Minnesota Just Another Wolf Killing State After All…

UPDATE: November 4, 2012

Minnesota wolf massacre: 50 wolves slain since Saturday, November 3, 2012.

The Minnesota DNR should be ashamed at the way they betrayed wolves and wolf advocates. Minnesota’s  previous policy was a five-year moratorium on wolf hunts if Great Lakes wolves were ever delisted. That went out the window last summer when Minnesota’s state legislature scraped the provision. How convenient, so much for integrity. They should hang their heads in shame but unfortunately under the Obama administration’s USFWS, wolves were thrown under the bus and have been turned over to their enemies, the fish and game agencies. A repeat of the Northern Rockies wolf delisting.

Like all the wolf hunts, it’s based on greed and blood lust. Minnesota has now  joined the ranks of the other disgusting wolf states who are killing wolves for fun and profit.


The following article, written January 2012,  proves what this wolf/witch hunt is all about, barbarism,!!


MN: At the Capitol: ‘Pent-up demand’ cited for wolf hunt plan

Posted on January 27, 2012 by TWIN Observer

A “pent-up demand” to hunt wolves is driving plans for a fall hunt for the animal, several officials who support the plan said Thursday.

As of today, gray wolves are no longer federally endangered – or federally protected – in western Great Lakes states, and Minnesota is wasting no time moving ahead with a hunting season.

“There’s been a pent-up enthusiasm, a pent-up demand to hunt wolves,” Ed Boggess, director of fish and wildlife for the Department of Natural Resources, told a panel of state lawmakers Thursday.





Like dominoes falling one by one, another state has joined the “Let’s kill wolves for fun and profit” game. Minnesota’s  first wolf hunt opens today with hunters holding six thousand wolf tags but about half that (3400) will be allowed to trap and kill 400 hapless wolves.

Minnesota is now on my list of places I never want to visit or spend money.


Minnesota Wolf Season Opens Saturday

November 2, 2012 12:44 PM

 ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO/AP) — The state’s first wolf hunt gets underway Saturday, and the protests are continuing to the very last day.

Wolves came off the state’s endangered list last January. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the hunt is needed for the preservation of the wolf population, which it says can double in a year.

It set a quota of 400 wolves, which includes an “early hunting season” starting Saturday.

Protesters who are adamantly against the first wolf hunt gathered at Minnesota DNR Friday morning to voice their displeasure about the upcoming hunting season. About 50 to 75 people gathered outside DNR headquarters to make their voices heard.

“It’s very bad for our society when we have so many people who value wolves who’ve worked so hard to keep them from going extinct, to trap them brutally, kill them and to have fun doing it, doing it for sport,” said Maureen Hackett with Howling for Wolves.

The group Howling for Wolves chose the area near DNR headquarters to let the public know how the hunt will have harmful effects on the state’s wolf population. Some protesters held signs of bloodied wolves in traps, others wore masks and others are calling the hunt torture and a slaughter.




Photo: Courtesy CBS

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  1. This is so tragic! No Minnesota for me!


  2. The next hurricane, larger even than Sandy, will come – because the warnings of Mother Earthare not to be understood !


  3. Seems the wheels of this terrifying killing machine cannot be stopped.but the imbalance caused by the senseless slaughter of our predators will come back to bite those folks in the back.We have seen what happens to our land when we destroy the marshes,the oyster beds ,the barrier islands by over building..Our fore fathers may not have understood the far reaching implications of taking everything they wanted,with no limits, from the land, .but WE KNOW BETTER NOW!!SO THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIs KIND OF wanton destruction ..”..It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature.”All we can do is try to keep speaking up and standing up for the wolves through whatever means available to us.It is better than being silent.


  4. I don’t understand why you allow abusers to kill and maim your wildlife .I know it’s not management as these people brag about how they like to cause suffering in the most horrendous way that’s not a true hunter then they pose its wrong .To us outsiders we think of life and freedom for all when we think of your once beautiful country not anymore when asked USA -undeniably sadistic animal abusers


  5. That’s very bad!


  6. We almost need boots on the ground, prairie justice at this point…..nothing legislative seems to work. The United Nations World Charter for Nature states that “if a country’s government fails to protect it’s endangered wildlife, then the right and the responsibility goes to the citizens of that nation.” I am paraphrasing, but that is what it says. Must like Captain Paul Watson — his method to protect whales and marine mammals–he does not represent a government, he is a private citizen doing his good works. We need a Captain for “Wolf Wars”…..


    • That is the exact reason I stumbled on this sight, looking to see what was happening in terms of direct action. Trade in Zodiac boats for dirt bikes, Arctic ocean for tundra and forest, and bring in some Land Shepards to interfere with this sensless slaughter. With the right people this can be stopped on the ground! We have a responsability as a species on this planet able to see the environmental distruction of the removal of this keystone predator to stop this once and for all and to restore this ecosystem and this species to its former health.


  7. Minnesota holds a dear memory in my life because while on a trip back into 2004 to the late camp snoopy me and 40 others got stuck on the now removed Mighty Axe for 40 mins, It was the most scary yet fun moment of my life and I thank the state and the ways of the universe for giving me that memory. So why turn in this direction of kill all mentality and drive away tourism to to largest mall in america? I hope that Mall of America has a ever slowing shopping season this year.


  8. Very sad.


  9. These hunters are the sickest S.O.B.s on the face of God’s green earth. I don’t nomally wish bad for anybody and their families, but they have it coming!


  10. And I thought that Minnesota was actually going to manage their wolves responsibly, without hunting and trapping. But I guess I was wrong. I will admit that I think Minnesota is handling this more responsibly than the other states (at least for now), but regardless, a wolf hunt is a wolf hunt, and all wolf hunting is ethically wrong and should be banned. Innocent lives will be destroyed and packs will be broken up. How can people even think of treating an intelligent, social, sentimental creature like this?

    Did you guys hear that already 2 wolves were murdered in Minnesota? And how long has it been, only a few hours? This is worrisome…


  11. Can somebody explain to me the numbers? If you sell 6000 tags for 400 wolves, even if only a few people murder one out of 6000, I mean isn’t that close to 400? That’s extermination in my book and i DIDN’T even do any math. I am so so sick of this. Isn’t there anything else we can do besides writing letters and giving money to organizations who are trying to change this in court and in the legislature? I mean we don’t have enough time to change this before it is total anialation. The only thing that makes my head stop hurting is the thought that the wolves they kill won’t have to die from the effects of global warming. What a terrible disappointment the human species is.


    • dayton, franken and klubachar are responsible for this wolf hunt and grazing bill on our public lands for cattle ranchers..


  12. I have 1 word DISGUSTING!!!!!!!


  13. I don’t understand why we seem to be devolving as a society – no compassion, no courtesy, no empathy, just a go-for-yourself attitude, killing wildlife at unprecedented levels around the world, exploiting natural resources to the last drop. Something’s gotta give.


    • it’s giving and soon it will be too late. get Dayton out as gov. he passed both the wolf hunt and grazing bill for our public lands for special interest groups.


    • I don’t understand how society can be so cruel either. Why can’t people be more compassionate? And why do we have to destroy the environment and all of its life? I’m sure everyone has brought this up before, but I’m gonna quote it anyway:

      “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.”


  14. They are sellings the tags to earn the money and do the lottery 400 to kills them. It’s big busIness! What a Sadism!


  15. So they sell 4000 tags and after 400 are murdered they call off the hunt? With a deer hunt there is a specific period of time in Oregon. So what if a hunter doesn’t turn in his tag and just puts the body in the back of his rig and covers it with a tarp? And does that again and again. Hunters don’t follow rules. They are notorious for their drunken psychoopathic actions. We had one in our yard once proclaiming that he had permission from the owners. Drunk and with a loaded weapon. I swear, I’l bet the dinosaurs were more peaceful. And the hunters are killing a fraction of the animals that the government agents are killing. It’s in the millions through poison, traps and weapons. Its a war on wildlife and ultimately self destruction.
    Thank you, Nabeki, for this site. Sometimes I am too saddened to share my thoughts. Sometimes others say it for me. Is there any monetary help you could use to keep this site going? It is a very important place for us. We need this to keep informed and share our horror and sadness. Let me help in any way you want!


    • gov dayton and senators franken and klubachar are responable for this crap, vote them out asap.


  16. This is the newest tack I have have been reading about – trying to convince the public how “elusive” and difficult to get a wolf is. This newspaper article from the Mpls StarTribune is headlined “As wolf hunt opens, only seven kills registered so far”:

    “Minnesota wolf hunters have registered seven wolves so far in the first-ever managed wolf season. Five have been registered in the northeast zone and two in the east-central zone; none have been registered in the northwest.”

    Remember that the first full day of the hunt isn’t even complete, it hasn’t even been a full 24 hours yet! Sadly, there will probably be more kills registered. Wisconsin had the gall to write newspaper articles where they were “surprised” that their wolf hunt was so successful and so many were taken so early.

    I have to add to my post above about the devolving of society our dumber-than-dirt populace and proof of our education system in a downward spiral if anyone believes this. The worst part is it won’t even register a blip on most people’s radar. So sad.


  17. 12 wolves already slaughtered in Minnesota, and the first day is not even over yet! Disgusting!


  18. i live in MN and spent lots of money up north frm duluth to ely, now i will not. i also spent money in wisconsin, now i will not – i hope other people will do the same. we need to get dayton, franken and klubachar out of the offices they hold also = they betrayed MN for special interest groups, i.e. deer hunters assoc, trapper assoc, atv assoc, and they opened up our public lands to cattle grazing and atv’s to destroy, if you have any doubt this won’t destroy our public lands – see what it has done to Montana’s public lands.


    • I totally agree Thomas. Amy K and Franken are awful. They were screaming to Salazar when Wildlife Services lost their funding to kill wolves in Minnesota. Wildlife Services traps and kills about 200 wolves in the state every year, most people have no idea its going on. Franken wrote a letter to Salazar saying this was a dire situation and they were worried about the children or some nonsense. These two are Democrats and horrible on wolves. They need to go. Not sure if either are up for re-electon on Tuesday but Minnesotans don’t vote for them if they are.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  19. Dr Jill Stein http://youtu.be/2O_5AMoNrKg

    On the ground. She’s been arrested twice in the last month. My hero-ine.


  20. This is why we have to vote ( in case it counts, im not so sure) for third party candidates. Please read ? http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article32931.htm

    The environment ( martyred wolves and other creatures loosing their habitats ) need an organizational PAC, to fight the money behind the wolf killing, XL, fracking. Please consider writing the environmental organizations to create a PAC. It’s so all about money now.


  21. Drop a line to NCBA, one lobby that supports the welfare ranchers, like WA’s Diamond M… and wanted wolves delisted. Below url is from their website.

    Eating beef supports wolf kills.


  22. N
    Please post this? I read the posts of frustration and feel that citizens do not fully understand that Citizens United ruling has allowed deception in government to an unprecented level. Whether one believes you are under mandate to follow ‘laws’ that are clearly amoral, is a personal choice. The following urls offer some info about how the new methods (I cannot bear to call these a ‘laws’ this evening) affect legislation in the simplest state government agency up to the national level. One blatant example is Ken Salazar’s nomination by President Obama. We have seen too clearly what corporations and lobbies he represents. How each of us proceeds to protect wolves and … ourselves is a matter of civil conscience and personal integrity. And anyone using direct action, tell no one.


    Five Wisconsin state legislators have agreed to turn over any correspondence and documents with or related to the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and held on their personal email accounts; the action settles a lawsuit brought by the
    Center for Media and Democracy and Common Cause.




  23. I can’t believe how quickly those poor wolves are falling to hunters in Minnesota! It’s horrible!


  24. I wonder how many of the hunters in Minnesota are from out-of-state? How many are sports hunters killing wolves for the thrill of it or for profit? Wolf killing is a sickness that will continue to spread, if federal protection is not restored to the wolves. Who can we count on to protect our wolves? Not President Obama and not Senator Jon Tester.
    We need someone in Washington to support us in getting wolves back on the list.


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