Environmental Groups To Sue USFWS Over Wyoming Wolf Delisting, “Shoot-On-Sight” Plan

Limpy (photo Courtesy Steve Justad)

September 11, 2012

It was not unexpected but very welcome. Two coalitions of environmental groups put the USFWS on notice Monday they intend to sue over the delisting of gray wolves in Wyoming. Once wolves are delisted, as of October 1, 2012, they can be used for target practice in most of the state. Any method of killing is allowed, which means terrible pain and suffering for wolves in Wyoming. Wolf haters can run wild, anything a twisted mind can come up with. This comes at a time when Yellowstone wolves are being decimated by mange and other disease. Mange wrote the obituary for the famed Druid Peak Pack, who were so revered and loved by wildlife watchers around the world.

Is Yellowstone treating  wolves with Ivermectin,  which is effective against the infestation?  The famous African film makers and big cat advocates, the Jouberts, darted a mange infected wild leopard family they were studying with Ivermectin and in a few weeks the leopards were once again thriving.  They decided to act because another leopard they were filming fell to the mange mite and they couldn’t watch the  painful saga play out again but I digress.

My biggest worry concerning the lawsuit is securing an injunction to stop the killing before it starts. If the lawsuit proceeds and wolves remain unprotected, Wyoming’s fragile wolf population could suffer major losses even if the lawsuit is successful and wolves are relisted.

The means test for granting an injunction center on two questions the judge will weigh.

1. Will there be irreparable harm if the injunction is not granted?

Certainly the answer to this question has to be yes. Uncontrolled killing of wolves in most of the state could do terrible damage to Wyoming’s fragile wolf population in just a few months. In 2008 the famous Druid wolf Limpy was shot and killed in Daniel, Wyoming when the then Bush administration briefly lifted ESA protections for wolves.  Limpy died for nothing. His death broke hearts, he was a wolf who overcame so much, yet his life was snuffed out for blood sport. Think of what could happen to hundreds of Limpys if Wyoming has its way.

2. Do the plaintiffs have a good chance of winning the lawsuit?

It’s very obvious the Wyoming wolf plan is driven by politics and not science. It was reported last week that many of Wyoming’s elk herds have grown so large extra permits will be available to hunters  this season. One of the big lies about wolves is they are decimating elk herds in Wyoming,  when clearly this is BS. I think the plaintiffs have a very good chance of winning. Let’s hope the judge sees it that way.


Environmental groups to sue over Wyoming wolf delisting 

 Associated Press

September 10, 2012

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — Two coalitions of environmental groups filed notice Monday that they intend to sue the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the agency’s decision to end federal protections for wolves in Wyoming.

The groups oppose the state of Wyoming’s classification of wolves as predators that can be shot on sight in more than 80 percent of state when federal protections end Oct. 1. Wyoming also has scheduled a regulated trophy wolf hunt in the remainder of the state, an area around the eastern and southern borders of Yellowstone National Park, starting next month.

The environmental groups emphasize that Wyoming’s current wolf management plan is similar to an earlier version that the federal agency repudiated after initially accepting it a few years ago. They claim the federal government is stopping wolf management for political reasons, not because the current plan is any better than the last one.

READ MORE: (From the Missoulian)



Yellowstone Wolves Hit by Disease

Live Science

Megan Gannon, News Editor
Date: 10 September 2012 Time: 11:23 AM ET

Less than two decades after wolves were reintroduced to Yellowstone National Park, viral diseases like mange threaten the stability of the new population.

Humans had killed off gray wolves in the region by the 1930s, but in 1995, U.S. wildlife officials tried to restore the native population by bringing 31 wolves captured from Canada into the national park.

The new wolf community initially expanded rapidly, climbing to more than 170 at its peak. But researchers from Penn State University say that the most recent data show the number of animals has dipped below 100.

“We’re down to extremely low levels of wolves right now,” researcher Emily S. Almberg, a graduate student in ecology, said in a statement. “We’re down to [similar numbers as] the early years of reintroduction. So it doesn’t look like it’s going to be as large and as a stable a population as was maybe initially thought.”

 READ MORE: (From Live Science)



Photos: Courtesy Steve Justad 2008

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  1. Thank God for those who Love and Protect Our Planet!! Thank you for this Stunning and MOST welcome piece of NEWS!!!


  2. I emailed Earth Justice to ask if they have any addtional information regarding the lawsuits.


  3. Yes. Action against this barbaric attitude and killing of one of our most valuable and beautiful creatures.Thank you for this brave move in support of the dwindling ,remaining wolf population.


  4. If the judge goes by the law, and is not in Obama’s ‘favorites’ pocket, then the law (that has already been broken) should be upheld by this judge; and if he is honest, it might be one step on the road for saving America’s most beautiful icon, our wolves. Obama’s administration and cohorts and coin droppers want to eradicate the wolf completely. This administration is not for animals in any way, not for people in any way. Always has an ulterior motive….MONEY, no matter how many lives it costs, whether man or mammal. Pray that this judge is not one of ‘them’


  5. There’s one species that’s like man. It’s wild feral hogs. This real non native species are very tough to kill, they eat everything, one sow can have have 60 piglets.If hunters/ranchers thinks gray wolves are a big problem(non existence) to Idaho/Montana , wait until the 4 million plus mean wild hybrid feral Texas hogs show up if they haven’t already(or someone accidentally brought them). Hogs cause more damage than wolves ever will. If hogs make their way to northern states it’s all over human would lose this fight.They cost Texan billions of dollars in agriculture damage annually, eating all crops, eating children, driving native species to extinction, plus they bred with domestic pigs that escape from farm. Isn’t there a billion pigs in America? So you know hogs would never be extinct. LOL i know this im from the south. Hogs can definitely save wolves from extinction.


    • LOL 🙂 SO VERY TRUE! I know this Species and their Hybrid “cousins” first hand from my visits to a friend in TX (now back in PA). I would LOVE to see one of these “hunters” try their “so called” skill on one of these feisty Critters. Just try messing with a Sow’s Piglets. The cruel monsters who kill Our Wolves WILL know the meaning of true fear!


  6. These people are sick,all thjey seem to know is how to kill,makes them feel big in this world,and then they go home and kick their own dogs,I should say control their dogs,they have no love for their dogs only a feeling of control,because their own life is helpless. That is the way I see it,they been taught this way for generations.This is sick and sad,what they can’t see is the beauty around them,and the film of them killing a wolf who was just sleeping,these people should be hung.


  7. danich. når børn lever i en familie der ikke kan lide dyr, ( har set det )bliver disse børn efter deres familie,se bare traditioner-kultur landene, når dyr bliver slagtet på en grusom måde, disse børn, oplever at dyr ingen føgelser har, og hvad far og mor gør, er det RIGTIGE !!!— børnene ville også være jæger, ligesom far,kan nævne hvaler der bliver slagtet i norden, hvor børn sidder på dem, hvor hval-babyen er kommet ud !!!— hvis vi kan skrige dette modbydelige myrderier ud, og vise det og forklare denne verden, hvor slem dyrerne har det–også for pelse. JEG ELSKER ulve


  8. Det bedste er at tage et dyr med i skole, og lære børne hvordan man behandler dyr på og forklare dem, at ulven ikke er som der bliver sagt om den, den er bare god– ligesom andre dyr, på hver sin måde.børn forstår bedre, end voksne der er for indlært med dårlig behandling af disse kostbare dyr på denne planet.


    • Du er så meget korrekte. Min far lærte mig at elske og respektere dyr. Ikke bare vores kæledyr, men dem, der deler vores planet.

      You are so very correct. My Father taught me to love and respect animals. Not just our pets, but those who share our Planet.


  9. I just KNEW Earth Justice was Helping 🙂



  10. I received the above info direct from Earth Justice.


  11. I hope all this turns out well fir wolves…I am literally phisycally and mentally tired of this slaughter. Today September 11 it’s my birthday and my sincere wish is that wolves are finally safe…PLEASE..make that happen.


  12. Happy Birthday 🙂 It must be a welcome birthday gift knowing these prominent Scientists, Lawyers and Experts are fighting hard. I know Earth Justice. They work Pro Bono. I have seen success stories for the Clean Air Act. Don’t give up the FIGHT. I, too, am tired. I go to school for Enviro Science. My field will be Biodiversity.


    • Consider as a fact that i will never give up..It is just that it is depressing to witness such wolf slaughter and even worse for me that I love the wolves with all my heart and life…


  13. Read the Notice of Intent written to Salazar and Ashe by the Concervationist(s) and Earth Justice. http://earthjustice.org/sites/default/files/wy-delisting-noi.pdf It made me SMILE 🙂


  14. espero que el juez sea bueno y compacivo con los lobos mi aullo


  15. Si el juez sigue la Ley de Especies en Peligro de Extinción

    FWS se centra en Wyoming lobos, la ESA requiere FWS para analizar la lista de cinco / exclusión
    factores de la sección 4 (a) que se aplican a un DPS enteras, que en este caso incluye Montana,
    Idaho, y partes de Washington, Oregon y Utah. Estos factores son:
    (A) la destrucción actual o potencial, modificación o reducción de su hábitat o
    área de distribución;
    (B) sobreutilización para fines comerciales, recreativos, científicos o educativos;
    (C) La enfermedad o la depredación;
    (D) la insuficiencia de los mecanismos regulatorios existentes, o
    (E) otros factores naturales o provocados por el hombre que afectan su existencia.
    16 USC § 1533 (a) (1), véase también 50 C.F.R. § 424.11 (d) (que proporciona motivos de exclusión de la lista).

    Amamos a nuestros Lobos


    • Miren, la verdad es que no se necesitan hacer tantas cosas para convencer a los politicos de una solucion viable que tambien engorde sus billeteras..no me malentiendan, los hermosos lobos son perfectamente capaces de mantener el balance correcto en el ecosistema. Lo UNICO que se necesita es parar esta matanza PUNTO FINAL, NO MAS MUERTES POR FAVOR..


  16. Was revealed that Wisconsin wants an elk herd. Well well well, let’s kill some wolves so that can happen. There you go- right there.


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