Wolf Rally – Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (August 30, 2012)

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“One year after wolves lost federal protection, over 40% of the wolf population has been killed by trophy hunters and trappers in Idaho and Montana. A total of 545 wolves were killed for fun in these two Northern Rocky states. Watch this video to learn more about wolves and help stop the war on wildlife.

“Watch the story of Bella, a husky who lost her leg in a snare that was set in Idaho by a trapper from Wildlife Services at this link:”


Special thanks to Predator Defense, Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, Friends of the Clearwater, Footloose Montana and all dedicated wolf advocates who made this rally a success. The rally was well covered by the media and made the Los Angeles Times, my good friend Ann Sydow (NIWA) was mentioned in the LA Times article.

It’s our hope this video, produced by Brooks Fahy of Predator Defense, will inspire you to hold your own rally in defense of wolves. They need our voices to save them from brutal state kill/management. While I type this wolves are being bow hunted in Montana and stalked in Idaho. In Montana an 83 pound male wolf was killed outside of Glacier National Park in the North Fork of the Flathead, arrowed to death. It made the front page of the Hungry Horse News ( a weekly Montana newspaper in the Flathead Valley.)


C-Falls bowhunter takes wolf

Posted: Wednesday, September 12, 2012 8:15 am By CHRIS PETERSON Hungry Horse News |



Our wolves have been hijacked for blood sport. The wolf reintroduction has turned from a success story into a nightmare, thanks to the Obama Administration, his rancher Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and the US Senate Democrats, led by Harry Reid D-Nevada. They sold wolves out in the Northern Rockies to boost Sen. Jon Tester D-MT chances of re-election and hold onto their slim Senate majority.

During the contentious budget battle of Spring 2011,  Senator Tester slipped a wolf delisting rider, that prohibits judicial review, into a must pass budget bill. Every Senate Democrat voted for it save three, Wyden, Leahy and Levin.  The very same Democrats who pretend to be  supporters of the ESA weakened it, by stripping wolves of their Endangered Species protections and turning them over to hostile state management, all for a few votes.

To add insult to injury the USFWS under the Obama administration delisted wolves in the Great Lakes (Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin). Minnesota and Wisconsin immediately planned wolf hunts for 2012/2013 but the Wisconsin hunt was challenged in court. Judge Anderson granted an injunction to stop the hunt because Wisconsin wanted to allow hunters to use up to six dogs to hunt to wolves to their deaths.  A Michigan state representative has introduced legislation to allowing wolf hunting. This is the dire situation wolves find themselves in. Wyoming is planning to allow wolves to be shot-on- sight in 80% of the state,  as of October 1, 2012 but faces legal challenges from two coalitions of environmental groups.

Please remember on November 6, 2012 what the US Senate Democrats did to betray wolves. If your Senator is not Wyden, Leahy or Levin  vote them out of office.  We cannot allow politicians to play fast and loose with our wildlife.


Wolves not endangered in Rockies? Activists arm for fight

By Kim Murphy

September 4, 2012, 5:38 p.m

On Aug. 30, activists held a rally in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, to memorialize the more than 540 wolves killed in Idaho and Montana wolf hunts since the species was removed from the endangered list in those states in 2011. Last year’s tally in Idaho alone was 379 wolves — not counting wolves killed by government wildlife agents seeking to prevent livestock predations.

“Of the 379 wolves killed in last year’s hunt, 40 were puppies, 56 suffered in leg-hold traps before being killed, and another 67 choked to death in snares,” Ann Sydow of the Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance, one of six organizations sponsoring the rally, said in a statement.



Video: Courtesy Brooks Fahy

Photo: Courtesy Hungry Horse News

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  1. This is HORRIBLE. This “so called human” will meet justice one day. I HOPE AND PRAY IT WILL BE SOON! I was just checking for an email from Dad. I saw this HORROR. I guarantee I will cry myself to sleep for this Family Member. I can not describe what is like to lose someone you LOVE.


    • Save a few tissues for me, hon.
      I get weepy at the sight of tears..
      (((sniff-sniff))) :'(((((((


      • Im shocked that you have any left after being in the woods all alone


  2. Keep fighting the good fight. There are people who sympathize.


  3. If our g o v won’t do anything about this, they even promote it, then we should all take the bull by the horns, & take this “caretaker’? job away from them now.  More & more  wild animals get killed, treated inhumanely & horses are becoming lame & hot shotted. Congress ignores us, we must take a stand.   Caryn



  4. I will be voting against my two Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein because of this. I will also be voting against Barack Obama because of the horrible things he has done to wolves and other animals along with all of his lies, broken promises, and all of the other horrible things he has done.


    • Good for you Justin. Unfortunately Boxer is not up for re-election but Feinstein is!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones


  5. I have ADVISED Our “so called Government.” I WILL NOT VOTE THIS ELECTION. I was having a very good day (for once). I wanted to see if my Dad emailed about a local County Park. I broke down in tears when I saw this post. My Rescue Kitty was so sweet. I have said this before. COWBOYS. GET OFF THE PLANET. Interesting, these IDIOTS are called cow BOYS. This makes sense to myself, others ??



    • I totally agree with ya’.
      These dumb redneck cowboys don’t even
      belong in this century.
      They should’ve stayed back in the 1870’s
      where they belong and never been allowed
      into our modern 21st Century in the first place.


  6. I’ve been checking out the Green Party candidates
    whom are also running for office, and so far, I like what
    I see, and I think casting our ballots for a third party
    would be a better alternative than falling in line
    with the status quo of R’s and D’s, whom have failed
    misrerably when it comes to environmental issues.

    Other than that, I’ve pretty much tuned out of politics
    and considered boycotting this year’s elections
    since politicians and cadidates make the same
    rosy pledges and sound-bytes, but never live up
    to their end of the bargain..

    And if we have those big Earth Changes stemmed
    from the polar shift by December 21, 2012 or the Apocalypse
    (as foretold in the Mayan Calendar and other ancient prophets),
    there might not be a Washington D.C. by 2013,
    and Obama would be the last president of the U.S.


  7. Think very carefully of “the not going to vote” syndrome. Every NOT vote puts a vote in for Mittens Robme. I know it is the lesser of two evils @ this point. I would rather see Obama in there than Romney/Ryan. I clearly do NOT like what the Democrats did to the wolves. In fact I pretty much am through with ALL politicians @ this point, they are all liars & cheats. I read where close to 70% are millionaires. It’s all bout GREED baby. Please rethink your Not going to vote @ all, I was going to do that very same thing until I found out that it would basically be a vote for Mittens.


    • Hi Sandra,

      I have to disagree with you on this. For me it’s anybody-but-Obama. He has been a horrible president and we can’t take another four years of him. He has a rancher in the Interior who’s decimating our wolves, wild horses, even horse slaughter was brought back. I totally encourage people to vote out the Democrat Senators who betrayed wolves. If we turn the other way and let them get away with this we can expect more of the same in the next four years. Salazar has already announced he wants to delist grizzlies in 2014.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Nabeki, I totally agree with you. It cannot get any worse for the wolves. It is uplifting to see that there are votes who can think straight and act accordingly. I have never seen such deafness on the part of elective officials, such callousness, such total disregard of the people’s will. And, like I said in another post, should we have a change in government, the media will unleash their criticism, will finally speak up for the wolves and end this deadly silence. Maybe those who vote democrat no matter what, still think of the democrats like they used to be, like Ted Kennedy, for example, who was an extraordinary leader in true democratic tradition. He was one of the last ones to listen to the people, to show great respect for the environment, and truly abide by democratic beliefs. This has changed, now we have scum like Tester and the cohorts who secured his seat with the wolves’ blood.


  8. All I can say is keep calling Obama’s hot line and tell them you are angry and will not vote for a wolf killer !


  9. this makes me so angry i could just……..turn into a monster wolf and destroy all the hunters who take such joy in the sufferring of these majestic animals. (yeah, i know, its only a dream) THis kind of thing makes me shamed to be human!!! How can any human with a heart and soul DO THIS!!????? i dont understand, i feel so helpless to help the wolves……..i really feel that those out there fighting the Good Fight for wolves are the REAL HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank You ALL.
    ps. “If Man cannot show respect and mercy to his fellow earthlings,–HOW can He expect ANY from Above”???–Native american quote


  10. I LOVE this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  11. Here’s some good news, at least:



  12. Finally, Wis. Gov. is now in the frying pan. What he did to the teachers was is unconstitutional and the bearhounders are under scrutiny.


  13. Thank you for your tirelessness. Another GREAT post!


  14. Wolves are easy prey. Legal and direct action is required.


  15. gracias a dios ahi gente que lucha por los animales


    • Amo Nuestros compañeros viajeros.



  16. this is just terrible how can they continue to do this! I hope one day the roles are reversed Wolves will be hunting humans, especially those reneck idiots!


  17. Hello, I’m starting a Dog Protection and health page, maybe one day We can achieve the goal of really taking action towards dog abuse.



  18. Such are true heroes! No brain, no heart!


  19. We can learn so very much from Costa Rica. True sustainabilty, biodiversity, healthcare, literacy and lack of military. Only those who put in OVERTIME will make a change for the better. I will keep any eye on your new site, Charles’Edward Charlie’Ed Vera Ortiz.


  20. It’s so sad that since dogs and other animals can’t talk, they are taken all kinds of advantage of by humans. Where is our decency to do the right thing?




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