ACTION ALERT: Washington Wedge Wolf Pack Targeted For Death.. » Western Turf Wars_The Politics of Public Lands Ranching

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  1. This slaugthering of entire packs of wolves for financial gain is sickening. God put the wolves here for a purpose. They are now left too eat humans garbabe because of greedy ranchers taking all their natural habitat away. Im not the only one who feels this way. There are millions of us that know in our hearts and souls that this is not meant too be. Thank you for allowing me too voice my opinion.


  2. Attitudes toward wolves and other wildlife are what needs to change. Wild animals are viewed as a resource, not valued as sentient individuals with unique personalities. The euphemism “game” is applied to them to objectify them and mitigate any inherent revulsion possibly felt when they’re killed. Education is the answer and demanding that wildlife officials are compassionate and have respect for wildlife, understand that this is their world, too. Species-ism, like sexism or racism, is now rampant among wildlife “managers.” That is what is the origin of this widespread wildlife abuse and carnage. Individual wildllife advocates have to speak out and demand change.


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