Remember The Druids..


June 14, 2012

They are gone, the most famous wolf pack to roam Yellowstone National Park, brought down by the mange mite, which was introduced by the state of Montana in the early 1900’s, to decimate wolves.  Almost a century later they claimed the once mighty Druids.

 The Druid Peak Pack  IS the story of  wolf reintroduction and sadly their brother wolves, outside the park, are being hunted and persecuted. The very purpose of wolf reintroduction was to restore these magnificent animals to their rightful home, after they were exterminated in all but small pockets living in Minnesota. Almost every wolf in the lower 48 was gone by the 1930’s.

The ESA was signed by President Nixon in 1973, giving wolves the protection they needed to make a comeback.  Slowly, in the late seventies/ early eighties wolves returned to Northwest Montana and Glacier National Park.  After a protracted battle wolves were reintroduced to their former habitat in Yellowstone National Park and Central Idaho in 1995, 1996. We were all ecstatic. The great canine was back.

Sadly the loss of the Druids is a metaphor for their wolf brothers who are being subjected to brutal state management, after the Obama administration removed their Endangered Species Protections, twice in three years, with the help of the US Senate. Wolves were sold out for Jon Tester’s Senate seat, so Democrats could hold onto their majority in the Senate. If that wasn’t bad enough the dreaded wolf delisting/budget rider included the clause  “no judicial review”. Because of that betrayal wolves  have literally no protections and are at the mercy of their enemies, state management.

We can’t  allow the mistakes of the past to become the reality of the present. Wolves must be relisted, their ESA protections restored,  before they too will go the way of the once powerful and beloved Druids.

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gray wolf

Yellowstone National Park, Collared Druid

Video: Courtesy YouTube BBC Documentary

Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. This is heartbreaking..why they don’t respect them??! Why they still pull out their “management” crap?? wolves are ENDANGERED now and are not to be managed or people allowed to hunt them! I really taught Obama would set an example as the first African American president…and sure he did!!! he showed to all of us that he doesn’t care about selling out the innocent to be slaughtered…even through all the odds, bribes and pressure for the wolves to be de listed he could have chosen the right thing to do and denied the signing of a death sentence to our wolves…I’m really disappointed, America is such a blessed country which had such biodiversity and lots of wolves…but it all shows that this country ain’t worthy of possessing such treasures….


  2. Love this film. Thank you so much for posting it. I fell in love with 21M and 42F the alphas of the Durid pack while watching “In the Valley of the Wolves” on Nature several years ago. Much of this BBC production is from the same footage but better in many ways- more wolf!
    The alpha female 42 was killed when nine years old on one of the Druid boundries by another pack. This was very sad for the alpha male 21, to lose his devoted mate and they found him 2months later on the top of a ridge and believe he died of natural causes- – a broken heart without 42F. This is the way wolves sould be able to live and die, the wolf way and not by the hand of men.


  3. I just signed,it should be known that hunters and trappers on federal land are traitors to the american people because they steal the american peoples assets by killing the animals on federal land and just because people like testor and his cronies hold the unemployed hostage(by holding their unemployment checks)modify the laws these hunters and trappers are still guilty and should be dealt with starting with coke williams.


    • Who is Coke Williams?


      • He is a EVIL Bastard who lures Denali park wolves out of the park with a dead horse and then kills them!


  4. I strongly urge wolf and environmental advocates to include petitions be sent to the UN, as well as, the present US administration. Since our government is so corrupt and predatory to kill countless civilians in Yemen, Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, with unmanned drone strikes, I think it is realistic they really care less that a whit about wolves being tortured. At best we can only hope to embarrass them politically.

    1820 Montreaux Switzerland
    Tel: +41-21-964-37-37
    Fax + 41-21-964-57-36

    They have a Protection Committee & The International Court of Animal Rights


  5. i shared it on twitter and facebook.. i so hope people will become human………


  6. Thanks for the opportunity to sign the relisting petition. The Masses are stirring……!


  7. The U.S. citizens are also at fault for the spread of mange to wolves. Domesticated dogs running loose have given the disease to wolves as happened to the wolves in Valdez, Alaska in the 90’s.


  8. Montana wolves are again in danger as Fish, Wildlife & Game is proposing an extended wolf hunting season next year that would allow trapping, higher bag limits, and electronic calling. Public comment will be accepted until Monday, June 25th at 5:00 P.M. and the form is available at:
    I attended the Public Informational Meeting in Missoula on May 22nd and here are some of my comments that were sent to the Sierra Club and the Defenders of Wildlife.
    Sent to the Sierra Club

    This proposal goes too far, too fast. The State of Montana has only managed wolves for one year since wolves lost federal protection under the Endangered Species Act. Much more time is needed to understand how to ‘manage’ this majestic animal in an ethical, humane and responsible way to ensure a viable, long-term wolf population.

    Montana’s plan, in contrast to Idaho’s, was actually viewed as responsible. People liked that it was based on ‘fair-chase’ principles and practices. Yet you are throwing all of that away with this much more aggressive proposal. MFWP has developed this proposal supposedly in response to concerns from livestock producers and hunters; yet less than 1% of all livestock losses in Montana are due to wolves, and the number of elk in Montana is at an all-time high and over objective in many areas of the state. It’s time to stop making wolves the scapegoat, and recognize the important ecological and economic benefits that wolves bring to Montana. People come from all over the world to see wolves in Montana and the Greater Yellowstone area.

    I am particularly opposed to allowing trapping of wolves and other unfair chase tactics such as electronic calling. I am also opposed to a longer hunting season; hunting should end no later than December 31. I am also very concerned about how MFWP is going to judge when to stop the killing of wolves, with no overall quota. How will this decision process be transparent to the public?

    When I attended the Public Comment Hearing in Missoula, I questioned the accuracy of the number of wolves in the state that is being used as the basis of the hunting quota. I was told by Montana FW & P staff that qualified members of their staff look at footprints to estimate the total number of wolves. This is faulty information as the same wolf may have made prints in different locations and the print may be that of a domestic dog which resembles a wolf print.
    There may be few wolves left in the state which would account for the fact that hunters did not reach the quota at the end of the 2011-12 hunt.
    Such extreme procedures that are now being proposed would eliminate wolves as a viable specie in Montana.

    MFWP needs to recognize that people in Montana and across the country are watching to see if Montana can manage wolves responsibly. This plan does not do so. We need a wolf management plan based on science, fair-chase principles, restraint and humane treatment of such an important species — not one created out of fear, deep-seated ideological hatred of wolves, and misinformation about the impacts of wolves on livestock and big game.

    Dear Defenders,
    Wolves are in serious danger again in Montana.  Montana FW&P is proposing foot-hold wolf trapping season excluding snares but the Wolf Trapping Class Outline provided by FW&P on the internet on  May 22nd included a section on “Making Snares”.
    I commented on this at the  May 22nd Public Informational Meeting in Missoula and FW&P responded that this was just a “rough draft” and was “in error”.
    If this proposal is passed with wolf trapping, higher bag limits, an extended season, and electronic calling, it will open the door to further atrocities and will destroy an entire specie of animal.
    Toni A. Stark
    Truth About Wolves


  9. es verdad lo que dice toni stark y perdon a los ciudadanos norte americanos ellos no todos quieren lastimar a los lobos pero los perro tieen emfermedades que los lobos no conocen


  10. I hope the poor wolves are protected, I dont want them to go extinct they are part of the food chain and are beautiful animals!


  11. Signed and shared. We simply cannot stop fighting.


  12. Every time I read about more of my Wolfbrothers being killed, I just want to cry & Howl.


    • Let’s turn that anger into action SgtWolfDavid.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  13. This breaks my heart. What are people thinking! I just cant believe this. Wolves are my fav animal i cant bare to think of them mabey one day being gone


  14. […] Remember The Druids.. ( […]


  15. how can people be so heart less to kill wolves well any one who kills a wolf how. dare. those vile people who dare say they are wolf hunters I swear I see a hunter lift his rifle at a innocent wolf I will say drop it if he fires he or she will have me and my dog to deal with I will not allow them to claim there prize I will help save the wolf and if they dare try to stop me from protecting the wolf they will have to go threw my dog first I promise never to kill a wolf I will try to save them but I will never kill or harm. any one but if they point the gun or bow at me I will hold my ground I will use no force I would take a arrow or a bullet for a wolf. I may only be 13 but I will protect wolves especially sense I own a wolf hybrid named black lightning
    his fur is black as night
    silky and smooth and is shiny silver high lights that show when light hits his plush fur
    a loyal dog for a girl like me what more can I ever want
    he is a good tracker
    he is welcome to a pack of wolves near my home about 2 and half miles
    in the winter you can hear there howls as they sing
    my dog all ways replies
    me and my dog keep the poachers at bay they always try to kill the wolves
    but my dog warns the pack
    I live isolated miles away from the closest town
    where I live my father owns it and its private property so I get to give the poachers a warm welcome with my dog
    only once the poachers tried to kill my dog
    and my father came out with his rifle
    I only protect the wolves
    and keep trespassers off
    don’t think I’m crazy
    I know not to play a game I will lose
    my name Luna is after the moon and also the fact the day I was born my father said he heard a wolf howl for the for the first time that’s why my name is Luna if you we’re wonderin
    Luna out


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