A Dark Day For Montana, FWP Commissioners Approve Wolf Trapping!!

Wolf Caught In Leg Hold Trap (Nature Crusaders)

A day of infamy. Four commissioners voted to allow wolf trapping. Commissioner Rusty Stafne of Wolf Point abstained.

I’m utterly disgusted and angry. These wolves were railroaded by the trophy hunting cabal. There is no reason to be trapping or killing wolves!!! Shame on Montana FWP for approving legalized animal cruelty.


FWP Commission approves wolf trapping, higher limit for hunters

HELENA – The state Fish, Wildlife and Parks Commission on Thursday approved Montana’s 2012-13 wolf hunting season, allowing trapping of wolves for the first time and raising the limit from one to three wolves per hunter.

Commissioners said while many people objected to the trapping of wolves as inhumane and a “radical departure” from previous hunts, they did not see trapping or the higher limits as a threat to maintaining wolf populations in the state.

“The idea that we’re going to wipe out wolves through hunting is fairly far-fetched,” said Commissioner Dan Vermillion of Livingston. “All of this is consistent with Montana’s wolf-management plan. … The goal is not to exterminate wolves, it’s to manage them.”

Montana’s wolf hunting season is scheduled to start Sept. 15 and run through Feb. 28, but trapping won’t be allowed until Dec. 15. Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials said they would conduct an early December review of the wolf harvest to see if any adjustments should be made for the rest of the scheduled season. Archery hunters can start two weeks before the Sept. 15 opening.

The commission voted 4-0 in favor of the new hunting rules, with Commissioner Rusty Stafne of Wolf Point abstaining.





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