Gone But Not Forgotten, WDFW Holds Hearing On Wedge Pack, October 5 – 6

Washington state biologists collar Wedge Pack alpha male. The collar ultimately led the sharpshooters directly to his pack!

UPDATE: October 8, 2012

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the link to the WDFW hearing on the Wedge Pack. This clip includes the public comments.



The brutal aerial gunning of Washington’s Wedge Pack is much on the minds of wolf advocates. The dead bodies of eight wolves were recovered and have been examined,  including two of the four pups (the two remaining pups are unaccounted for.)

WDFW is holding a public hearing on the issue, October 5-6 in Olympia, Washington.  The hearing will be televised.

From the Seattle Times:

Wedge Wolf Pack: Watch commission meeting here Friday

Posted by John B. Saul

The Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission will be getting an update Friday afternoon on the state’s Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, including the department’s recent decision to eliminate the Wedge Pack in the northeast corner of the state.

We will carry TVW’s live video of the meeting here starting at 1 p.m. Friday when Nate Pamplin, the department’s assistant director of the wildlife program, and Steve Pozzanghera, director of the region where the pack was killed, will brief the commission.

The commission will take public comments starting at 3:15 p.m. The department says the livestock industry and conservation organizations will be represented at the meeting.

The original meeting site has been changed to accommodate a larger crowd. If you’re attending, head for the Columbia Room inside the Capitol Building. Visit this site for directions.

READ MORE: http://seattletimes.com/html/edcetera/2019325690_wedge_wolf_pack_watch_commissi.html



October 5-6, 2012

Legislative Building – Columbia Room – 416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW Olympia WA 98501 
First Floor

1 PM

2012 Wolf Plan Implementation Activities – Briefing 
Department staff will provide a comprehensive briefing on the implementation of the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for 2012.

– Summary – PDF format (16 KB)

Staff Report:
Nate Pamplin, Assistant Director, Wildlife Program
Steve Pozzanghera, Region 1 Director3:00 P.M.


3:15 P.M.7. 2012 Wolf Plan Implementation Activities – Briefing – Continued
Department staff will provide a comprehensive briefing on the implementation of the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan for 2012.

PUBLIC INPUT (This item only)

Staff Report:
Nate Pamplin, Assistant Director, Wildlife Program
Steve Pozzanghera, Region 1 Director



Please attend this vital meeting to support the fallen Wedge Pack wolves, who were were sacrificed for public land grazing and the Diamond M Ranch.

The wolves had every right to roam free on that land,  not constrained by entitled cattle rancher’s,  who have the nerve to graze their cattle on the American people’s land and expect a predator free landscape, when they are the intruders there, not the wolves. If they don’t want to tolerate our native predators they can pull their cattle off our land. The killing of wolves for agribusiness must stop!!! Thousands of wolves have died since their reintroduction to the Northern Rockies because of cattle and now the same, tired scenario is playing out in Washington state.

Wolves trump cows on public land!!


Biologists looking for Wedge wolf pack survivors


Bio | Email | Follow: @gchittimK5

Posted on October 3, 2012 at 7:51 PM

Updated yesterday at 8:26 PM

State biologists are still monitoring the Forest Service roads once roamed by an ill-fated wolf pack.

Fish and Wildlife officials say they have no reason to believe any members of “The Wedge Pack” of wolves survived after sharpshooters in helicopters shot six of them last month.

But, to be sure they are installing cameras and other measures to see if there are any survivors or new wolves moving in.

Meanwhile, veterinarians have examined the bodies of eight member of the pack that were either shot or found dead in area.




Wedge wolf, if you are out there, run for your life

Posted by John B. Saul

September 28, 2012 at 5:14 AM



Senator calls killing of Colville wolf pack ‘serious failure’



Photo: Courtesy King5dotcom

Posted in: Wolf Wars, Washington Wolves

Tags: ban aerial gunning, Wedge Pack slaughtered, WDFW,  Governor Gregoire,  public land grazing, Colville National Forest, retire grazing allotments, Olympia Washington hearing, justice for Wedge Pack

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  1. Just to give you a heads up WA, the cattle ranchers are flying in from all over to support the wolf slaughter. We just had a meeting here in Sacramento, CA with our Dept. of Fish and Wildlife. If you want to stop this needless slaughter, get off your asses and make it to this meeting on Friday. I can’t believe how many people talk about supporting wolves, but were too lazy to make it to our meeting. It was no problem for the cattle ranchers. In fact, the ranchers outnumbered the supporters. SO MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD IN PERSON AND NOT JUST FB. DON’T LET THE DEATH OF THE WEDGE PACK BE IN VAIN. One supporter flew all the way from Ontario to be heard at our meeting. We need you to show up! Don’t let the arrogant cattle ranchers win!


    • You make a very good point.


  2. I am so sick about this abomination to.the Lord and his creation and destroying balance of nature and circle of life. we all are going to be destroyed due to it because if one species destroyed another or several more go down. humAns are destroying themselves. we are also on the about to be extinct list


  3. These wolves were in a National Forest, for crying out loud! The wolves belong there – if anyone has to make any adjustments and accommodations to the wildlife, it is the leasing rancher. They don’t own that land.


  4. Tracking collars by biologists from any governmental agency should be outlawed. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it AGAIN….the F&W in these states, ID, WY, WA, MT….and I imagine many others, give these slaughtering slobs the coordinates of the the tracking collars. It’s a direct line to a wolf pack. The Fish and Wildlife are in bed with these jerks. They are no better. They are all the same murdering, mindless, banjo banging bozos that think killing the innocent is fun. Cattle jerks, get your damn cattle off our our public lands! This land belongs to the wolves. It’s not part of your property. Somebody should go in to your house and do the same things to your families. How’d you like that? Sounds fair. NO MORE TRACKING COLLARS BY F&W!!!!! They are corrupt.


  5. Stupid fn Ranchers think they say what lives and dies… It’s called the wilderness, wolves belong in the wilderness!!! If you choose to let your cattle roam in the wild where wolves live, then your cattle are fair game!!! Keep your cattle on your own fn land you stupid narrow minded a-holes!!! Tracking collars, really??? What a joke…you were suppose to learn more about these awesome creatures, instead you lead the takers right to them. It’s so unfair what you did to this alpha male….my heart breaks for the loss of this pack. 😦


  6. I’m unable to attend Friday. Please make this clear: cattle are an invasive species; wilderness areas, like all public lands, should never be used for livestock grazing. WDFW and other state institutions give lip service to “ecosystems management” and continue to manage for favored species, in this case livestock. Managing for livestock is not ecosystem management. A vegan human ecology is sustainable and supports biodiversity; carnism is not and does not. WDFW’s mission must be updated and changed through the legislature. The Board of Game must represent the general public in proportion to those 94.5% of us who do not hunt. It does not at this time. Until all of this changes, our ecosystems and biodiversity will continue to decline and wolves will die as casualties of this livestock war on wildlife and ecosystems. Please attend and push back now.


  7. I really wish I could be their I live back east,but I seen wolves in Yellowstone and love them the best of all wildlife. But I see the problem as the ranchers are big money,plus they have a great deal of influence in their respective state. For all the money that tourism brings in, their is no one big group,at least to fight the millions that the ranchers have on their side. Is it unfair of course and for the ones who love animals and the beauty of nature it hurts even more,it is very sad indeed!


  8. New information from Washington state:

    New Location for WA Fish and Wildlife Commission Meeting
    Friday, October 5, 1pm

    The location of the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting on Friday, October 5 has been changed to accomodate a larger audience.


    Legislative Building – Columbia Room – First Floor
    416 Sid Snyder Avenue SW, Olympia WA 98501

    If you would like to give public testimony about the implementation of the WA Wolf Conservation and Management Plan, you must be signed up to do so no later than 1:00 p.m. The commission agenda can be reviewed HERE.

    For those who are unable to attend the meeting, it will be broadcast live by TVW.

    Wolf Haven International
    Working for wolf conservation for 30 years


  9. Here is more info about the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting tomorrow in Olympia, with email addresses for both the Commission and the Director. If you can’t make the meeting, please send emails. Thanks! I’m new to this blog but have been passionate about wolves for years.

    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

    ALL stakeholders in wolf management (state wildlife managers, national forest managers, ranchers and the conservation community) need to be willing to weigh in and seek solutions as wolves recover in our state.

    Next Friday, October 5 at 1pm, the WDFW is hosting a public meeting in Olympia. Now is the time to tell the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission how you feel about the way WDFW is managing our wolves.

    If you can, please ATTEND THIS MEETING.Those arriving in time to register will have three minutes to express their concerns to the commission.

    If you can’t attend the meeting, CONTACT the Commission at commission@dfw.wa.gov or 360.902.2267.

    Contact WDFW Director Phil Anderson at director@dfw.wa.gov or 360.902.2225.

    Do it for the wolves.
    Do it for Washington State.
    Do it for yourself.


  10. I would like to go but I’m from another country the support and thank Senator for justice for killed wolves die please do not let more wolves are our brothers thanks


  11. Unfortunately I am in CA….and have no vehicle so could not attend Sacramento….very disturbing that ranchers outnumbered us…what happened? and please everyone who can go to WA…..please make sure that they hear that the majority of people want our public lands to remain public….great stats about 94.5 % of us are not hunters…..let them understand that their constituency is us – the non hunting public and that they are our employees and that we are firing them – that grazing permits must be immediately and permanently retired….if they insist on letting cows graze on our land then it is roam at your own risk and they can never collar or kill a wolf or they go to prison for murder!


  12. If you cannot attend the meeting, written comments can be submitted to:



  13. Let hope the most citizens of Washington would to show up in meeting stand up to watching at them with disgusting and do not let them forget about Wedge Wolves Pack in vain! .. I thought all pups was killed but not … Two pups died and others lost and abandon, pray other survivor took care the rest of them and hide from them. May the God watch over the survivors Wedge Pack.


  14. R.I.P. Wedge Pack wolves…

    I hope that the deaths of these wolves serves as a reminder of why lethal control should be used only as a last resort in preventing livestock depredation (and that more emphasize should be put on using non-lethal methods)! They did not need to die!

    I really hope that people speak out for the pack at this meeting!


  15. The lesson in the US is hands-down to not trust the agencies dealing with wildlife.
    If anyone finds a wolf, any animal injured, a fur-bearer in need DO NOT call these agencies, DO NOT call in a wolf report (think about that one! ), but work with private refuges and animal advocates only. To call F/Wildlife in any state is to invite a double-Y chromozoned male to kill the animal after he drives away with it. “Thank you for calling us!”

    What we see is simply state-supported animal abuse. The ways fur-bearers are allowed to be crippled, maimed, bled out, before being shot or beat with a pipe (to not ruin the hide the caption read) are so heinous. If a man acted on an animal in the city limits in any of these ways he would be arrested, but in the woods the wildlife agencies in all states offer both training in these methods, and collect money for the licenses.

    DO NOT trust them with information or seek their ‘help’ with furbearers. As for the ‘judas’ collars – how insidious – you can see the value of it with the Wedge pack massacre. May some miracle spare the poor pups left in the maize of expensive game cameras and surveillance equipment.

    In all states of the union, we see the true nature of wildlife personnel
    as backwards, “Deliverance” types, who are sadists.


  16. BOYCOTT BEEF. the industry is about death and deceit only.


  17. Clearly the state wildlife “management” agencies in all states, but especially WA, ID, MT, WY, WI have demonstrated they are against wildlife and not to be trusted with ‘online sighting’ reports, injured animal reports, or any real animal welfare concern. OR Dept of G/F has plans to kill two wolves as well.
    These agencies act as agents for state-supported animal abuse by offering low cost training on trapping, snaring, and poisoning. They used their ‘protection’ radio collars for easily killing the Wedge pack.
    Someone called these Judas Collars.

    Blessings to those two pups against the surveillance cameras and infrared devices. Too bad they don’t know to wrap themselves in mylar! May some miracle prevail.

    I watch the demise of the wolves as a horrible omen.
    As ranchers continue to loose edge with the drought and increased corn prices, they will continue to pressure for government subsidies from un-verified predation. This would be no big surprise from one of the largest handout groups in the US. backed by corporate lobbyists in ALEC. This is why a dedicated and vocal BEEF BOYCOTT is important now. As the drought yields lessen, and fool prices continue to increase,
    using good crops to feed cattle as a secondary consumer is more and more futile, when crops could be grown to feed humans directly.

    With bears beginning to starve and move into communities for forage from the ongoing drought, RMEF will have to find another scapegoat than the wolf for the decline of browse for elk. What corporation will they front next?

    With Kind Intent in Dark Times.


  18. I as wathing the webcast and that present I have to say: “what a lousy,selfish, haole american. I mean good god! “it’s a difficult industry with wolves in the picture”, wolves and everyother creature was there first and to say one is “unwanted” or “a problem” shows a level of ignorance so insane it can only be group with a serial kiler mindset. “I appreciate wildlife” yeah, only if it’s dead and on your dinner plate.


    • I sent emails to them….I have called them….along with a lot of other folks….couldn’t stomach listening/watching the webcast past 10 minutes….too infuriating that retiring diamond m’s grazing allotments was not considered as an option when it is what is necessary for any pack that fills in the location now….nothing changes if ranchers are allowed to be welfare ranchers – grazing their private industry on our land and killing our wild life!!!! I know nbc did a poll before the Pack was killed and almost 100, 000 folks responded and 72% wanted the Pack left alone/alive……it is rare for that many people to agree on something….but even tho we know we are in the majority, we seem to be unable to get those in power to represent us – do the right thing…..are there enough folks there that can stage sit ins around the diamond m ranch and wdfw and the folks who work at wdfw, their homes? I’m not saying to do anything illegal or violent….just be present…..OCCUPY HATERS…..can we start that in WA and ID and MT and WY?


  19. korekt, ego-farmer = money farmer shall NOT WIND NOW.


  20. dansk : det er ikke ulvenene der laver balade i nature, det er de farme der har stjålet ulvenes land, ulvene var der først. NU må farmene forstå , og der skal indhegnning til deres dyr, eller er der ikke betaling for det midsted dyr— der er også andre rovdyr derude, alle naturens dyr er rovdyr— men mennesket er DET VÆRSTE EGO ROVDYR DER FINDES !!!!-ulvene har også ret til at spise derude, men jægerne er skide bange for at de ikke får NOK.!!!- det er dem der skal udrydes, de laver fanme balade, — MED SMIL- PÅ :-((((((, uhhh


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