Leave Wolves the Hell Alone

Well done, excellent post. Ever since I read the LA Times article about this particular rancher and his attitude toward the Wedge Pack, I’ve been steaming. Thanks Jim for getting it off my chest!!

Exposing the Big Game

Northeastern Washington cattle rancher Len McIrvin has made it clear: he really hates wolves—especially members of the local Wedge pack. Though the rancher way of life depends on government handouts and write-offs, he’s been unwilling to accept compensation for the cows he claims to have lost to wolves, fearing it would legitimize protection of the natural predators.

It may not be fair to compare him and his son to poachers Bill White and son, who illegally killed most of the Lookout Pack (Washington’s first confirmed wolf pack to return home from Canada), since the McIrvins appear to operate above board by deferring to the state game department to do the dirty work for them. But they are all cut of the same cloth—cattle ranchers who think wolves serve no Earthly purpose and should be eliminated (once again).

It’s no wonder some ranchers feel they can get away with murder, so…

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  1. With the knowledge that this rancher was a hater set on destruction of the Wedge Pack and with all the calls and emails they received in WA, why didn’t they rescind his freaking grazing permits? Why can;t folks show up at his ranch and the authorities there and demand that his allotments are immediately rescinded? Why can’t we boycott this rancher?


    • Amen. leave the wolvesalone


  2. I have already stopped eating Beef. After reading “A Wolf Story” (true story of Becky and her Lobo), I was digusted. I cried from frustration AND joy. I emailed ALL PA, Gov officials I have on file.

    Tender, empathetic Hearts are RARE.


  3. Sigh. The S on my keyboard keeps sticking 😦 Sorry for the mis spelling.


  4. I agree with Nikki. Go up there and make a stink and make some news.Time to end this business of ranching our public lands.


  5. Over and over again, I am astonished at the power of money and big business ,in combination with small minds.not to mention short -sightedness. But not a time to complain.rather, a time to stand together and keep making our voices heard .Those who care deeply about the larger of picture of this thing we call our planet will at least sleep at night,knowing they stand and have stood,with wonder and humility, for something greater than their own greed.


  6. Why can’t ranchers keep wolves/coyotes/cougars away with something like cayenne peppers around their fences. Heck, give them a free cow meat with peppers on it around their fences maybe the predators not to come back. Better than to off kill all wildlife…


  7. I really hate ranchers. It’s really the same thing God made wolves for a reason and it wasn’t for man to kill them.


  8. Nikki,
    I like your boycott idea. If we could round up a large number of people tell the press what we want and have them there as well. Why does this wildlife killer McIverin get all the press. WE need to push back. Tell congress and the world that we want these cows off our public lands. I think we are headed in the right direction. Did you know that 3/4 of Idaho’s land is public. Of course this would be a peaceful but forceful boycott.
    I am beginning to question the the fact, the basic principle, that governments have the right to kill animals to extinction or wipe out swaths of gene pools. The fact that Canada plans to kill 6000 wolves to save the carabou herds…… when in fact the carabou herds are dwindling because of the tar sands distruction of habitat.
    Will this ever stop.
    For the wolves
    For the wildlife


  9. There was an excellent guest opinion piece in the Spokesman Review Roundtable page on September 8 by Laura Ackerman and Paul Lindholdt entitled “Wolf plan needs a chance.” IT addresses more of this issue. I am heart-sick over what is happening to wolves and the inability for some many people to understand what balance means. Arrogance, cruelty, greed, power, and ignorance have created this devastating situation.


    • Amen. Couldn’t have said it any better myself.


  10. I see one other poster addresses the issue of beef consumption. It is one of the main roots of the wolf issue really. And cattle are treated as bad or worse than the wolves.

    Time to rethink your diet if you have not already.


    • True as they are raised to be killed to eat.


  11. Once I was on seven devils drive,the mountains, and all the way up I ?een cattle ? Cattle I said,how… the next day before I was leaving I went up one more time and I seen a rancher and a plateforn to pick up his cows,they think they own everything !!!!!!! This is a national forest !!!!! What is going on here !!!!!


    • FWS and Salazar are turning a blind eye. What do they care? It has been this way for centuries. Ranchers vs Planet Earth.


  12. In SE Pennsylvania, Giant Food Stores get ALL beef West of the Mississippi. I will no longer shop at this Chain. Walmart and Landis has LOCALLY raised beef. I am passing the word to my friends who care.


  13. I don’t like eating beef at all though I like to eat chicken. Do chickens hurt wildlife as much as cows? HOw about pigs?


  14. Fowl and Pigs, I have not heard cause as much damage. Beef is a HUGE money maker. I will check with some Colleagues in the Midwest and post the feedback.


  15. I had forgotten this Episode. Use the link for the full PBS Nature special.


    Hopeful? You be the Judge.


  16. no se que decir esta mal que pastoren en lugares publicos pero no se


  17. Nicole,

    13-años de edad, Kenia innovador Richard Turere ahorra lobos en peligro de extinción con su león invención luces.

    Si un niño puede salvar a los Leones en peligro de extinción, ¿por qué no pueden los ganaderos llamados hacer lo mismo?

    El odio y el miedo de los lobos son los motivos



  18. Lynn has lost more cattle to disease just like I have instead of wolves we lose more cattle every year due to disease animals that walk around our lawn freely we do not have enough predators in today society to get rid of the diseased animals I speak from experience raising cattle for the last 25 years we need more walls in our land and less diseased animals do not let other ranchers full you they are liars and cheats my pocket would be a lot fuller if I did not have diseased animals roaming on my land that’s why I feel the need for the wolf to be more present


  19. Just another reminder. Earth Justice Teleconference October 4. Noon call 866-838-2054. I received an invite. A friend will be joining me. It wouldn’t hurt to call and ask to attend. Attorney Tim Preston to speak on the Lawsuit against WY and the Violations of the ESA.


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