Have You Had Enough Of This Insanity?

November 1. 2012

I’ve been posting wolf hunt numbers  as the lead on the blog for the past week. As of today 201 wolves are dead. The numbers are staggering and it’s only going to get worse. Idaho wolf trapping begins on November 15, Minnesota’s wolf hunt starts November 3rd and Montana wolf trapping opens on December 15.

This is the third wolf hunt I’ve reported on in the Northern Rockies since 2009 and now the Great Lakes wolves are in the cross-hairs.

We are at a crossroads. As wolf advocates we can sit silently by and lament the passing of hundreds of wolves every year, we can say we cry for them, that we’re sorry they’re dying, that if only they would stop killing them, that wolves are such beautiful and magnificent animals, that wolf hunting is wrong, that killing wolf puppies is terrible, that wolves are valuable to the ecosystem….and guess what?… it’s falling on deaf ears because we are preaching to the choir.

Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Wisconsin, Minnesota aren’t going to stop hunting and killing wolves because wolf advocates are sad. They have the floor and unless and until we get active, organize, hold protests, boycott the wolf states and mean it, write letters to the editor, speak out and be heard, nothing is going to change. We’ll be right back here next year mourning the passing of hundreds more wolves until they are gone.

The wolf hunters are having a grand ole time killing wolves, this has exceeded their wildest expectations. The sadism displayed in wolf hunt pictures,  in hunting forums, the gloating, the grinning,  the back slapping,  is nauseating beyond measure. BUT it will go on and on unless we truly get serious about saving these animals. We are the majority and the wolves have been hijacked by the minority. Spending countless hours on FB or other forums arguing with wolf haters about elk and livestock get us nowhere. These are diversionary tactics designed to distract and excuse the senseless slaughter of innocent animals.

I started this blog September 2009, just as the first legalized wolf hunts began in Montana and Idaho.  After three, long, sad years our only major victory came when Judge Molloy relisted wolves on August 5,  2010 after a protracted court battle.

Five hundred wolves died in the Northern Rockies in 2009 and hundreds more were wiped out in the 2011/2012  hunt. 2012/13 will be even more bloody with the addition of  wolf hunts in Wyoming, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

I’ve written many posts with the same message.  In order to change the status quo you have to do more than lament.










The ultimate goal is to see wolves regain their federal protections. The states will continue to kill them until that happens.

We aren’t helping wolves crying for them BUT we can help wolves by fighting for them!

Photo: “OR-11, a male pup (born spring 2011) from the Walla Walla pack”, Courtesy ODFW

Video: YouTube, This is The Real Grey – Save the Wolves

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  1. yes..i will keep up the work to stop this total insanity..all we have to do is look at what a storm can do to the earth when we take away the natural barriers ,ie.marshes ,oysterbeds ….start messing with the earth’s beautiful innate balance and there will be more dire consequences. we know better now in this age of science than we did in times past. … mess with the balance of our predators and eco-system and we know what happens,WHEN will you greedy folks ,who are in such denial , wake up and open your eyes and be accountable?????what foolish ,foolish destructive behavior you are exhibiting to others.and do you believe you will be exempt from the harm you are causing.??i think not.i am fed up.we must stand up to these people blinded by their own ambition and greed.i am canceling my a rt exhibit in wyoming next summer.


  2. I can’t tell you how many letters I have written. People that are in the news that fight for the rights of animals, addresses of organizations from my Conservation Directory. Many letters, phone calls, emails to my state Senator that voted to delist the wolf. Letters to Obama, the worst president we ever had, Salazar, governors of ID, WY, MT, AK, WA. Some I emailed, some of them I also called, some I faxed. Most of the letters that I wrote and the petitions I sent I had them certified…yet, the killing still goes on. As long as this s.o.b. is in office, the wolves don’t stand a chance…and if some moron writes and says, ‘well, republicans aren’t animal friendly,’ I think I will twist their noses off their faces…..’and Obama is so much better?!’ At least I think that if we can get the evil out of the White House, we might have a chance; the wolf might stand a chance. Can’t be any worse. This president is a liar. He is out for himself and only himself. No matter how dishonest he has to be…as long as it’s for his benefit. The farmers paid him big bucks to sign the delisting of the wolf. I am sorry if I have offended anybody that is an Obama lover, but face the facts…like Romney says, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” If you say yes, either you’re brain dead, been in a coma or are in one of Obama’s pockets. We have to get rid of this administration if the wolves are going to stand a chance. They sure as hell couldn’t be any worse off with a new administration. At least we might find people who will listen to us. If Romney gets in and we have to start our petitions, phone calls, emails, faxes, letters, etc. again to the new administration, then so be it!


    • I have tried everything suggested: e-mails, phone calls, letters to legislators, to state officials, to the editor. I have been involved in animal-related issues for several decades. Every letter I wrote to the editor was printed–until the last year or two when I was writing more about wild animals, wolves and the all the animals killed at Zanesville. Those letters never made it to print. Maybe a coincidence, but I can’t help wondering about the timing.

      In the meantime, just in order to do something, I sponsor wolves in good sanctuaries. It may be unfortunate that they are not in the wild, but at least they are not trapped, snared, and shot.


    • I have an idea have you twisted any of those trappers and hunters noses out there before you turn on me go after the real killers


  3. I so agree. I’ve made my decision and am voting with my conscience for Jill Stein. Another compromise hoping things will be better for the next four years because the alternative is worse has become tiresome. I feel that with few exceptions, compromise for nothing in return is the name of the game for the average voter in politics. I am especially disappointed with the Democratic party and never will vote Democratic again and am changing my party affiliation to Independent for future elections. I figure we can either wither as a country slowly under our current administration for another four years, only to receive a coup de grace in 2016 – or take the hit right now and have time to recover by 2016. Either way, it’s the most sickening election I’ve had to go through in a long time. I thought last time was bad, but this time is worse because there is no clear cut choice as their was last time.

    Destroying the ESA, the EPA, and Social Security is not what I would have expected being a lifelong Democrat – and of course taking the wolves off the endangered list so they could be hunted prematurely is something that even George Bush couldn’t accomplish. By this measure, the fate of Social Security and Medicare doesn’t look good either.




  5. They have also managed to silence GOOD WOLF Facebook page….it is now a ghost page, where none of the 6 administrators can post anything! They silenced my other page, as well,…..it was called Ban Trapping in the USA—so in essence, the anti-wolf movement, who considered me too vocal—have reported my pages relentlessly, until the squeaky wheel go the oil.
    I remember the first time I was suspended from FB (for one week), I was told that my photographs were against FB policy and I am paraphrasing….but this was the reason “it is against policy to post any graphic violent photographs for the purpose of sadistic exploitation..”
    If anyone is familiar with Good Wolf, you will surely know what a false accusation that was!
    The hunting/trapping sites DO post photos for sadistic gratification…”brag photos”. GW was exposing them and eroding them…..
    I was then suspended for two weeks, and then later for a month…with a warning that the next time would be a permanent ban.
    I knew I would, one day, be banned for telling the horror story of what the wolves were enduring…..but I could not, would not change my editorial style…..I wasn’t going to only post photos of beautiful wolves–it had to be much more.
    If yo go to http://www.facebook.com/fortheluvofwolves

    You will see two ‘dead’ pages—where no one can post another thing. Even though GW had almost 10,000 ‘likes’—fb trashed it!

    But this is NOT about me…..it is about saying that the hunters/trappers and their fans want to do their dastardly deeds, but the petty cowards, don’t want any bad press about it on FB, because they don’t want to stop….they want to continue to slaughter wolves and not be questioned or receive any feedback from wolf advocates.

    I thank the Universe that this blog is here and in place…..we must share it everywhere! Thank you Nabeki…..many howls…..:)


  6. As for voting?????? I don’t know what to do…….there are whispers that Obama is going to fire Salazar….. and also Rep VP candidate, Paul Ryan is a bow hunter/trophy hunter……..just don’t know what to do…..


    • Well, the difference to me is I am willing to cut a true hunter some slack – for instance, deer and elk have been traditionally hunted for food. Wolves, coyotes, mountain lions and bears are simply hunted because as fellow predators, they have always been competition for food in the past, and today it just continues for no reason other than that is how it has always been, or livestock depredation which is exaggerated. It’s not a good enough reason. We may even hate them because they are naturally better hunters than we are and we feel inferior! 😉

      I would love to attend a protest and am seriously considering it.


    • Please L.C.
      Look at how Obomba has done for the corporations and against opened the entire nation to XL pipeline, Monsanto exec in the USDA, allowed banks to continue to illegally seize homes, is a war criminal for his ongoing drone attacks in at least 5 countries the US is not at war with, and allowed the ok for drilling in the Arctic, the eastern Gulf (now that the western gulf is dead from BP). The list is endless. I didnt even mention NDAA, DAA, many American political prisoners held without trial already. Whispers of anything will not do. He is more destructive than Bush, who IS a war criminal in the EU.
      Please look at the above list, they are all searchable on any search engine. Obama and Romney are the same: different style of delivery.


  7. I have done and continue to practice these suggestions but I fear voting for a republipuke in the upcoming elections ,I am torn because of testor being an ass I can’t turn on the whole party ,it will get worse if ryans in I can tell you that is a given and with a repub senate all the wolves will be gone.


  8. I’ve had enough of it since day 1; I’m sick and tired of this killing insanity!

    “We aren’t helping wolves crying for them BUT we can help wolves by fighting for them!” <– So true! So very, very true! Except, I've tried writing letters, signing petitions, making save-the-wolves videos, giving presentations on the issue, writing about why wolf hunting should be banned, etc., and NONE of it works! I know I asked this before, but what else can I do? I can't just fly over to the states and hold a protest because of school.

    "Spending countless hours on FB or other forums arguing with wolf haters about elk and livestock get us nowhere." <– I know that the anti-wolf folks won't listen to the truth, but as a wanna-be scientist it is nearly impossible for me to not correct the facts – and argue with them (as they always refute the facts I present, even when I mention the sources they come from). I just get soo annoyed by lies, myths, and misrepresentation of the facts. How can I resist the temptation to do this?

    Just a tip that may or may not be listened to: instead of being emotional over the wolf killing when arguing our case, we should present the cold hard facts on why wolves should not be hunted, and back up our claims by presenting the sources that we use. There are tons of great books and scientific journals about wolves out there, so we should research them thoroughly, and present all of the facts that we find in them to the authorities. If any of you live in wolf country and see wolves, study their behavior rather than just watch them. Write down all you see in a little notebook, and also present that as evidence. Basically, we can be citizen wolf scientists.

    Now, with that said, I am NOT against being emotional over wolf hunting. In fact, I get emotional over it all the time, and the reason why I enjoy coming on this blog is so that I can express my emotions on the issue (so that, when advocating, I can just present the facts without my emotions sneaking in). But anyway, maybe the authorities will be more likely to listen to use if we show them the facts without our emotions interfering (I doubt it, but it's worth a try, right?).

    I've noticed that you already have the link to "Hunting Wolves in Montana – Where Are The Data?" by Jay S. Mallonee, a great journal and a wonderful start to my idea. Now we should find more books and journals, and provide links to them or at least write them all down on a list or something. Here are two other great journals worth linking to or at least mentioning:

    *"Biological; Conservation, and Ethical Implications of Exploiting and Controlling Wolves" by Gordon C. Haber
    *"The Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolf Is Not Yet Recovered" by B. J. Bergstrom et al. (5 scientist wrote this one, so it must be credible).


  9. Write the Native Nations that they provide no hunting wolf refuges on tribal lands, until the next phase happens.


    • Sorry, accidently “sent” previous post …here is the complete post:

      Please write the Native Nations asking that they provide no – hunting wolf refuges on tribal lands, this could be crucial to wolf survival, until the next political phase happens.

      Asking the Indigenous people of the US, who know the deep meaning of genocide and white man’s madness, may provide a long lasting area for wolves to exist in some peace.
      Since they have sovereign status and their own dept of wildlife/resources, they could provide the wolf a respite from USFW and
      state game depts killers, err ‘Game Wardens and Agents”, now in the hands of the beef, hunting, RMEF lobby.


  10. danich, thank: på facebook, navn STANLEY CASTAGNO er ulve-morder, har set siden :-((((— jeg forstår ikke at 201 ulve er væk :-((((- min dag er ødelagt, det forsætter-forsætter,alle de breve-underskrifter for stop– LYTTER DE IKKE TIL OS DER ELSKER DEM SÅ HØJT ??????


  11. NIce Blog


  12. Bad River Reservation in Wisconsin is now a wolf sanctuary and the Chippewa in Minnesota is the same. Ojibwe will take their 85 wolves alive by no hunting. I will be voting for Dr. Stein. Not until the hurricane did the discussion of climate surface. What a way to wake people up. There will be more devastation. Mother Nature has her shorts in a knot. Bout time.


  13. I am ojibwa, I am behind Nabeki, I have been Behind the wolves and standing in front of courtrooms, I was involved with the recall Gov. Walker in wisconsin, He was’nt recalled and within 5 days he threw our amazing wolves under the wheels of the bus. For some reason I have misplaced my log-in information about this sight o.0 lol… good thing it does it automatically kicked someone out ,cause i dont remember some of my old info to change it..but Nabeki, I would love to help more …tell me where to go, i will be there…need me to look up stuff? i will… i have blogs, people, helpers, many in your corner, we have about 3 orgs working together, we need to figure a game plan..i have ideas..if your willing i think we all got the same ideas…its going to be hard ,,,but it can be won
    my thoughts? Pull the depredations payments…look at those damn rider bills they snuck in onto the congress table… there is a ton of them, i have 15 note pads with them listed on, i been going state to state, finding as many as i can,,there is many more hiding… there pulled the safety net out and trying to make the animal rights people the fall out guys to blame… but i got plenty of it showing who to blame… its ugly…but its beatable and we can win the wolf wars , as for crying, I am crying…everyday I am crying. These bastards took something from me personally and I am crying…now I am coming out swinging!


  14. These hunters have dicks the size of Peanuts, Roam forever free darling wolves!


  15. Good for you Roxie. Too bad I’m sitting on the Ill. border. What are exactly the Ojibwe doing?


  16. At the very smallest level could we get trapping large animals banned ? so that the evil bloodthirsty cretins can’t torture wolves for hours are denied their sadistic games its is a very small step to stop suffering. as for hunting in general I really think education must play a large part. TV documentaries on wolves and showing films such as yours if tv companies have the balls to do it. My agony is their agony my helplessness equals the helplessness of the wolf in the trap. I live in England and support the Wolf trust who supply money and education. I write letters if only I could spring traps and do to the hunters what they do do their victims if I can do any more please tell me in the meantime I will show your blog to as many people as will take notice.


  17. Reblogged this on Happy Tails and Tales Blog and commented:
    I wanted everyone to see this. I’ve loved wolves since I was a very very small child. I do believe they are the most magnificent animal. Hell, I got a replica in my Husky Mysha. She’s the closest you can get to a domestic wolf. So I would just like for you to have some knowledge. As a farmer with cattle myself there’s no reason we all can’t co exist. Please lend your voices that enough wild wolves have been murdered and NO MORE!! I will always advocate for animals. They have no voice and we constantly take from them.


  18. Hey, does anyone want to go & destroy those traps????


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