Washington Diamond Wolf Pack Hit Again…

Diamond Pack Wolf Pups 2009

Washington’s Diamond Wolf Pack has one less wolf thanks to a Washington hunter with an Idaho wolf tag. He killed a male wolf from the pack near Kalispell Creek, which is not far from the Washington/Idaho border. This is the second pack member killed by a hunter. Diamond pack female WA-382F was killed 300 yards from the Washington/Idaho border last winter. Is there something going on here? 300 yards???? What an outrage!

Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that two wolves from this pack were killed in less than a year? Is the word out on this pack that they range close to the border?

Wolves are in mortal danger anytime they venture near the wolf killing state of Idaho. OR-9, the brother of the famous wandering wolf OR-7,  unfortunately swam the Snake River back into Idaho from Oregon and was killed by a hunter with an expired tag.

It makes me sick to read about dead wolves almost every day. Wolves aren’t safe anywhere. Idaho and Montana wolves are suffering through the third wolf hunt season thanks to the sellouts in the US Senate and our detached President, who has never responded to our pleas for relief for these beleaguered wolves.

This fight is far from over, we may be down but we’re not out!


Diamond Pack wolf killed by hunter in Idaho

Posted by Rich

ENDANGERED SPECIES — Even though Washington wolves are still protected by state endangered species rules, Idaho offered a touch of “management” to the Diamond Pack of northeastern Washington over the weekend.

A Washington man with an Idaho wolf hunting license killed a wolf on Saturday just east of the Pend Oreille County/Washington border.

The wolf had the red Washington eartags 379, 378, which means it had been caught, tagged and released by Washington Fish and Wildlife Department biologists studying the Diamond Pack’s movements.

According to Jim Hayden, Idaho Fish and Game Department regional wildlife manager, the male wolf was killed by the hunter in Kalispell Creek. which drains into Priest Lake near Nordman.




Photo: Courtesy Spokesman Review

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  1. This killing of wolves must be stopped!! Why are hunters allowed to get away with this? Real men don’t hunt and kill animals; real men respect animals. Hunting is not a sport, it is a heinous act by men without a conscience.


    • No these wolves need to be maintained! They are killing cattle and domestic animals out west all over. Hunting doesn’t “disrespect” animals, it puts them in their place. Man is at the top of the food chain and hunting is just the natural way men seek and kill the animals we eat. Of course wolves you really don’t eat, but since they are lowering the elk population…..


  2. iI keep trying to stay positive and upbeat even in the face of all the injustice,hoping our voices will be heard.but today,i am just simply so sad ,i have only the energy left to grieve the loss of this member of the Diamond pack.When when when will it end?when we have wiped out every last wolf on this planet?my sadness stems too ,from seeing the astounding ignorance and arrogance of this species called ‘man.”.


  3. We need to organize all pro wolf groups to engage and publicize a boycott of tourism and all goods from Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana,to include beef. Nothing will change until we get these images and stories out to the greater public. Once these states begin losing money they’ll wake up.


  4. What a pos. A filthy ignorant subhuman


  5. It will end, I know it. What, are they hovering around the borders ambushing wolves? What skilled “hunters” they are. I am concernced about the time between the filing of the lawsuit for WY – they know the law as well as anyone, and they know an injunction will probably be granted. All they want is to pick off a few in that unprotected loophole time period.

    They may have Shoot, Shovel and Shut-up – but we have Bust, Break and Bolt-Cut! Just Kidding. 😉


  6. Did he drag the wolf into Idaho ? son of a bitch


    • Without question they do- with dead animal carcasses- they do it all the time – those who are supposed to monitor and prosecute this are just like them – FWS- bastards from hell- we just had one asshole removed here in California for going to kill state Idaho and killing mountain lion and posing holding it and smiling – he is gone thanks to outrage of emails and calls- it’ works – we should be flooding Washington for federal help – states are really into this-they love it-


  7. We have to get the wolf re-inlisted on the Endangered Species List, permanently, and have severe penalties incorporated into an amendment stating that if any wolf is harmed, killed, suffers any abuse by any human, then said human shall be severally penalized. This is the only way we are going to be able to help the wolf. As long as they are off the Endangered List, it’s a free for all. Even the Fish and Wildlife in states such as Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska…and the list goes on are just as corrupt as their baffoon friends. Unfortunately we have the leader BAFFOON in the White House, with his little cronie baffoon puppets, who are just about corrupt as you can find. So, we are not only fighting corruption at it’s highest level, we are also trying to reason with a very thin-skinned president whose only interest is being re elected and making this a country where neither man or animal has any rights.


    • absolutely – it’s federal help we need- forget the states – and for spay and neuter and all other animal welfare laws-


  8. You cross an imaginary political border, you get your brains blow out? what kind of man would do such a thing? somone possesing the body of a man, the mind of a man, but the soul of a child ripping the wings off a butterfly.


  9. This is becoming MORE than insane. Just because this is an Election year, these Killers think they will get away with this BS. Again, I am emailing Colleagues. THIS MUST STOP!!

    The mind of a Man / Human is One who fights for those They Love. Oh these Poor babies 😦 I lost my Brother at an early age. You NEVER forget. Wolves are highly Social and Intelligent. More so than “humans.”


  10. I live in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana where hunters brag about wolf killing. I have to live with this cruelty and ignorance on a daily basis. What I have learned from them is that hunters are baiting the wolves with dead animal carcasses to make them cross borders, allowing them to get killed. This was done recently outside of Yellowstone Park.
    The guilt does not primarily belong to the hunters. They are what they are. It falls on the ineffective Fish, Wildlife, and Parks Division that does not enforce its own rules to protect wolves. Their main concern is the number of wolf hunting permits that they can sell in one season.
    When I attended a FW&P Meeting in Missoula in March 2012, I discussed the wolf issue with their staff who believe that we have a large number of wolves in Montana. They said that they can continue killing wolves by any means and they won’t become extinct. I commented that wolves are not like other predators. They are a fragile population of animal that has become extinct before and will be totally eliminated soon.
    The Washington wolf that crossed over the border was probably offered an animal carcass as bait. That man should have been arrested and heavily fined.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


  11. The hunter will probably get by with what he did. So disgusting! Combine irrational wolf hatred with the big money of hunting and ranching groups, and the wolves die. I hope there will be justice in the next world, because it is not happening in this one.


  12. Toni, I agree about the ineffectuality of the FWS.

    We must also place the blame on those who Brag and Bait.

    It is nothing more than bullying. Anyone who has been bullied will understand. This pain includes All Sentient, Conscious, Living Species.

    I watched my Brother get bullied. I was there to Help.

    The Canis Families need Our help.

    Elephants are at Risk again all for the love of Ivory.

    Turtles and Other Amphibs are getting eradicated.




  13. Check out this link on a New Mexico outfitter leading a wolf hike in the Gila. Why cant other outfitters in Idaho and Montana, etc. do this?


  14. Wow! That was beautiful.


  15. “hunters brag about wolf killing”
    “hunters are baiting the wolves with dead animal carcasses to make them cross borders, allowing them to get killed. ”
    is this even legal??? Those men are scums!!!
    Voice Record them or something and put it on YouTube for the whole world to know.


  16. Beyond Beautiful 🙂

    Be careful about recordings!

    This is why I keep saying, LEARN FROM the ENLIGHTENED 🙂


    Happy tears 🙂

    Those whom Speak Out WILL STOP THE SLAUGHTER.

    LOBO 🙂


  17. lol our pets kill more wildlife then the wolves
    “Because the supposed “killing machine” wild wolves hardly hunt at all when they are not hungry, it could be that the real spirit of violence and death purrs on your lap when it is not outside doing ” surprising” things.”
    When livestock/elk dies they automatically blame the wolves.


  18. What can we do about stopping the bait and kill syndrome? Why can’t real humans be placed/standing guard at borders and stop them from doing this….fws isn’t doing their job….we have to do it for them…we have to have folks standing guard at borders and stop them with our presence…..and I will write again and again to the pres to demand he relist wolves….since he’s so concerned about re-election, and it’s supposed to be so close, I would think that thousands of people’s votes matter….

    I am so sick of my species….

    where is the accountability?

    bragging about baiting an intelligent aware beautiful animal to slaughter it is going against every Spiritual Law…..

    this is genocide……this is so wrong…..I will never give up….


  19. Call Tester’s campaign office and tell them you will not vote for him and why. He needs to suffer.


  20. no se que decir


  21. Please explain to me why we just have to eradicate the gray wolf. Is there no way to control wolf predation than death? Can’t cattle ranchers find other ways to protect their stock?


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