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  1. Nabeki, don’t know where to add this. This came from Defenders of Wildlife. I feel the same way as you about the big organizations but this is what makes me donate. I know it’s a blatant appeal for money, but you might be interested in why:
    “It’s the most powerful weapon anti- wolf advocates have. It will happen so quickly they won’t have a second to escape. Idaho’s wolves could soon be gunned down from the sky — and we need to fight this now!

    “It” is the federal government. Specifically all the wildlife-killing resources of the federal Wildlife Services agency – people and planes or helicopters.

    Last year, Idaho called in Wildlife Services to kill wolves in the central part of the state to artificially boost game populations in the region – and it appears that they’re planning on doing it again.

    Today, the Idaho Fish and Game Commission approved a proposal to pay Wildlife Services $50,000 to launch a new round of wolf killing – which could include aerial gunning of wolves under the excuse
    of artificially inflating elk herds to make hunting them easier. This death-by-helicopter or airplane plan is misguided and wrong!
    I must agree with them and do everything in my power (which isn’t much) to stop this!


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