traveled so far searching for a mate, only to be poisoned for her efforts. Wildlife Services and it’s cache of deadly toxins must be abolished!!

UPDATE: January 10, 2011

I posted this sad tale in October 2009 about an amazing little Mill Creek Pack wolf, who traveled 1000 miles from her home in Montana to a lonely hillside in Colorado, called “No Name Ridge”, where her bones were found.

Her death has been under investigation by USFWS all this time.

Finally, after almost two years,  it was announced she was poisoned by the deadly compound 1080. It is one of the horrific poisons Wildlife Services uses in its arsenal to kill our wildlife.

The organization Predator Defense has been trying for years to ban this  deadly compound along with Sodium Cyanide, used in M-44s. So far they have been unsuccessful in their bid to do so. Maybe now people will wake up and realize they must  pressure Congress to ban these deadly poisons FOREVER.

Apparently Compound 1080 is banned in Colorado, which would make 314f’s death an illegal killing.

This is a sad day for me to learn how the little 20 month old 314f  died. Her epic journey to Colorado, ended in an agonizing death at the hand of Compound 1080.


Bill to Ban Two Deadly Agents Stalled in Congress


From Predator Defense:

Help Us Ban Compound 1080

“From its inception, Predator Defense has fought for a worldwide ban on the deadly poison called Compound 1080. Unfortunately, our bill to ban it is stalled in Congress.”


2009 Colorado dead wolf was killed by poison . . . the notorious 1080



“Two Killers that Need to Go: The Case Against Poisoning our Wildlife and Pets”


It’s not just used in the US. “New Zealand uses 80% of the world’s production of 1080” compound.

1080 Compound New Zealand’s Deadly Toxic Poison of Choice


The Amazing Journey and Sad End of  Wolf 314f

October 10, 2009


She traveled through five states, her GPS collar registering 1000 miles.  This young Mill Creek Pack wolf  left her Montana home in September 08 and arrived in Colorado in February 09.  Her epic journey was long and precarious.  She was tracked through Yellowstone National Park, western Wyoming, the Bridger-Teton National Forest, southeastern Idaho , northeastern Utah, finally arriving in Eagle County, Colorado.

Her journey ended in February 09 on a lonely hillside in Colorado called “No Name Ridge, where her bones were found.  Nobody is saying how she died.  The investigation into her death is ongoing.

314F’s life and death reinforces the argument wolves need ESA protection,  especially when they’re dispersing  in search of other wolves or a mate.  They’re under constant pressure from the SSS mentality, which makes this young wolf’s journey so incredible.

Against all odds, this twenty month old wolf showed the world what wolves are made of. I hope Wildlife officials discover how she met her end.  If she died by human hands this person or persons should be prosecuted!


Lonely Lady Wolf Looks For Love in All The Wrong Places

Rocky Mountain News

By Berny Morson

Published February 25, 2009 at 3:09 p.m.

Call it the power of  love.

A female wolf has wandered more than 1,000 miles through five states in search of a mate and is now in Colorado’s Eagle County, wildlife officials in Colorado and Montana said Wednesday.

The wolf, known only as 314F, set off on her lonely quest in September when, for reasons unknown, she became unhappy with the male prospects among the pack of seven animals she was born into 20 months earlier.

Since then, 314F has followed her heart from the Paradise Valley north of Yellowstone National Park through Wyoming, Utah and Idaho. She has trotted past areas where other wolf packs are known to live toward a state that has not had a wolf population for 60 years.

Montana officials follow her progress with a global positioning device on a collar that was fitted to her neck in July.

“Basically, what she’s doing is, she’s wandering around looking to see if there’s other wolves around,” said Carolyn Sime, wolf program coordinator for Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Her prospects here are not good. The last confirmed wolf sighting in Colorado was a male who made his way from Yellowstone in 2004. But he was killed on Interstate 70 near Idaho Springs before anyone knew he was here.

Colorado Division of Wildlife biologist Shane Briggs said that when wolf packs get too large, some animals leave in search of a mate with whom to start a new pack in a different area, Briggs said. That’s how the species increases its range, he said.

Before the 2004 sighting, wolves were considered extinct in Colorado. The last confirmed one had been killed in 1943.

Wolves were reintroduced in Yellowstone National Park in 1995.




Wolf 314F lies under anesthesia after being fitted with a GPS collar on July 1, 2008. The collar has tracked the wolf on an epic journey from Montana to Colorado. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks photo

Suspicion Surrounds Colorado Wolf Death

Did the epic journey of Wolf 341F from Montana to Colorado end at the hands of a human? Officials aren’t saying.

By David Frey, 9-27-09

A wolf that wandered from Montana and died in Colorado earlier this year met its end on a hillside about 24 miles north of Rifle, according to government documents obtained by an environmental organization.

Federal wildlife law enforcement officers continue to investigate the death of a Montana wolf that wandered from Montana and died in Colorado, nearly after a year after the wolf’s carcass was collected, raising speculation that the wolf was killed by a human.

“It’s a good question, but I’m not going to answer it,” says George Morrison, Colorado senior wildlife agent for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Morrison confirmed the examination of the body, called a necropsy, had been completed, but he said the results would be closed to the public until agents complete their investigation.

“It could be two weeks or as long as a year,” he says. “It’s important to us not to impede the investigation.”

Wildlife officials have refused to divulge specifics about the wolf’s condition or its final whereabouts. But Rob Edward, carnivore recovery director for WildEarth Guardians, said he discovered its final location through an open-records request seeking information about wolves in Colorado. The documents showed the last location of the wolf to be about 24 miles north of the Western Slope town of Rifle, less than two miles west of Highway 13.

“I have believed for the last couple of months that they definitely have a law enforcement angle on this,” Edward said. “Otherwise they would tell you that it died of natural causes.”

Intentionally killing a wolf in Colorado would be a violation of the Endangered Species Act and state statutes that protect endangered species.

Edward described the site as “within rifle distance of a road.” Maps show the location to be what appears to be a scrub-covered hillside in an area known as No Name Ridge, apparently on Bureau of Land Management land just north of a dirt road called Thirteenmile Road.

“That’s the way the wolves from the Northern Rockies are going to come,” Edward said. “What we have to work on is making those lands safer.”

Known as wolf 341F, the 18-month-old female made headlines for making a 1,000-mile journey from the outskirts of Yellowstone National Park to Colorado. Biologists tracked her movements using a GPS unit in a collar fitted to her neck.

Researchers said she was a member of the Mill Creek pack and wandered from the pack’s location between towns of Gardiner and Livingston, Mont., in search of a mate.

She left her pack in September 2008 and took a meandering path through Wyoming, Idaho and Utah to Eagle County. She crossed back into Wyoming, then back into western Colorado where her collar showed she stopped moving. Biologists responded and gathered her carcass to perform a necropsy.

Native wolf populations in Colorado were wiped out by the late 1930s. The last record of a native wolf killed in Colorado was in 1943. In June 2004, a radio-collared wolf from Yellowstone was found killed by a passing motorist on Interstate 70 near Idaho Springs. In 2007, video footage captured an apparent wolf near Walden.

Officials say among Northern Rockies wolves, 26 out of every 100 wolves are killed, almost all of them shot by animal control officers or poachers. Among lone-dispersing wolves like this one, most are hit by cars or illegally killed.

State law does not call for wolf reintroduction, but it does protect wolves that wander into Colorado.

For wolf reintroduction advocates, this wolf’s death highlights a need for more protections.

“They’re not going to come down here and repopulate the area on their own,” Edward said, “especially if they meet that kind of fate.”

* It’s been reported that wolf  314F’s number is actually 341F but since she is so well-known as 314F, I didn’t make any changes.


Top Photo Compound 1080: Courtesy of AGRO

Middle Photo Compound 1080: Courtesy of Predator Defense

314F Photo: Courtesy New West

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  1. That is a very sad story and poision production needs to be stopped , there seems to always be underlying thought process going on when people in general are confronted with animals , I think its fear, the killing of brown and black bears that is proposed to happen in the spring of 2013 in Alaska in Section 19A is another one of these cases , mass murder all in the name of control of species by this country then we see what we’ve done and remorse, I think the general public needs therapy,but its been going on for years look at Vietnam and agent orange


  2. Poisoning, shooting from the ground or from the air, trapping. As far as I can see the only means these murderers haven’t used yet, are napalm and a nuclear bomb! DAMN THEM ALL!!!!!


  3. your right we MUST END THIS NOW!
    Wolf defender,


  4. Why?! how come this happened! WHAT OTHER EXCUSE WILL WILDLIFE SERVICES PULL OUT RIGHT NOW!? This was caused by nothing more than the poison loaded devices those idiots scatter on the wildlands..she was looking for a mate! what harm was she doing to deserve this!? I’m tired of being reading this posts in tears..It would be better that those Fish and Game would show their faces and tell people what they are really doing and the way they do it and see what people think about it. Please Nabeki we must pull out something more powerful than petitions, because of the fact that our petitions are directed to deaf ears, at this pace our cries for the slaughter to stop will never be heard, and our wolf brothers will be extinct. I wouldn’t mind at all to shoot down those planes who rain hell on wolves, but I know that would cause more trouble than it would solve…We must show them they are a government agency a PUBLIC SERVICE and this government is a REPUBLIC, we vote for what we want, a government, by the people FOR the people…and if we do not want a wolf slaughter, then why is this happening..I have lived in Mexico for most of my life and I can tell the difference between a corrupt government and a legit one, and a corrupt government should NOT be In charge of one of the most powerful countries of the world…
    For the wolves….Daniel..


    • 100000000 % agree that, :-((((( = baaaaaad world, we most fight for goooooood world


  5. How sad – so very sad. My heart goes out to that poor creature. I’m sick of it all.


  6. Absolutely horrible. It does make one heartsick.


  7. One more way to violently kill wolves, all animals and humans. When will the madness end.


  8. If we aren’t careful one day we humans may become the hunted. . . .think about it. . .I’m just saying.


  9. dansk. forfærdeligt, modbydeligt, hjerteløst, egoistisk fra menneskesiden, dette skal stoppes, og dem der laver dette mord-gift, skulle selv indtage en SMAGS_PRØVE— før de udøver MORD PÅ DE USKYLDIGE :-((((((—-


  10. MIT HJERTE GRÆDER, for de dræbte, USKYLDIGE


  11. humans are vile evil people , animals were here before humans we are invading their space


  12. You should make a Google+ page for this blog. People on G+ are very active at +1ing and resharing posts.



    These pics above are graphic, so be warned. Coyotes are being persecuted just like wolves by these wildlife killing hunters who I call destroyers of wildlife. The 2 pics above are by a guy named Tracy Villwok. He is a hunter in Wyoming.
    This vile person Tracy Villwok kills coyote pups and lets his dogs run after coyotes to kill them.


  14. I hate these people and desperately want to do something other than donate and vote (which does o good) This is a very sad story even if old and I I keep hoping every day “they” won’t kill our California Wolf. It seems hopeless trying to help the animals – totally unrelated (except in general) the news said a judge just ruled Sea World can continue and reduced their fine – holding whales in a very small area is ok and according to good ol Jack Hannah the whales are just fine – they educate the stupid public w/ stupid tricks. HOW STUPID! If you cannot protect the whales from this crap how are you going to protect the Wolves?


    • Agreed, lets try to keep Journey alive. I would like to see California get its own wolf pack because of him. Don’t give up hope.


  15. “When the animals are sick and dying a tribe of all people will come to save them; they will be known as warriors of the rainbow” Chief Seattle


  16. dansk. :-((((((( = morder-gift, mit hjerte er fyldt op af grimme ting der foregår i denne sindsyge-hjerteløse verden, mod al levende, håber at dem der laver dette, må rammes først .


  17. I was crying while I read this.


    • I know wolf advocate, it’s so incredibly sad. What a wonderful little wolf, she didn’t deserve this):

      For the wolves, For 314f, may she rest in peace,


  18. The more I read the worse it gets. I can hardly stand to see what’s happened next.


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