Think Of Wolves Over This Holiday Weekend!!

Bella, a husky that lost one of its hind legs in a snare meant for wolves, was a featured to help illustrate the argument of wolf supporters. (SHAWN GUST/Press}

A great pro-wolf  rally was held in Coeur d’ alene yesterday. It brought a huge crowd of dedicated wolf activists. Thanks to my friends Ann Sydow, Brett Havestick, Dr. Catherine, Nancy Taylor and so many others who worked  hard to make the rally a success.  Thanks to Bella the husky, who was a star of the rally.  Bella lost one of her legs due to a disgusting snare. She is a hero to all of us.

If the the wolf hating crowd thinks we are going away they are sadly mistaken. Yet today Wyoming wolves were officially delisted. This will  allow wolves to be shot on sight in 90% of the state.  Thanks to the Obama administration we now have wolf hunts in 5 states and Michigan just introduced a wolf hunt bill in their state House of Representatives.

Thinks may look bleak for wolves but this is only temporary. We will fight until our last breath to see their ESA protections restored. Take heart wolf advocates.

I will be off and on the computer until after the Labor day weekend. Think of the wolves in Montana who will be shot with arrows, dying gruesome, painful deaths.  Wolf bow hunting season starts in Montana tomorrow and runs into October. Pups are not off limits.  Think about Idaho wolves who are being hunted as I type this. Think about the wolves in the Great Lakes who will suffer the same fate.

We live to fight on. Do not lose hope. we are working behind the scenes to effect change for wolves!

For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Howling mad

About 70 rally in protest of Idaho wolf hunt

Posted: Friday, August 31, 2012 12:00 am | Updated: 9:22 am, Fri Aug 31, 2012.

By BILL BULEY/Staff writer | 18 comments

COEUR d’ALENE – Idaho’s wolf management plan, said Dr. Catherine Feher-Elston, is not working.

That’s because, she said, “it’s not management.”

“It’s killing, it’s slaughter,” said Feher-Elston, a naturalist and wolf advocate who spoke at what was both a pro-wolf rally and protest of Idaho’s year-round hunting season on wolves Thursday at City Park.

“We have to fight to stop this,” she said.

About 70 people attended the gathering that included speakers, songs, a dog that lost a leg to a trap, and a presentation of how to release pets from traps. There were signs that read “Stop the Slaughter” and “Wolves Belong,” while many wore shirts with pictures of wolves.

And while folks, literally, were howling at times, the meeting was mostly calm, but for a few moments when a man who supported wolf management arrived and began recording some of the speakers.

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