“Yellowstone should fine biologist who harassed grizzly for photograph”…Examiner.com

What the heck was Yellowstone biologist Doug Smith thinking when he took this shot from an airplane of a grizzly bear guarding a dead bison? The bear looked straight up into the camera probably because a plane was buzzing overhead..DUH! Instead Smith assigned other motives to the bear’s stare, demonizing it with this statement to KTVQ:

“As Smith tells it, he was glad his plane made it out safely because he was sure had he not, the grizzly bear had him in mind for his next meal.”

So let me get this straight, a grizzly is standing over a dead bison and looks up at a plane flying overhead and thinks “Boy I sure wish that plane would crash so I could eat the biologist in it with the friggin camera that’s bothering the hell out of me?

Doesn’t Yellowstone constantly remind us not to disturb the wildlife, don’t get too close?



Yellowstone should fine biologist who harassed grizzly for photograph

Incredible photo of  a grizzly bear

September 9, 2012

By: Dave Smith

Yellowstone National Park should fine and reprimand wolf biologist Doug Smith for harassing a grizzly from a plane in order to get a photograph. In addition, Smith demonized grizzlies by making an absurd comment about the grizzly bear having “him in mind for his next meal.”

Smith spotted the bear while looking for wolves in Hayden Valley. It’s easy for Smith to find wolves because at least one wolf in each pack is radio-collared. Smith found a pack of wolves fifty yards away from a buffalo carcass. A grizzly bear had claimed the carcass.

That should have been the end of the story. Smith and the pilot of the plane should have just flown away. Instead, the pilot “circled around so he [Smith] could get a get a better snapshot of the grizzly.”

How close did they get to the bear? Doug Smith said he “actually made eye contact with the huge bruin.”

The bear was clearly disturbed about being harassed by the plane. It’s intently staring up at the plane. One news article about the incident was titled “Incredible photo catches stare down between photographer and grizzly.”




Incredible photo catches stare down between photographer and grizzly

Posted: Sep 7, 2012 9:02 AM by Q2 News
Updated: Sep 7, 2012 10:49 PM



Monday, September 10, 2012 3:33pm PDT

Biologist with camera captures dramatic stare-down with grizzly bear

By: Pete Thomas, GrindTV.com

Even though he was shooting photographs from the safety of an airplane, biologist Doug Smith acknowledged feeling uneasy when a large grizzly bear standing guard over a bison carcass made direct eye contact after the pilot had swooped down for a closer look. Smith captured the incredible image while studying a wolf pack in Hayden Valley within Yellowstone National Park. The bison probably was killed by another bison during the herd’s recent rutting season, in a battle over a female, Smith told KTVQ News. The bear then claimed the dead animal.



Photo: Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Just another example of a fool who should never get close to animals even in a helicopter.


  2. Just when you think you have seen the height of Human stupidity, along comes an “expert” to remind us. I know I wouldn’t want to come with several MILES of a Grizzly guarding a kill. I have seen what they can do to Humans in several of my classes.


  3. Doug Smith is yet another example of the stupidity of the human race.


  4. We need people who care about life and are for and in the circle


  5. Some acts deserve punishment and this is one of them.


    • And if it were up to me I would treat each of them as they did that animal so they could see how it feels. they deserve it.


      • I agree. If it were not for the Soft Heart of a Good Samaritan, I would not have my Kitty. Over a year to teach her the skills to be a True feline.


  6. Well, it’s rather typical Doug Smith – remember he’s the one who wrote in his declaration for the feds on delisting that if anyone wants to view wolves, they can come to Yellowstone. Like those of us living elsewhere in the N Rockies don’t concern him nor do wolves elsewhere. He should be grounded from the torment he constantly causes wolves with his overzealous collaring.


    • I agree Resist. Those collars are a sore spot, literally. They make a nice warm place for the mange mite to hide and reproduce.

      The collaring of wolves in Yellowstone is out of control, it’s so unnatural to look @ wolves with those collars. But the worst of it is how intrusive the procedure is. I can’t even imagine how frightened the wolves must be with at helicopter hovering overhead.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. es un tonto me gusta su trabajo pero esto no


  8. So many idiots in the world.


  9. There was a recent case in AK, Denali were the guy was on foot and he ended up lunch. They killed the bear and found some remains.



  10. Does any one else notice that this pic was taken from, what appears to be, ground level?


  11. What an idiot! I’m not a biologist and even I know that the comment was one of the most ignorant things I have ever read in my life. He should be embarrassed by his assinine statement. And he should be fined! He deserves it and maybe that way he’ll learn his lesson. The hard way. And also to think before he speaks.


  12. I agree Victoria. I am not a Biologist either. Many of my Professors are, however. I can not wait to bring this up in my Biodiversity Class! What a Numbskull. If his thought process were not so tragic, the situation would be laughable.


  13. Well how would you feel if you were eating dinner, and someone broke through your door, and pointed a starnge looking machine in your face!


    • I agree. I do not like it when someone knocks on my door, let alone put an alien object in my face while trying to eat my supper. That would be unacceptable behavior! Other Species feel the same. Leave them alone while they “dine.”


  14. Yes, he had no business annoying the animal. And then they ask why animals attack?


  15. I believe I have a current email through his “Alma Mater.” If ANYONE has more current information, please advise. I have Biologist associates who are VERY curious why a PhD would act in such an irrational manner. This behavior on the part of Doug Smith will only hurt those who wish to visit Yellowstone. Stare down a Grizzly and the Grizzly WILL become more aggressive. It is a FACT. He should know better 😦


  16. he shouldn’t judge this beautiful creature by his own low standards its humans that kill for the sake of killing not animals. shame on this man who claims to know about animals


  17. This is just another example of the boneheads that are called biologists and have no idea what they’re doing ,collaring wolves gives everyone a exact location of packs and these people are just as bad , this allows hunters Wildlife services agents and anyone who wants to kill them an exact location,all done with taxpayers monies what a bunch of ripoffs


  18. I was surprised at first also, but then when I thought of it, after that terrible and preventable accident in Denali, he may be trying to impress upon visitors just what a wild and powerful animal the grizzly is, as well as other wild animals, and for people to heed park warnings and keep a safe distance, and not to disregard safety. They are not teddy bears.


  19. Under the law there something called an “assumption of risk” such as:

    Activities where the danger is obvious or nature of the activity is inherently dangerous (cannot be performed without some risk of injury)
    Premises Liability (“Enter at your own risk” sign will usually suffice)
    Sports activities, especially contact sports
    “Ultrahazardous Activities” and Extreme Sports activities like skydiving and paragliding
    Waivers and Release Clause disputes- these documents often include language addressing assumption of risk

    There are several things listed here that could be applied to someone who has decided to obnoxiously impose themselves into the habitat of a wild animal, in this case a grizzly bear. If you do this and he only looks at you because you were intrusive and decided to swoop in above him and stupid enough to have disturbed him from his food consider yourself lucky.
    If you were above him in an airplane safely out of reach where he can’t hurt you and you are still freaked out about the fact that he just looked at you after you have just all the wrong things and annoyed this bear, then you probably don’t have the mettle for photographing wild animals and ought to be photographing kittens instead.


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