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May 28, 2012

I haven’t updated the page since 2010/2011 because the wolf hunts resumed in 2011 and I was busy covering that carnage but it doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten these wolves.  I plan to bring this page up to date in the next few months.  It’s a grueling process, which entails scouring the monthly wolf reports for dead wolf packs or individual wolves who’ve been killed in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

This slaughter is separate from the wolf hunts.  Wolves are wiped out as a subsidy to ranchers and the taxpayer picks up the tab.  Pretty slick, ranchers get to graze their cattle dirt cheap, their cattle destroys our public lands, Wildlife Services kills our predators for them and the American people pay for it. The non-consumptive user doesn’t have any say in this at all, they could care less what we think. Are you OK with that?


“For The Strength Of The Pack Is The Wolf, And The Strength Of The Wolf Is The Pack.” -Rudyard Kipling

This is an incomplete list of wolf packs that have been eliminated by Montana, Idaho and Wyoming since 2000.  I am not even close to the number of packs killed but I wanted to start listing them.  Please let me know if you have packs to add. I am working my way backwards from 2008 to 2000.  I don’t have the 2009 wolf pack data for the entire tri-state area of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho.  103 Idaho wolves were killed by WS  in 2009.

Remember these wolves, they died for the livestock industry.

Wolves are collared and tracked relentlessly like no other animal.  As soon as game managers deem them chronic depredating packs the kill orders go out to Wildlife Services and more wolves lose their lives.

It’s always the same headlines, repeated over and over, wolves killed for livestock depredation.  The states have a tit for tat type management. one or two cows, one or two wolves. Ninety percent of livestock deaths are caused by weather, reproduction and disease. Predators kill very few livestock and when they do it’s coyotes not wolves who do most of the killing and still it’s a small percentage of losses sustained by the 100 million cattle that graze on public and private lands. Domestic dogs and vultures killed more cattle than wolves in 2005. (NASS) But the states don’t want you to know these facts because it’s doesn’t fit into their narrative of wolf demonization.

Who are these wolves dying for?

Current wolf “management” is outdated, arcane and  based on political and cultural ideology.  Wolves are punished for being “wolves”.  Are we returning to the scorched earth policies of the last hundred years?  You decide, as the number of dead wolves increases with each passing day.


Jureano Pack 2000

Twin Peaks Pack, 2000

White Cloud Pack, 2000


Stanley Basin Pack 2001


Whitehawk Pack 2002

This was a much beloved pack of nine, killed for agribusiness. (ten wolves were killed in all).

The  alpha female, Alabaster, was at the end of her pregnancy when she was gunned down along with her six sub-adult pups, all the wolves were collared, it was like picking off fish in a barrel.

Alabaster was renowned for her beauty.  The killing of this pack was an enormous tragedy.

From Western Watersheds Project

April 5, 2002
Entire Nine-Member White Hawk Wolf Pack
Killed in Central Idaho by Government Gunners

By sometime this weekend (and it may have happened already) the entire White Hawk wolf pack of central Idaho’s Boulder-White Cloud Mountains will be dead. Ten wolves including the pregnant alpha female who is the famous white wolf of the Sawtooth Valley will be gunned down from a government helicopter.

Two were killed last week, three yesterday, and the remaining five by the end of tomorrow. Because they all have radio collars and are easily located from the air their death is certain. The aerial gunning of the wolves is a consequence of one sheep and two calves being killed in the East Fork of the Salmon River upstream of WWP’s Greenfire Preserve.

To put this into an understandable and very American context, the cost to kill the wolves will be around $13,500; the value of the dead livestock is less than $300. (for which the ranchers will be reimbursed).

The only reason wolves are being killed in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming is because of the presence of domestic livestock often where they do not belong either environmentally or economically. WWP is researching legal means to bring pressure to change the current management of wolves in the Northern Rockies which has deteriorated into a well paid cottage industry with one objective: killing wolves.



7 Wolves killed WS….2003


Cook Pack 2004

17 wolves killed WS in 2004


Wildhorse Pack 2005

24 wolves killed WS 2005


Hyndman Pack, 2006

35 wolves killed WS 2006


Pass Creek Pack, 2008

Buffalo Ridge Pack, 2008

Packer John Pack, 2008

High Prairie Pack 2008

Copper Basin Pack 2008

Moores Flat Pack 2008

94 wolves killed WS 2008


Partial Pack Removals 2008

Mullan Pack….1 wolf killed 2008

Bishop Mountain Pack…1 wolf killed 2008

Bitch Creek Pack 2008…1 wolf killed WS 2008

Red River Pack…1 sub adult wolf killed 2008

White Bird Creek Pack…2 wolves killed WS 2008

Bear Pete Pack…4 wolves killed 2008

Hard Butte Pack…3 wolves killed 2008

Hornet Creek Pack…alpha male killed 2008

Stolle Meadows Pack….alpha fe and 3 other members killed 2008

Applejack Pack…3 wolves killed WS 2008

Basin Butte Pack…7 wolves killed WS 2008

Galena Pack…2 wolves killed WS 2008

Steel Moutain Pack…6 wolves including 1 pup killed WS 2008

Falls Creek Pack…6 wolves including two pups killed WS 2008

Doublespring Pack…5 wolves killed WS 2008

Black Canyon Pack…5 wolves including lactating female killed WS 2008

Buffalo Ridge Pack…6 wolves killed WS 2008

Jureano Mountain Pack…1 wolf killed WS 2008

Moyer Basin Pack…4 wolves killed, plus 2 radio collared wolves WS 2008


Lone Wolves Killed 2008

Wolf  11A Killed 2008

Male Wolf B327 killed 2008

Wolf SW64 killed 2008

Female Wolf B283 killed 2008

Wolf B383 killed 2008

Wolf 36B killed 2008


Basin Butte Pack, 2009

9 Wolves Killed WS….February 2009 (pack names not listed)

2 wolves killed WS….February 18 to March 25, 2009 (pack names not listed)

5 wolves killed WS….March 16th thru April 3rd, 2009 (pack names not listed)

11 wolves killed WS….April to May 2009 (pack names not  listed)

10 wolves killed WS….June 2009

16 wolves killed WS…. July 2009

25 wolves killed WS….August 2009

19 wolves killed WS….September 2009 (pack names not listed)

1 wolf killed WS……October 2009 (pack name not listed)

7  members of wolf pack  killed WS November 2009 (pack name not listed)

2 wolves killed WS December 2009


273 Wolves Died in Idaho in 2009.

87 were killed by WS,

135 killed by hunters,

13 were killed illegally (and those are the ones we know of)

6 killed (10j)

8 other

24 unknown



6 wolves killed WS….January 2010



Sentinel Pack 2004

Ennis Lake Pack 2004

Fox Creek Pack 2004


Lone Bear Pack 2005


Sleeping Child Pack 2006


Bearmouth Pack 2007

Wedge pack 2007

Fleecer Mountain pack 2007



Hewolf Pack 2008

Hog Heaven Pack (27 members) 2008

19 wolves killed in 3 days

Updated: 2:23 pm, Mon Jul 13, 2009.

The remainder of the Hog Heaven wolf pack – 19 animals – were killed this week….southwest of Kalispell

Willow Creek Pack 2008

Sapphire Pack 2008

Moccasin Lake Pack 2008

North Gravelly Pack 2008

Freezeout Pack 2008

Skalkaho Pack 2008

Black Canyon Pack 2008

Mussigbrod Pack 2008

Moccasin Lake Pack 2008


Partial Pack Removals 2008

Elevation Mountain Pack..4 wolves killed WS 2008

Monitor Mountain Pack….3 wolves killed WS 2008

Murphy Lake Pack..alpha fe, 2 other members killed WS 2008

Salish Pack…3 wolves killed WS 2008

Superior Pack…1 wolf killed WS 2008

Tallulah Pack….2 wolves killed WS 2008
Mitchell Mountain Pack…alpha fe killed WS 2008

Baker Mountain Pack….2 wolves killed 2008

Cougar Creek II Pack….1 wolf killed 2008

Horn Mountain Pack….3 wolves killed WS 2008

Battlefield Pack…2 wolves killed WS 2008

Brooks Creek Pack….4 wolves killed WS 2008

Flint Creek Pack….2 wolves killed by WS 2008

Pintler Pack….2 wolves killed by WS 2008



Sage Creek/Centennial Valley Pack 2009

Big Hole Pack 2009

Centennial pack 2009

Livermore Pack….23 wolves killed…WS 2009

Mitchell Mountain Pack….4 wolves killed WS 2009 (not many wolves remaining, pack may have dissolved)

Battlefield Pack…2 wolves killed….WS 2009 kill order out on last four members of pack…2009

Miner Lakes Pack….5 wolves killed WS 2009

Elevation Pack….2 wolves killed WS 2009

Black Mountain pack…1 wolf killed WS 2009

Bender Pack…1 wolf killed by WS for harassing cow….not killing it 2009

Threemile area….2 adults and four pups killed WS 2009 (not sure how anyone can kill pups)

Selow Pack…1 wolf killed WS 2009

Dutch Pack male pup NW581……cause unknown..2009

Horse Prairie Pack…..1 wolf killed WS 2009


Wolf NW034M was killed by a trapper in  British Columbia

12/31 & 1/5 Horse Prairie Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

1/8 Miner Lakes Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

1/20 Bender Pack…1 wolf killed by WS  Kill order out on remander of pack

Dry Forks Pack…2 wolves killed by Mt. WS

Feb..Fish Trap Pack….3 wolves killed by WS

2/17 Camas Prairie Pack….1 gray male wolf killed by WS

3/5 Silcox Pack…..1 female wolf pup killed by WS

3/8… 1 wolf killed by WS

3/13 Camas Pack…2 gray female wolves killed by MT WS

3/18 Ninemile Pack….1 wolf killed by WS

3/23 Superior Pack…3 wolves killed by WS

3/23 Ninemile Pack…1 uncollared black wolf (more than likely a yearling) killed by WS via aerial gunning (helicopter)

4/5 Horse Prairie Pack …1 wolf killed by WS

4/7 Dry Forks Pack…1 -2 wolves shot by WS but not recovered.

4/20 Superior Pack…1 uncollared black wolf killed, 1 uncollared gray wolf killed by WS

4/21 Superior Pack …alpha male (father) of the pack killed by WS (entire pack removed)

4/21 Horse Prairie Pack…1 collared female wolf killed by WS

4/21 Camas Prairie Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

4/22 Camas Prairie Pack…1 collared male wolf killed by WS

4/22 Fishtrap Pack…1 collared wolf, NW221F, was killed by WS

5/6…1 wolf trapped and killed WS

5/7 Ninemile Pack…2-year-old collared male wolf killed by WS

5/11 Trapper Peak Pack…1 black male wolf trapped and killed by WS

5/17 Trail Creek Pack…1 wolf trapped and killed by WS

5/18 Bender Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

5/18 Elevation Mtn. Pack….the collared alpha female (mother) and uncollared gray male were shot by aerial gunning (helicopter)WS

5/19 Bender Pack…1 collared wolf killed by WS

5/19 Trail Creek Pack…1 wolf killed via aerial gunning (helicopter) by WS

5/20 Selow Pack?….1 black adult male wolf killed by WS

5/21…4 wolves killed in two separate actions by WS

5/26 Selow Pack?…2 gray male wolves killed by WS

6/1 Cedar Creek Pack…1 collared gray male wolf killed by WS

6/2 Trapper Peak Pack…1 gray yearling female wolf was trapped and killed by WS

6/2 Selow Pack…1 collared male wolf killed by WS

6/7 Trapper Peak Pack….1 yearling wolf killed by WS

6/18 Selow Pack…1 black adult female wolf killed by WS (believed to be last member of pack)

6/25 Silcox Pack…1 female wolf killed by WS

6/27 Silcox Pack…1 male wolf killed by WS

6/28 & 6/29 Table Mountain Pack…3 wolves killed by WS

6/30 Miner Lakes Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

7/9 Horn Mountain Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

7/10…2 wolves killed by WS

7/15 Canyon Creek?…1 wolf killed by WS

7/29 Horse Creek Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

8/6 Horse Creek Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

8/17 Horse Creek Pack….2 wolves killed by WS (not sure if they were from this pack, report confusing)

9/2 Montitor Mountain Pack?…MT FWP authorizes the removal of 3 wolves

9/4 Monitor Mountain Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

9/5 Monitor Mountain Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

9/10 Horse Creek Pack…2 wolves killed by WS (believed one adult and 2 pups remain in the pack. Wildlife Services is looking to wipe out the rest of the pack or “full pack removal”

9/10 Murphy Lake Pack….1 wolf killed north of Whitefish, Mt by WS

9/10 Horse Creek Pack…1 black adult male wolf killed by WS

9/12 Ovando Mountain Pack…3 wolves killed by WS

9/16 Horn Mountain Pack…WS given permission to kill the entire pack of 9 wolves or more

9/16 Horn Mountain Pack…1 wolf killed from the pack by WS

9/21 Horse Creek Pack…1 gray female radio collared wolf & 1 gray wolf killed by WS

9/23 & 9/24 Horn Mountain Pack…4 wolves killed from the pack by WS.

Wildlife Services looking to remove the remaining 5 members of the pack

9/27 Welcome Creek Pack…1 adult male wolf killed by WS

9/29 Welcome Creek Pack…1 adult male wolf killed by WS

9/3o Horn Mtn. Pack…5 wolves killed by WS (entire pack is now dead)

10/5 Irvine Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

10/7 & 10/8 Murphy Lake Pack..3 wolves killed by WS

10/8 Irvine Pack…1 wolf killed by WS

10/15…3 black wolves killed by WS

New Pack (unnamed?)…WS has been authorized by FWP to kill breeding pair (mother and father) and their 3 pups

10/15…1 adult wolf killed by WS

10/15…1 wolf killed near Hall by WS

10/21…1 wolf killed by WS

10/25 Welcome Creek Pack…2 adult male wolves were killed by WS

11/11…1 wolf shot under 10(j) Big Hole Valley (under investigation by USFWS)

11/24 Mill Creek Pack…1 black wolf pup killed by WS

12/21…1 wolf killed in Ulm area by WS

12/21 Baker Mountain Pack…2 wolves killed by WS

Except for one mention of a range rider and a few instances of using fladry, pro-active animal husbandry is sorely lacking from this picture. When are the ranchers going to step up and protect their investment instead of running to the federally funded Wildlife Services for “predator control?”. Who say’s they have the taxpayer-funded right to have predators removed? What business doesn’t have risk? Why should the taxpayers fund their “tiny” risks from wolves? Please ask these questions of your Senators and Representatives. Tell them you don’t want your tax dollars funding WS, so they can kill wolves and other wildlife.  Don’t let the anti-wolf crowd direct the conversation. Ask these common sense questions about this wasteful, expensive, deadly program of killing wolves for agribusiness.


Law Enforcement/(Wolves dying from other causes in 2010)

(IE: motor vehicle accidents, “state defense of property”, (10j), suspicious deaths being investigated, et. al)


1/9 DeBorgia Pack? …1 gray female wolf pup hit by a car and killed on 1-90 near St. Regis

1/10…1 dead wolf found, North Fork of the Flathead, investigation by MT FWP

1/15 Saphire Pack…1 collared gray female disperser wolf shot by livestock owner.

1/21…Satire or Wolf Creek Pack?…1 wolf hit and killed by vehicle on Wolf Creek Road.

1/30…1 yearling wolf killed in a snare that had been placed for coyotes, in Wolf Creek Area.

2/9…1 wolf pup hit and killed by a vehicle on Hwy 287

3/27…1 wolf found dead south of Butte. Death under investigation

4/18…1 wolf shot by private citizen on private land in Madison Valley, warning issued, no follow-up by FWP

4/18…1 wolf  shot by private citizen near Lennep, FWP investigating

4/27…1 wolf killed by ranch manager, south of Butte

4/27  Trapper Creek Pack..1 yearling wolf found dead by FWP. It’s collar was found on 4/28. It was determined by FWP the wolf had  been illegally killed.

4/29…1 two year old gray male wolf was shot by landowner, north of Missoula

5/11 Elevation Mountain Pack…1 female black yearling wolf shot by rancher

5/11…report of possible wolf who was killed on private land in Carter County. After investigation it was determined it was not a wolf but of domestic dog origin. The animal was also wearing an orange fluorescent pet collar.

5/11 Elevation Mountain Pack…1 black yearling female wolf was shot by rancher, near Helmsville.

5/18 Mitchell Mountain Pack…wolf hit and killed by vehicle north of Wolf Creek.

May 2010…Person plead guilty in federal court in Missoula for shooting and killing a wolf illegally, violating the Endangered Species Act. (This incident was also mentioned in the Feb 27 to March 5th wolf report. I’m assuming it’s the same case?)

5/18 Mitchell Mountain Pack…1 collared gray female wolf (last remaining member of this pack) shot by landowner

5/25 Cilly Pack…1 breeding female (mother) wolf was hit and killed by a vehicle on the Swan Highway. She was lactating, which means it left her pups motherless.

6/22 …1 adult gray wolf was hit and killed by a vehicle  on 1-90 between  St. Regis and Superior.

7/27…1 adult wolf was hit and killed by a vehicle on 1-90 near Lookout Pass.

8/19 Cougar 2 Pack?…1 yearling wolf hit and killed by a vehicle on Hwy 191 near Daly Creek

9/9 Silver Lake Pack…. 3 wolf pups were found dead at the pack’s rendezvous site. Investigation ongoing.

September 2010…Cache Creek Pack…2 wolf pups found dead were autopsied, they had not been shot and no cause of death determined. Investigation ongoing.

9/12…1 black wolf pup found dead by FWP west of Clyde Park, Mt. Cause of death under investigation.

9/12…1 black wolf pup was found dead by FWP, Brackett Creek Area, Bangtail Mtns. The death is under investigation

9/17 Ksanka Pack…1 gray wolf pup was euthanized by FWP near Eureka. The pup was emaciated and in poor condition. The death is under investigation.

10/8…1 wolf killed by ranch manager in the Big Hole

10/11…1 wolf  shot and killed by landowner in Miller Creek.

10/24…1 wolf killed by livestock producer

10/30…1 wolf killed by hunter. Under investigation by USFWS.

11/3…1 wolf found dead, west of Missoula. Turned over to USFWS for investigation.

11/11…1 wolf shot in the Big Hole Valley under (10j). Under investigation by USFWS.

11/17…1 wolf found dead near Olney. Death under investigation.

11/17…1 wolf found dead in the Coal Creek area, North Fork of the Flathead. Under investigation.

So many little pups found dead under suspicious circumstances? Were their parents and pack mates killed in the hunt or by WS? Was their nobody to protect them, feed them, give them love and care? Did they stave to death?  Were any poisoned? What happened to those pups?

*Information obtained from Montana FWP 2010 weekly wolf reports.




151 WOLVES WERE KILLED ON ORDERS FROM USFWS…including over twenty puppies that look just like this:

32 WOLVES WERE KILLED BY POACHERS plus the latest deaths:





Hawks Nest alpha male(shot to death)

Hawks Nest yearling male (shot to death)

San Mateo alpha male (law enforcement investigating)




6/20/10, Mother wolf and her 6 pups were gunned down by Wildlife Services for the death of one lamb.

6/2010  Second wolf pack and pups wiped out



Wolf Persecution Is Global

Swedish wolf hunt…30 wolves died in the first wolf hunt in Sweden in 45 years…January 2010

Skane Wildlife Park….captive wolf pack slaughtered, including pups of the year, because a few wolves espcaped their enclosure…. January 2010



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