Will You? » Conibear trap 330Wolf6_photobucket

Conibear trap 330Wolf6_photobucket

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  1. I don’t know where this photo came from – probably AK or Canada, but it needs to be spread across the globe. Every group or politician that says they support trapping or snaring needs to get a copy – this includes the weak-kneed conservation groups who can’t stand to think about how awful it is for an animal to be strangled or mangled, so they pretend that it doesn’t exist.


    • Resist…I completely agree, it’s one of the most disturbing photos I’ve seen yet and it haunts me. I can’t imagine the suffering this wolf went through. Conibear traps are horrific trap these cretins use to torture and kill animals. I found this photo in a public photobucket album. I have another one with the actual trapper posing with the wolf. We can use this pic because it was posted in a public album.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • What the hell is that. What kind of trap- I thought they out lawed steel traps- not humane.
        Can we put that person in that trap?


    • Shown is a 330 conibear trap, As far as traps go it is a quick kill trap, in this case the wolf died instantly. If this had been a leg hold trap or a non kill trap the ground would be all torn up from the struggle… just passing along info


  2. This why i think the world would be better off without humanity.Wolves are gonna go extinct so is every other animal and it will be our fault this is what we do destroy everything HOW NICE😦 And please do not accuse me of being negative im not being negative im a realist


  3. people r so fuckin dumb, they think they so bad ass when the only way they can kill a wolf is to trap it or shoot it, how bout u give the wolf a fair chance go at it with a knife since u think u so tuff, bitch don’t shoot a wolf and post it like u just accomplished something, cuz the truth is ur a total pussy, u don’t have no fuckin skill


  4. You bunch of hipie yippie dumbasses. You wear your leather shoes and eat your store bought meat and wear your fancy clothes with the fur fringe not at all considering where it came from. A person who is trapping and selling their catch on open markets is no different than selling salmon or crab or any other animal product that you consume. The person who catches these animals live closer to the land and to our actual animal existance than you ever could/would. You know this to be true, yet you set in your electrified/computerized/climate controlled world and look down your noses at these people as being some sort of “primative”.
    You need to consider this when you’re typing your reply to my reply. Oh, and by the way. I’m going to be setting some conibear 330’s this week for wolf and fox. Maybe wolverine if I’m lucky!

    Wish me Luck!


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