When The Tables Are Turned…

Friday, October 5, 2012 7:19pm PDT

 Man chased up a tree by angry red deer is caught on video

By: David Strege

A man playing cat and mouse with an angry, testosterone-fueled stag around the base of a tree in a London park finally escaped the attacking animal by climbing the tree, which had served as his only protection from the business end of those deadly antlers.



Wildlife can fight back when they’re not up against guns, arrows, scopes, tree blinds and enormous arsenals.

Nice to see the deer win this round.


Video: You Tube Grind Tv

Photo: Wiki

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Tags: don’t mess with a stag in rut, tables turned, red deer stag, turn-about-is-fair-play


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  1. It certainly is nice to see the deer win 🙂


  2. I love it. There’s one I’ve seen where a deer stomps a hunter into submission too. Go ungulates!


  3. Idiot! He should have known better than to get that close.


  4. So good so see/hear stories like that. Unfortunately, there will probably be a campaign against all those vicious deer who are terrorizing innocent human beings.


  5. A good story ,what happened in Washington state in Friday ?


    • The ranchers won in Washington State, despite the protests of thousands of Washington residents. Killing of wolves and wildlife is the first implemented choice of Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife–just like their wolf killing pals in Idaho, Montana and Wyoming Fish and Game…so, Washingtonians, get ready for bang-bang, kill-kill of the globally endangered wolves…But do support Washington Senator Ranker in his investigation to get to the bottom of this corrupt and disgusting fiasco of the Diamond M Ranch…Killing wolves and wildlife for no reason= your tax dollars at work. The head of Wasgington Fish and Wildlife and all his killing buddies involved in the slaughter should be terminated and their pensions forfeited. If no human heads roll–extermination will happen to the next pack that moves onto the land in NE Washington. And McIrvin’s grazing permits on our public lands must be rescinded. He clearly cannot care for cattle on the rugged public lands. Maybe he will take better acre of them on his own private holdings,


    • Richie, I posted the link to the hearing on the front of the blog!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. yay 🙂


  7. Good obne, Nabeki. We see why Celts held the Red Stag as sacred.Catherine Date: Mon, 8 Oct 2012 05:12:48 +0000 To: ravensonggroup@hotmail.com


  8. Am appealing for activists to contact the various .orgs concerned with environmental stabilization/conservation and animal rights groups to form a Coalition to Revoke the Taylor Grazing Act.

    1 Due to continueing drought impacting native species like bears, wild burros, horses, deer and elk ( RMEF feeds many of them all winter in various refuges*) needs to be addressed. The future of native indigenous animals is the priority, not intruduced, privately-owned bovine species.

    2 Revocation of the Taylor Grazing Act would eliminate welfare ranchers and undermine their slaughter association economics. The recent win to eliminate the Wedge pack based on one ranchers ? buyout of WA Commission shows that the cattle industry will stop at nothing to preserve the wealth of it’s individual members, at the cost to national shared resources.

    As the ranching industry is already being impacted by the drought, stopping further destruction of all wildlife in the federal common land is imperative. The cost of corn will only continue to increase and the economic crisis is showing already, with false reports of wolf predation to collect federal funds, as well as ranchers feeding their pre-slaughter stock candy. ( google this if you dont believe me)

    A very strong financial base and activist cohort is needed to fight very strong, GOP-based corporations, and it can be done. Avenge the wolf slaughters with legislation that may save the US from further depredation of wildlife and destruction of public land, both ranching traditions of the welfare state ranchers.

    * Since RMEF seems so retro, they probably don’t realize the GMO
    alfalfa/grain they are feeding their elk.


  9. I hope this happens to every hunter!!! Unfortunately they will start calling them the bad guys as an excuse to slaughter all animals even worse….


  10. Hi Richie,
    You can still watch the Washington Fish and Wildlife presentation and public comments. Just Google TVW and it will take you to where you can find it.

    The Wash. Fish and Wildlife presented a timeline for all the depredations from July through September. Carter Neimeyer was sent photos of the July depredations and determined that they were not wolf kills, but after July they were wolf kills.
    Public comments from pro wolfers were wonderful, smart, thoughtful and well executed.

    Some points made and this one refers to how the wolves were not the killers in July.
    The rancher and the WDFW did not get on this fast enough with non lethal methods for detering the wolves.
    That all the energy stirred up here was about the Cattle people and what they needed, not much about the wolves.
    A need to end public lands to grazing. Killing our wolves on public lands is unacceptable.
    Wildlife including wolves are a private trust for allthe people of Washingon. He wants to see the ranchers succeed and doesn’t want a bunch of housing developments on the land.
    An attorney wanted to know why the non lethal methods didn’t work , did you wait too long. Did you do your non lethal during day or night. Did you haze, did you have guard dogs.
    Many other good comments.
    But here is a very interesting tid bit and why I believe the pack was gunned down.

    Washington State Senator Morton for the Washington state Legislature was at the Meeting. He is a model
    citizen who is deeply entrenched In the Cattle and farm world, and HE IS MCIRVIN’S NEIGHBOR. He has WDFW in his pocket. He said he was going to get a hunting liscense in Canada to shoot wolves and then shoot the Wedge pack from across the border (from Canada) if something wasn’t done. Well, Well and that said we now know he knew where the Wedge pack was because of the alpha males radio collar.
    I could go on but I reccommend you listen to the Video .
    I listened to the Public comments which lasted 3 hours- but well worth it.
    One person made the comment more scientific research.She asked did they cut open the wolves to see if they had any cow in them or check the scat to see of cow was in that. No, this wasn’t done.
    The first wolf killed was the nanny wolf (the pack carefully appoints a wolf to watch the pups and she usually doesn’t hunt much. Did she have cow in her stomach. They arbitrarily picked a wolf to kill thinking this would deter the rest of the pack and they would go away- rather than implementing non letal mentods for the whole pack.
    The cattlemen who made comments want the wolves in this region taken off the endangered Species protection. I say they need it all the more.

    For the Wolves


  11. I love it but wish he’d gotten the idiot- so sick of people and their terrible ways of viewing and treating all animals- I cheer when then animal wins- any way they can too


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