Keep Calling and Emailing To Save The Wedge Pack….

May we all never be judged by anything so harshly or hold to as strict a life or unremitting of borders as the ones we try to place on and around wolves”…Rick Bass 1992

UPDATE: August 24, 2012

No wolves have been killed as of today but there is still a kill order out on four members of the pack. There are nine pack members, including four puppies. I was told they are not targeting the alpha male and female but that’s all conjecture because there is a virtual blackout on what Wildlife Service sharpshooters are up to. Are they laying traps for four of the wolves in this pack? The answer is probably yes. Are they going to kill them when they trap them? Again the answer is yes but public pressure can make a difference. It’s the wolves only hope!

The fact the Director of WDFW is no longer taking phone calls is telling you they’ve been deluged with calls. As I said before, they may not admit your calls are making a difference but they are.  Washington state has a reputation for being progressive and this will give them a big black eye if these wolves are killed. The problem is the Wedge Pack choose eastern Washington as their home, which is more like Western Idaho, with some of the same anti-wolf sentiment.

WDFW Spokane


Please don’t give up on these wolves, the more pressure that’s applied the more they’ll think twice about killing them!!


Pro-wolf groups ask Gregoire to stop plan to kill wolves

Posted by Rich

Aug. 24, 2012 12:52 p.m.




Investigators find dead wolf in northern Stevens County

Posted by Rich

Aug. 24, 2012 5:57 p.m.


UPDATE: August 23,  2012

No word yet, silence on what is happening? They are determined to kill four Wedge pack wolves but keep up the pressure!! Washington is acting like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon,  Wisconsin, Minnesota and now Michigan.


It looks like WDFW is digging in their heels and determined to kill the Wedge Pack and orphan their pups. They may be talking tough but you can believe your phone calls and emails are making a big difference! If this pack is killed it will leave a black eye on Washington’s supposed progressive reputation. I will personally add Washington to the list of wolf states I won’t visit if they kill this pack. If you call from out-of-state please reinforce this sentiment. Here’s the contact info  for Washington’s tourism bureau.

You can reach a Washington State Travel Counselor at  1-866-964-8913.

The entire situation is surrounded by controversy, no agreement between experts has been reached  concerning whether any cow injuries were even caused by wolves but it doesn’t seem to matter to WDFW, it’s blame wolves first and ask questions later.

I stated in my previous post that Washington ranchers  lost over 30,000 cows to non-predation in 2010. I have no doubt the number of losses to non-predation have remained constant or even increased. Compare 30,0000  to a handful attributed to wolves and you can see this is a non-issue blown up by ranchers to garner bad publicity for wolves. It’s the same story repeated over and over again. It’s been going on for hundreds of years. Why are Americans allowing a handful of ranchers and hunters to drive policy that impact our native wildlife and rob us of our heritage? They have no right to demand these wolves  be killed but are acting in confidence that fish and game will support them fully.  A paradigm shift is needed to stop these wildlife killing policies. We can either be part of the solution or part of the problem.

From Conservation Northwest:

WDFW takes aim at Wedge Pack wolves

Posted by Jasmine Minbashian at Aug 22, 2012 05:10 PM | Permalink

Wedge pack pups: will Washington pass its first major test for recovering wolves?

Washington State is facing its first major test when it comes to wolf management. And so far, it’s looking like a failing grade. One of Washington’s newly confirmed wolf packs, the Wedge Pack, may not survive the end of the week.

Claiming that the pack has repeatedly preyed on livestock, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) has already killed one wolf and plans to kill up to four more wolves to break apart the pack permanently.

However, independent experts with decades of experience in identifying wolf attacks on livestock say much of the evidence is inconclusive. They have questioned WDFW’s conclusions that wolves are the culprit, stating that the calves’ injuries are not typical of a wolf attack.

Despite this uncertainty, WDFW officials are refusing to take a more measured approach as laid out in Washington’s recently adopted Wolf Conservation and Management plan.



Governor Christine Gregoire

Phone:  360-902-4111 | FAX: 360-753-4110

Email the Governor


Phil Anderson

Director of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Phone:  360-902-2200


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  1. They are lying, and WDFW are buying, the people should sue and prosecute ALL involved in the descrecation of WE THE PEOPLES forests and endangered species, calls to stuffed suits is not sufficient, they’re all criminal pals anyway


  2. I would also add contacting Center for Biological Diversity as I know they have filed lawsuits on behalf of wolves in other wolf states in the past.


    • wrote phil anderson and called the in wa.state..i believe we can make a difference.keep speaking!!!!!!this is the only way the wolves will be heard..


  3. I sent an email to the Governor. I don’t know how persuasive an email from WI will be, but I tried to appeal to a greater good.


  4. E-mails sent this morning. Don’t tell us it won’t work, Miss Coyote … the kill order on the Mexican wolf from Fox Mountain did get retracted when people spoke out.


  5. Nabeki,
    I read the link to the Spokane paper about the Wedge Pack yesterday. The article said they had captured the Alpha male and a pup. So, what will happen to them? Do you have any information on this.

    I called the both the govenor’s office and WDFW yesterday and they were working hard to contend with the volume of calls coming in. Both the governor’s office and WDFW were very courteous. WDFW was expecially nice . They gave me the number for the wildlife program which I believe handles the wolves.

    Their phone @ is 360 902 2692 and to write a comment email to: Please be totally civil.


  6. I just tried calling Fish and Wildlife and can’t get through. They gave me a wildthing e-mail and I didn’t get it written down. Nabeki do you have that? Anybody? Forward. Thanks. Just called the tourism number and she was wonderful and very sympathetic, They are getting a ton of calls also. No fugi [sp] apples for me. Are you aware of what is going on in California? The Democrats are ending dog hunting of bears. Yeah!


  7. Here’s more on this situation:


  8. Some people (specifically animal killers) just need a high-five. To the face. With a chair.


  9. I have called Gov. Gregoire and Phil Anderson two days ago and sent emails also, Thanks for the phone number for tourism number I will call them also, We have to do everything to stop this madness.


  10. Thank you for the info. Have contacted the WDFW and the tourism office. As always, grateful for keeping us aware.


  11. Why cant they leave the Wolves in Peace, Dogs are domesticated Wolves, I love Both Wolves and Dogs!


  12. […] order may include the taking of four five-month old pups. The charismatic and informative website Howling  For Justice is providing phone numbers and emails for us to contact to object to this unnecessary atrocity. […]


  13. In August 2011, a sheep was killed on a Forest Service allotment within the home-range of the pack. While several wolves, including one with a radio-collar, were seen near the sheep carcass by the herder, a thorough investigation indicated a cougar had killed the animal and the wolves were scavenging on it. At the time, there was an altercation between the wolves and a herding dog that was disrupted when the herder fired a gun into the ground. The dog survived and recovered; WDFW paid the veterinarian bill, using funds from a USFWS grant and matching funds from Defenders of Wildlife designated for proactive non-lethal preventative measures and compensation for livestock documented to be killed or injured by wolves. Guarding and herding dogs are considered livestock under WDFW’s wolf conservation and management plan. In response to the event, the UFWS, USFS, and WDFW worked with the herder to secure the sheep with fladry at night and no further problems were reported.


  14. This is a topic that’s near to my heart… Best wishes! Exactly where are your contact details though?


  15. To my deepest regret……the Wedge Pack is now all dead. They took them down with a helicopter……it was easy with a tracking collar on the alpha male and pup.
    This is a travesty and EVERYONE should e-mail, call and write. We can’t let money continue to be the voice of the people. It is such a helpless feeling to say the least and I am devistated after all the feed back from myself and others………I simply fell on deaf ears.


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