Idaho Hell Hole For Wolves….

Apparently having a wolf hunt seven months of the year and up to ten months in parts of the state (Lolo and Selway) isn’t good enough for Idaho, now the Gem state has made life even more miserable for wolves, if that’s  possible.  According to new rules there will be a wolf hunt somewhere in the state all year-long.

2012 Gray Wolf Hunting and Trapping Seasons
and General Rules

Panhandle  (1, 2, 3, 4, 4A, 5, 6, 7, 9) 

Aug 30 – Mar 31 – 5 wolf hunting tags may be used

July 1 – Mar 31 – 5 wolf hunting tags may be used.  Private land only.

Read the gory details and grit your teeth. It’s death by a thousand cuts. The state is slowly strangling the life out of wolves. Drip, drip, drip, wolf blood flows, families are torn apart, puppies die. This is what passes as responsible wolf management.

Are you watching this USFWS? Do you still think Idaho is doing a peachy job of caring for wolves? You should hang your heads in shame for putting your stamp of approval on this. Everyone who had a hand in turning wolves over to this state, is responsible for the slaughter of innocents.

This is why we have to work harder than ever to stop this madness!! They are thumbing their noses at every wolf advocate and wildlife watcher that care about these animals. Our opinions mean nothing to them.


Idaho to make wolf hunting year round

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State to always have at least one area open to wolf hunting-

New rules! Idaho has decided in effect to always have at least one place in the state open to wolf hunting on a rotating basis.  This is in addition to the general wolf hunt that goes for about half a year. Wolf hunting began July 1 this year on private land in northern Idaho.  The general wolf hunt will begin Aug. 30 and go until March 31. However, some units will remain open until June 30. Then on July 1, 2013 private land in northern Idaho will again open.

Under the new rules, there is no limit on how many wolves can be killed in total except in 5 wolf hunting units.



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Shifting Gears…

Oh is it time for a change. I feel like a broken record.  Wolves aren’t killing all the elk, wolves kill very few livestock, wolves have strong social bonds, wolves have lost half their genetic diversity in the last century. How many times have I repeated these facts since I started the blog? Yet the hunts push forward, now on two fronts, the Northern Rockies and the Great Lakes. Wildlife Services continues to kill wolves, we’ve lost our court cases, Congress and the President betrayed wolves. a rancher heads the Interior and  the savagery continues.  It makes  wolf advocates tired.  BUT of course I haven’t given up, just taking a break to work behind the scenes.  That’s why I haven’t been posting much in the last couple of months. But I’m still here and engaged in the battle. Sometimes you have to change tactics and shift gears.

Keep on trucking everyone, we can do this!!

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Bottom Photo: Walla Walla Pack wolf pup courtesy ODFW

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