The Wolf In Your Living Room…

Wolves are wild dogs and dogs are domesticated wolves.

“Wayne (1993) elucidated the genetic affinities of three of the members of this canid division, as follows: “The domestic dog is an extremely close relative of the gray wolf, differing from it by at most 0.2% of mtDNA sequence…. In comparison, the gray wolf differs from its closest wild relative, the coyote, by about 4% of mitochondrial DNA sequence.” To summarize, these data suggest the following: (1) gray wolves and coyotes are closely related; and (2) gray wolves are 20 times more closely related to dogs than they are to coyotes”….Dr. Robert K. Wayne, canid biologist

Our dogs are wolves closest relatives, they can breed and produce puppies. Though dogs have been domesticated for thousands of years they still retain many of their wolf-like qualities and behaviors, which is demonstrated in the video, The Wolf In Your Living Room.  It begs the question why are wolf hunters so disconnected from their feelings that they can love and treat their dogs with kindness. yet kill a wolf puppy, a wolf mother, a wolf family without feeling any remorse?  How deep in denial does one have to be to kill a wild dog? What deep-seated rage motivates someone to torture and kill an innocent animal ? Think about it!

Anti-wolf lies and myths are spread like viruses, specifically that wolves are a  serious danger to humans. While any wild animal can be dangerous, in North America, over the last hundred years, wolves have been accused of just two fatalities, both un-witnessed and controversial, yet our dogs kill approx. 30  people a year in the US and bite millions more.

“It is estimated that two percent of the US population, 4.7 million people, are bitten each year. In the 1980s and 1990s the US averaged 17 fatalities per year, while in the 2000s this has increased to 26. 77% of dog bites are from the pet of family or friends, and 50% of attacks occur on the dog owner’s property.”….Wiki

Each year hunting accidents claim the lives of almost a hundred people in the US and Canada and wound another 1000. Yet many hunters are the very people who spread vicious lies and rumors about wolves. How hypocritical!

“According to the International Hunter Education Association, approximately 1,000 people in the US and Canada are accidentally shot by hunters every year, and just under a hundred of those accidents are fatalities. Most victims are hunters, but non-hunters are also sometimes killed or injured. Although some other forms of recreation cause more fatalities, hunting is one of the few activities that endangers the entire community, and not just the willing participants”…Aboutdotcom

Wolf Wars has been fueled by the same groups who were responsible for the wolves first extermination. They hate without reason. The wolf in your living room is far more dangerous than any wild wolf could ever be, yet we love our dogs and treat them as family. The disconnect between dog and wolf, that allows wolf killers to justify their reprehensible actions,  is nothing short of criminal.

Look how similar wolf and dog puppies are. While it would be a crime to kill a Malamute puppy, wolf pups are killed every year with abandon. We learned that lesson recently in Washington state when the Wedge Pack was slaughtered. Montana, Idaho and Wyoming wolf pups are being killed  RIGHT NOW. What kind of society allows the wanton slaughter of wolves and their families?

Malamute Pup

Wolf Pups


Video: Courtesy You Tube.

Photos: Wiki

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  1. I so agree with this video and stance on wolves. I’ve always said that if wolf haters want to be thorough, they also have to kill their dogs because wolves are the forefathers of our modern dogs. Of course I don’t want this to happen at all but it just shows how idiotic and senseless wolf haters are. They hate just to hate; they kill just to kill and to show how much of a “man” they are… Yeah… right…


    • I agree 100% with you, Billie .. 😦


      • Yes, like all hunting, rodeos, etc., just testosterone fests.


    • I couldn’t have said it better, and agree with Marcia. You don’t see woman, except Sarah Palin, armed with rifles. What kills me is cattle ranchers will slaughter their cattle for humans. But heaven forbid, a wolf eats one because that’s a natural prey. We replaced their buffalo with cattle.


      • So well stated. Although this post is 1 1/2 years ago, this is worth repeating and retweeting. The killing is senseless and is born of hatred and lust. Our beloved dogs are a shadow of the wolf. Were it not for the wolf we would not have our companion dogs. All animals are our companions on this earth, be they wild or domesticated. Humanists understand this. We people and animals comprise the universe. We are ONE. We cannot be separated and with violent actions we all suffer. We cannot really differentiate between violence to animals and violence to humans. We are ONE. What you do to one of us, you do to all of us. All peoples please keep working for earth justice with animal justice, along with human justice for all.


  2. A wolf pup’s eyes open sooner than your house pup. (They open there eyes and ears in about 10-12 days after birth. (A domesticated pup, at least 14 days plus..until they can see.) Wolf pup’s are born with blue eyes.They are more intelligent at several weeks than the house pup. Seems to me that man has stifled the ‘house’ wolf (dog) with his own stupidity, while the free one has it’s brain cells totally intact …without the interference. Example: Banjo banging bozos….wonder what their intelligent level is at? Oh! Didn’t know it could go that low.

    PS: Glad to see the virus on this page is gone. I tried to log on yesteday afternoon, and my AVAST detected a virus. It blocked and killed it immediately.


  3. This is why some of us prefer animals to people. Depraved human cruelty and violence towards other humans, including children, and to innocent non-human animals is a part of some people’s pathetic character. That was why we needed and still need federal protections for beautiful and innocent wolves. And they all are innocent. They have committed no crime by simply living and being what they are, ecologically vital and amazing beings. We have laws against abusing and killing humans. Eventhough it still happens, it is “illegal” behavior and punishable by law. We have not yet extended those ethical protections to all sentient non-human animals and that is heartless and criminal.


  4. Great video – especially the last sentence: “Man’s best friend, the wolf” – everyone please remember this.


  5. Exactly! “Depraved human cruelty and violence . . .” As for how people can kill wolves and love dogs–just add up the number of dogs who are euthanized in shelters because they are abandoned, see the pictures online and in the literature of dogs who are tortured and killed every day. In general, human beings are the planetary bullies from whom no creature is safe.


  6. This is why people don’t support killing, anti-wolf weapons of choice are doube-standards, which they use constantly. “If we don’t kill them they’ll starve to death” well if thats the case we should shoot starving children around the world, correct? death is a part of nature, animals die of starvation everyday but I don’t see these murders saying anything about that. We also go on and on about the “overpopulation myth” but do these morons realize that there are 7 billion people o the planet, or better yet historical numbers of wolves living in North America hit 2 million, yeah millions.

    The American Bison and Passenger Pigeon also numbered in the tens of millions, what happen to all these creatures? man. Why should killing a dog pup be a crime, while murdering coyotes, wolves and other canines is a “sport”? lets look at the social demographic that supports barbaric slaughter and killing, why is mostly one group? Haole man thinks that competition is bad, so like Hitler they just wiped out everything else.


  7. Yes, just another example of the capriciousness of how humans percieve and make judgements about other animals – and it has lasting and harmful consequences, esp. in this case. Just about the worst example of attributing exaggerated negativity and supertitious fiction against an animal is the wolf. How long has this been perpetuated, and it shows no sign of stopping. Humans have a voice and a way to protect themselves; animals do not.

    I watched some of the WDFW Wedge pack hearings yesterday, and there were some amazingly passionate and heartfelt speakers from all sides and in the middle – one of the heartbroken men on the board (Mr. Jennings?) and his passion for wolves was much appreciated, a hunter who advocates for wolves, even a rancher who seemed to know his stuff. What is it about this animal that brings out so much in people.


    • Maybe because we project some of our worst qualities onto them.


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  9. Reblogged this on Wisconsin Wildlife Ethic-Vote Our Wildlife and commented:
    I have a wolf in my living room too. Everyone share the pictures of your “wolves” too.


  10. Nabeki, this is something, it really is..I have used this kind of arguments for years to dispel the “big bad wolf” myth with all people I know..I have a husky, Jenna, and she looks more like a wolf than many average dogs, yet she is gentle with those who she trust, but rough with those she doesn’t know.. When she was a puppy she looked exactly like a wolf pup, and some people did think she was an actual wolf..And that question in your post haunts me even more since I met Jenna, “How can people kill innocent wolves and treat their closest relatives with such hate?”
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts..


  11. Dog bites because of inexperience owners or some of them have psychological problems sort of like some humans. On the flip side, dogs save people daily and would give it’s life for his owner/friend and is loyal as hell. Think Hachiko, this Japanese dog waited at the train station for 10 years until he can’t anymore for his decease owner. I love dogs/wolves.

    How can anyone kill this wolf?


  12. As a dog lover, as a dog “parent” (owner), and as someone who volunteers at an animal shelter with dogs, I am completely heartbroken on how some people treat domestic dogs and their wild ancestors, the wolf. Every time I look at my dog or at the shelter dogs I sometimes cannot help but imagine seeing the dog going through what the wolves are going through and it makes me cry inside. How can anybody treat dogs and wolves so cruelly? THEY NEVER DID ANYTHING TO DESERVE BEING ABUSED!!! If anything, dogs deserve to be loved and protected; as they say, dogs are man’s best friend, and as someone who has been around them I can completely agree with this! And the wolf should be thanked for giving us the dog, not destroyed as a pest!


    • Carla, thank you for your sweet comments. That’s something us wolf defenders all have in common, we love canines. Many of us share our life with a wonderful dog or did and we know what true love is because of them. I share your broken heart at the terrible pain and massive suffering mentally disturbed humans have inflicted on innocent wolves. We can point the finger at the Church for their sickening, non-stop drum beat of fairy tale wolf demonization for centuries. They did the same thing with cats during the Middle Ages, which triggered the Black Plague. Millions of Europe’s innocent felines were slaughtered year after year because of the vicious demonic nonsense hurled at cats by this bizarre Church. Due to this vile demonization, cats were not there to do what they actually do so well, kill and eat rodents! Europeans invaded this continent ready to kill the natives, including the innocent wolves here. The Church should finally help to stop this unconscionable demonization and hatred of wolves they did so much to unleash.


  13. Some people are just jealous and hateful of anything wild and free.




  15. I have had a difficult time understanding the hatred for years and I don’t think all of the groups hate for the same reason – Earth justice had a phone in last Thur. and the spokesperson was asked how to explain the unreasonable hated to the Wolves – one of the reasons seems to come from the hatred of the federal govt. ! and their perceived interference in “state” issues the hatred has been building up since the 90’s when the Wolves were reintroduced and than protected – now (and these are my own thoughts) those sort of wackos aregoing to make up for it killing every Wolf they can find. They are an uneducated, violent group of jerks tlhat delight in killing what cannot fight back – same as bully in school, same as KuKluxKlan, same as Nazi’s – none of them are brave or smart enough to stand alone but instead need terror and weapons and cruelty – they probably also beat up women


  16. While we are on the horrible subject of killing animals I was just thinking this morning about when a wild animal kills a person that is walking in their home (in the woods perhaps) or even an urban area, the first thing that has to be done is to kill that animal. Well, if there’s a stranger in their own home (the woods) doesn’t it make sense the animal may attack? It was just defending its home, just like a human would. The only reason a wild animal would be found around a city or town would probably be because humans have developed the land so much they no longer have a home or because the animals they eat have been hunted by humans or food was left at a camp site. If animals had weapons to defend themselves we all know who would be the ones walking out of the forests. I’ll never understand the mentality behind killing defenseless animals. “I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.” Mahatma Gandhi


  17. I cant believe it that Malumute Puppy looks very much like a wolf puppy!


  18. Just wait till someones dog or kid steps in one of Montanas many traps out there then you’ll see lawsuits


    • Agreed, rajaju. These traps, to the best of my knowledge, are supposed to be labeled with the trappers info. Not enough complaining voices. Years ago, friends who had a farm with large acreage, discovered a trap set on their property. They also had dogs. While walking the dogs is when they discovered the trap. They disposed of the trap (no ID on it). It was found out the trap was missing and the state police gave them a hard time about disposing of the trap. This was about 20 years ago. I doubt – hopefully – that the same thing would not occur today….esp if a trap is discovered on private property. I can tell you I would have no problem with getting rid of it…or…if it had ID…pressing charges.


  19. Recent genetic studies have found that all domestic dogs (worldwide) are at least 75% wolf and German Shepherds are approximately 90 % wolf. Until 2010 I had dogs that were part German Shepherd and all of them had the broad marking from shoulder to shoulder similar to wolves. They were very intelligent dogs and had other wolf characteristics. They howled more than they barked, were very territorial, and loved to run. It broke my heart to see them get older and pass away.
    So– if you love your dog, you should also admire and appreciate wolves!
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


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