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  1. It seriously isn’t fair of what this wolf went through Wolves, or any other type of animal should never be put through this! I know that in my heart i would never ever ever do this to a living animal! This is cruel very wrong to any wildlife why would anyone do it? And just think if your doing this to a wolf or any animal think would you want it to happen to you? Think about the heart think about this animal think it might have something and it might not want if to end. This wolf may have had a pack. And now it’s taken away? You shouldn’t be proud you should be ashamed of yourself if your reading this. -for the wolves, for the lovers. #Howling for justice. 🐾❤️


  2. And she is amazing because she got the wolf free I heard. And that is really helping people who want wolves protected, so thank you for helping the wolf wildlife for getting this wolf free, your a true protecter.

    For the wolves, for the lovers 🐾 #Howling for justice.


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