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Trapped Wolf

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  1. Dear Nebki,
    Somethings going on with my computer,(sometimes I wonder if these things have minds of there own?!)Anyway, I can’get to my Gmail. I have E-mailed Ellen Degeneress. She has a talk show on TV I am hoping she will get the word out of the
    war on wolves. She is an animal lover. And Hollywood is always looking for a “cause” to get positive exposer.
    I was planning to get a group together here in Colorado Springs to have a rally for wolves, I just found out I’m getting a new hip, in April. Damnit! I have tons of experience in being “in charge” done lots of fund raisers. I also raised 6 children,3 sons, 3 step daughters.
    Every time I see the death toll rise, I feel another nail stabbing my heart. I will try this fall to get a rally going. I LOVE wolves and my heart hurts.
    Howl with your friends, Christy


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