Second Bison Killed In Idaho…

Apparently its open season on bull bison in Island Park, Idaho.  Another bull, who migrated from Yellowstone, has been shot and killed there.

From The Island Park News

Published as part of the July 26, 2012 edition.

ISLAND PARK — A second bull bison was shot to death on Henry’s Lake Flat today (Sat. July 28). The first was killed on Thursday.

Both bulls were wandering around ranch land where cattle are grazing, but the bull killed today was first spotted near Mack’s Inn.

On Thursday, Yellowstone National Park and the Montana Department of Agriculture were contacted with requests to move the bison, but both agencies refused to help so the Idaho Department of Agriculture was called.

On Friday, Bill Barton, State Veterinarian, Division of Animal Industries, Idaho Department of Agriculture, issued this statement about Idaho’s bison policy: “The Idaho State Department of Agriculture is responsible for administering Title 25 Chapter 6 of Idaho Code. As stated in that statute, a significant potential exists for the spread of contagious disease to persons, livestock and other animals in Idaho, in particular, the spread of brucellosis to livestock, elk, moose and other susceptible animals from bison emigrating into Idaho from Yellowstone National Park and its environs. The statute requires that wild bison be removed from the state by one of two options: the live bison may be physically removed or hazed from within the state or, if removal/hazing is not feasible, the bison may be destroyed. To prevent potential property damage and mitigate public safety risks, this bison was humanely destroyed.”

It does not matter to Idaho that no bull bison has ever transmitted brucellosis to domestic livestock. Brucellosis is a disease that can cause livestock to abort their claves until they develop tolerance for the brucella organism. The organism is most active in the afterbirth of a bison calf for less than 48 hours after the birth. Bison births occur well before domestic cattle are brought to greater Yellowstone for summer grazing.

Elk have transmitted brucellosis to livestock, but since elk hunting is a major industry in Idaho and other Western states, the brucellosis issue is virtually ignored.



So let me get this straight, bison have to die because of  a threat of transmitting brucellosis to cattle, when there is not one documented incident of this happening,  yet elk have transmitted the disease to cattle but are  allowed to roam freely among  them,  apparently without any concern.  Yep makes perfect sense to me.

I also love the fact that Yellowstone National Park and the Montana Department of Agriculture were notified to help move the bison and both declined. Way to go Yellowstone and Montana.

The  brucellosis scare has been going on long enough. We all know what’s going on here. It’s not about brucellosis, it’s about competition for grazing land.  Ranchers don’t want bison competing with their precious cattle for grass so the brucellosis card is used to kill bison when this is basically a red herring. The proof of this is elk are known carriers of the disease and HAVE transmitted it to cattle.

The livestock industry needs to own up to this farce. Is there no end to the number of wildlife who must be  sacrificed on the altar of the sacred cow?


Photo: Courtesy First People

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  1. Butch OTTER has completely lost his mInd (what little he had)!!!!!!!!!


    • Good old Butcher (intended) Otter is just going along with big money interests–hunters, ranchers, agriculture. Greed and meanness are totally taking over.


  2. i am contacting Yellowstone Association today to directly hear what they have to say….it will be interesting.


    • Please post your reply; it should be good! Full of crud, every one of them from Idaho, Wyoming and Montana. All for the greed of man. It is a travesty of justice and horrific in happenstance.
      What can we do? Please advise.


  3. please post what the response is from Yellowstone Association. thank you


  4. Idaho should establish it’s own separate country where sadists go to play…..the old saying is true…..albeit I am paraphrasing….”if the state is ruled by the callous and cruel, the residents will follow..”


  5. Idaho ended one wolf hunt and began another the very next day….to include puppies, pregnant females – any time and any where in Idaho!! What a backward state!


  6. I guess Idaho doesn’t care that the state reputation is just going downhill. I hope the ranchers and good ole Butch are happy! Seems like Idahoans (in general – I’m sure there are some good people there) don’t care that science has stated there is no brucellosis transmitted by bison bulls AND that wolves are necessary. oh well, I’ve no plans to go to Idaho.


  7. No end to the killing, from one animal to the next. It’s not just wild animals–look at the reaction by big agriculture to the undercover investigations revealing the brutality of factory farming–they want to imprison the whistleblowers! Cattlemen, the NRA, agriculture all want unlimited use of land and unrestricted treatment of animals. Unfortunately, with the current legislatures in the pocket of the wealthy ranchers, etc., they are winning. From wolves, to wild horses, to bison, etc., they wreak destruction.


    • Yes they are! Life is always a challenge and for all the animals it is man who is the challenge. Truly disgusting and heartbreaking! You are correct Marcia as to the causes and the legislature. Makes me and so many others (you for one) so angry and so disgusted….


  8. “a significant potential exists for the spread of contagious disease.”

    Really – yeah, right. It doesn’t look like either of these animals posed any kind of significant threat. I also don’t believe for a second that Yellowstone or the Montana Dept. of Agriculture wouldn’t have relocated them, expecially since they migrated from yellowstone. I have to ask myself why the state of Idaho is behaving in this way – like spoled children who can’t get their way, or want attention. I hope that someone brings suit against them.


  9. I think maybe Idaho can keep their potatoes , and anything else that has the Idaho label on it. If it hits them in the pocket maybe they will listen more.


  10. If you’re not a vegetarian now is the time to be one. Due to the drought and we in Southern Wisc. are, thousands of cattle are going to market. Beef will skyrocket in price and people cannot afford that. Two catergories[sp] that are most likely frowned upon out there would be a tree hugger and a vegetarian. But it only makes sense.


  11. Superb Sadly! Wish they vanishing from the earth and let the creatures run free on the planet! No worries about it. Prayers for the wolves, the bisons, wild horses and rest of the animals also.


  12. the killer states strike again! they are absolutely relentless and disgusting and I am sick of it


  13. First reaction- What?

    read the following “The statute requires that wild bison be removed from the state by one of two options: the live bison may be physically removed or hazed from within the state or, if removal/hazing is not feasible, the bison may be destroyed.”

    Second reaction-WHAT??

    Basically any bison is a threat to the health and safety of crazed animal killers. Ah, people (specifically animal killers). They can be idiots. Forgive them. They know not how dumb they are.


  14. Boycott beef, simple as that!


    • I am a vegetarian and the more the better, but it is also the Trophy Hunters! Nobody eats wolf for example 😦


  15. What the hell is wrong with these people? one organization passes it off to another one. Neither of them want to take responsibility for it.Instead of doing the right thing and try to move the Bison ,they kill it because that seems to be more convienient for them. What is wrong with this picture. It flat out Pisses me off. Ken Salazar Needs to resign,The entire wildlife Services Division needs to be put under a microscope.Get rid of the fish and game employees,They are as bad as the trappers are and some of them are trappers.There is no need to trap any animal. The people that are killing these animals should have to answer for it. They don’t even have their facts straight.. I sure hope that they have to answer to someone for this,I am sure the one that put these aminals here for us to love and protect, will not be so forgiving on their judgement day


  16. I don’t give a rat’s ass on the livelihood of cattle. The conflict between wildlife and livestock is the primary reason I dropped beef from my diet in the mid-1980’s. I wish for a day when we’ll allow bison to migrate, free without persecution.


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