Wolf Wars – Focus On The Big Picture..

UPDATE: November 11, 2012

357 wolves dead in combined hunts.

November 9, 2012

I don’t have to tell you how bad things are for wolves, the hunt-death toll says it all.  341 wolves wiped out in just 73 days. Wolves are under an unprecedented attack, five wolf hunts in progress with Michigan chomping at the bit to join the fray.

Three and a half years ago wolves were delisted by the Obama administration and his pal, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. It’s been downhill ever since. Our only victory came in August 2010 when Judge Molloy relisted wolves in the Northern Rockies.

It would be easy to quit, to ask why am I bothering to fight when we’re losing so badly?  The answer is clear, for the wolves. We’re all they have, their only voice. We can’t allow the injustice perpetrated against them to go unanswered.

We’ve lost many battles but with strategy, perseverance and lots of hard work we can prevail.  I can’t predict how long it will take or when it will happen but I believe strongly we’ll win this fight.

The only way to stay sane and keep battling is to focus on the big picture. Wolves must be relisted and regain their ESA protections. That should be our over-arching goal, everything else is secondary. Please don’t spend your time arguing with wolf haters on FB or hunting forums. It saps energy, its demoralizing and it’s time lost you could be spending helping wolves. The wolf haters feed on it, they love to argue and spew their hate against wolves and wolf advocates. Don’t take the bait. I’ve received thousands of hateful comments on this blog, here’s one posted today:


Submitted on 2012/11/08 at 4:42 pm | In reply to jon.

you are a bunch of fuckin idiots. stay in california


Needless to say it went straight to the spam folder. You won’t see these comments unless I decide to post them just to show the ignorance and hate we’re up against and believe me its legion.

I don’t have the time or inclination to argue that wolves deserve to exist. Don’t get caught in that trap. Be aware of what the other side is doing but engaging them in endless arguments is pointless.

If we want to focus on the negative there’s plenty to look at. Wolves are being decimated in Idaho and Montana. With the third wolf hunt, the brutality has escalated exponentially. There are no quotas and for the first time Montana will allow wolf trapping.  Wolves can run from guns and maybe even arrows but they can’t escape leg-hold traps and snares.

Idaho started trapping wolves last year and has expanded the wolf hunt year round. The Lolo and Selway zones are open for hunting 10 months of the year, ending June 30, right through breeding, denning and pupping season.  Last year, as soon as the Lolo/Selway horror ended,  Idaho opened a wolf hunt in the Panhandle on private land, while wolves were trying to raise their pups. Is this the sound management the states promised? Absolutely not. And who do we have to blame? The US Senate, who rammed through the delisting of wolves in the Northern Rockies on a budget/wolf rider, with President Obama signing the bill into law.

In their first wolf hunt, Wisconsin planned to use up to six dogs per hunter to chase wolves to their deaths but a judge issued a temporary injunction to stop the use of dogs, after a court challenge.  BUT a hearing is scheduled on December 20th to re-visit the issue.

Wyoming finally got their way and can now kill wolves 365 days a year in the “predator zone” which encompasses over 85% of the state. No license needed, any killing method is allowed, including poison. The only requirement is to report a wolf death within ten days, do you think the majority of people who kill wolves for fun will even bother to report the death?  At the same time Wyoming is conducting a trophy hunt with a quota of 52 wolves, right outside the borders of Yellowstone.  Montana’s hunt encompasses Yellowstone’s northern border.  Yellowstone wolves, already hit hard by mange, are now virtually living on an island, with wolf hunts wiping out wolves who could have provided park wolves with  much need genetic diversity.

Minnesota hunters have killed 91 wolves in ONE WEEK.

Untold suffering is being perpetrated against wolves who are highly social animals. Hunting and killing them is fracturing bonds and wrecking havoc among wolf families. Where are the biologists to decry this slaughter? All we’re getting from them is this:

 Ed Bangs (former Wolf Recovery Coordinator) in a 2000 Nova Online interview, characterized the strong bonds wolf families share.

 “A wolf’s territory represents the place where their family lives and where they’re safe. If you’re in your pack’s territory, you have a family to help defend you, to care for you, to share food with you. Wolves are the parents, the mothers, the fathers, the brothers and sisters that we always hoped we could be. I mean there’s extreme loyalty among family members, it’s everything to them.”

Wolf hunters and state game agencies don’t care anything about that.  A wolf’s life is cheap now, sold for the price of a hunting tag.  It’s pointless to try and reason or bargain with the states that are killing wolves, it’s a win/win situation for them.  They keep their customers happy (hunters) and fill their state coffers with wolf tag money.

 I know it’s hard to go on when you see the carnage building, the endless photos of smiling, grinning trophy hunters posing with their wolf corpses.

I’ve been grieving since the first wolf hunts began in the fall of 2009 BUT instead of turning that grief inward I use it as a motivator to fight for the animals I love. I’m working on a project with other wolf advocates we believe will make a difference for wolves.

No matter what, we have to keep battling for these amazing animals. Whatever you can do in your own life to improve the situation for wolves, please do it.  I’ve discussed the poor organization of the grass-roots wolf movement many times, that has to change. The opposition is well-organized and flush with cash.  Expressing your outrage but doing nothing is not helping wolves. You have to commit to making a difference. Whether it’s organizing a protest, handing out fliers, writing op-eds, utilizing social media or connecting with other wolf advocates, be creative.

Many times people have told me they can’t make a protest rally because it’s too far away. That shouldn’t stop you, organize one in your home town.  Create a wolf advocacy group,  there’s power in numbers. We are the majority, remember that. Wolves have been hijacked by a small, vocal minority. Hunters are just 12% of the population and they have no right to kill America’s wolves for sport.  Wildlife watchers voices go unheard. We’ve been pushed to the sidelines while millions of our native wildlife are slaughtered in the name of “sport”.  Killing defenseless wildlife, who can’t fight back and have no idea what’s coming,  isn’t sport.

“Hunting is not a sport. In a sport, both sides should know they’re in the game.”….Paul Rodriquez

 Sometimes things have to get really bad before they get better. Being a wolf advocate will not win you any awards, you will go to bed most nights with a heavy heart but we are making a difference. So hold your head high and never give in.  Focus on the big picture and don’t allow yourself to be dragged down.

We will win this for the wolves!!

“When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hang on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn”….Harriet Beecher Stowe 


A View To A Kill

How Safari Club Int’l Works To Weaken ESA Protections

By Michael Satchell 
The Humane Society of the United States



Hunting: Wasteful, cruel and definitely not a sport

Diamond in the Rough
Published February 19, 2001



Why Sport Hunting Is Cruel and Unnecessary



Photo: (OR-11, Photo Credit ODFW)

Video: Courtesy YouTube

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35 CommentsLeave a comment

  1. Thank you for a most inspiring blog. Battling back does, indeed, make the heart heavy with sadness. But your words serve as reinforcement many of us need. Again, thanks.


    • J.Marley…I know this is a tough time but I truly believe if we continue to go forward and build momentum we will prevail. You’re very welcome if you found solace in my words.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • Scott Brown, the Massachusetts senator that signed the budget rider together with 80 more senators, lost the elections. I like to think that I contributed to his demise by voting for his opponent and by telling all my friends and family members to do the same.
        But, nothing has changed on the wolf front. Moreover, I can’t stop thinking that the new Massachusetts senator, Elizabeth Warren, would have signed the budget rider with the same eagerness and lack of concern for the wolves’ blood, and, as a faithful Obama follower, will sign a budget rider of the same kind should a new situation call for it. I want to point out the futility of what we are doing and the desperate need to change tactics and do something that will yield real results. You must have noticed that Salazar in not on list of outgoing politicians. There is no light at the end of the tunnel!


      • I agree Astrid…there is not much difference between the parties anymore. All the care about is getting re-elected. We need a third party.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,



  2. Yes.I so agree.In fact ,earlier I was considering canceling my art exhibit in wyoming to boycott the state.But as I thought about it,Wouldn’t it do more good to take my paintings,my passion to raise awareness without negativity ?And ,just perhaps, gather a few souls of vision and who were not as aware of the unsound reasoning behind these senseless slaughters of wolves?I feel it helps much more to work towards the good rather than staying stuck in all the heart-breaking sadness.Just a thought,folks…


    • Nabeki, I believe you are absolutely right–there is no arguing with, reasoning with the wolf haters. Trying to get them delisted and taking them off the hunters agenda is key. However, after the last election, I’m thinking we are dealing with more of the “changing country” issues.

      We heard about the shrinking influence of white people, and I suspect that the diminishing power of white men is key. The demographics are changing, and there are more ethnic voting blocks in the country. But the same change may be affecting the Christian, biblical dominionist view of the world–that human beings have the right to use, abuse, and destroy nature and animals for their own pleasure and profit. Just look at the response of to environmentalists and animal rights groups–rage! We are “tree huggers” and “animal lovers” and “frog lickers.” Unfortunately, now that rage is directed at wolves, but I think I am understanding more where it is coming from and we can’t fight it by changing the minds of the irrational people driven by anger and fear. We have to appeal to fair and (hopefully) reasonable policy makers. If they hear enough from us, maybe they will understand the need to protect not only wolves, but bison, horses, and spotted owls and all the wild ones from angry people clinging to the past.


      • Marcia..The grass roots wolf movement is the only hope. We have the numbers if we would only just wake up and realize that. Big orgs are too clumsy to do ground work. They’re better at filing lawsuits. We are the leaders of this movement and we need to start leading. We can’t allow our wildlife to be hijacked any longer by the radical haters. I’m tired of it and ready to move forward.

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • Yes Helen, staying positive and moving forward toward victory, that’s our goal.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  3. Good post. Thank you. I so agree………… It is said, and I do believe, that education, with research, data, etc., is one of the best ways to change people’s minds. However, when it comes to ingrained views, stereotyping of certain wildlife, forget trying to inform. And esp. with a certain majority of ranchers. Yes, time and energy is best spent taking active concrete action spreading the word to the public and contacting representatives in Washington, D.C…………… Along with OUR wolves, I also “fight” for OUR wild horses on OUR public lands who are being helicopter rounded-up, brutalized, also in unprecedented numbers…and in violation of a 1971 law. And now it is out-in-the-open, sent to slaughter…………………….. I have always loved and respected the wolf. They like wild horses, are extremely intelligent, small band/family oriented…and *add-to-the-ecology-of-our-public-lands! They do not destroy. I was so relieved and heartened when the wolf was listed as endangered. And why “endangered?” >>> MAN. It got so bad years ago that a WY judge had to stop the killing. It was a all-out joy ride to torture and kill the wolf. And we are back there now. If not horror enough to kill, to torture the “big bad wolf!” They are seen as “things,” not sentient beings who do feel fear, terror, pain, agony. Once delisted, and the ok given state-by-state to kill, the wolf is already dead in the mind-set of the killers……….Pray rancher Salazar gets the boot…and I feel he saw it coming, so go kill, kill, kill. THE DOI/BLM has only become MORE corrupt under him…….Lastly, recently there was an agriculture blog headlining: “Wolves are killing the wild horses. If you love wolves, you hate wild horses.” Ha! Good ploy to turn advocates against each other and bounce one well-advocated animal off the other. Any comment disproving was lambasted with profanity by the anti-wolf blogger. Just shows the low mind-set, not open to discussion and crass of some. Not worth our dignity to back-and-forth with such. Thank you, again.


    • Thanks so much for your perspective Ronnie. I also love wild horses, grizzly bears, whales, sharks, mountain lions, black bears and on and on. Our wildlife is under attack from big oil, agribusiness and the hunting cabals but also from weak and corrupt politicians who’s only ambition seems to be getting re-elected.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  4. Thanks for blog… we have to be strong and don’t argue with wolf haters, not worth it. Just keep write anything to the white house, governments, sharing friends & family in Facebook and signs.. Every mornings I said let it work with the Voice for the brothers and sisters wolves.. Until they hears us.. Wolf Warriors!


    • WolfKitann..We are the Wolf Warriors and we’ll win this fight, we have the numbers and the passion.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  5. Nabeki, I have never read anything from any other wolf defender, individual or organization, that is as informative and inspirational as what you wrote here. Thank you for being there for every single wolf and for all of us who respect and love them. I promise that I will never stop advocating and fighting for every wolf, until my last breath… and beyond.


    • Bob…Very high praise, thank you. I meant every word of it. I know how sad advocates are right now but we have work to do and can’t dwell in the darkness. You are a wonderful advocate…articulate, passionate, dedicated. Fight on and I’ll stand with you.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  6. Though I disagree with this statement “Being a wolf advocate will not win you any awards, you will go to bed most nights with a heavy heart but we are making a difference.” because my plan of action will get me that recognition. “A true man (or woman) understands the risks, accepts the challenge, and rises above.” -Dywane


    • Dwyane…I meant it in this sense: We don’t need medals or recognition for what we do, we fight on for the animals we love. There is glory enough in that.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. In light of the Yellowstone wolf studies which show that having wolves in the ecosystem restores the environment from riparian zones and more abundant fish to meadows and forests coming back into balance as grazers are pushed into balance and thus improving every environmental niche it appears that the science is in.

    The article in the Journal of Science recently,”Trophic Downgrading of Planet Earth” by James Estes and others, along with much emerging science is similar in import as science about global warming. taking out the wolves cascades throughout the entire bioregion and every species and biome in it. It is not save the wolves, or the cougars or the bears, it is “Save the Humans”. The elimination of the top predators may well cause the environment of North America to deteriorate over the next centuries into a wasteland desert and combined with global warming may ironically lead to the extinction of the very top predator.

    Thus using scientific facts and proven studies the majority can be swayed towards “saving themselves” by saving the wolves.


    • T.Davidson…Our country is collectively shooting itself in the foot by destroying predators and their top down influence. Enough of the destruction, we need passionate people out there that care and are willing to do something about it. Thanks for your excellent comment!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  8. I agree people who are getting their jolly’s on killing these magnificence animals are LOSERS !!


  9. Thanks for that wonderful and positive post. All I think about is the wolves, and I can’t shake this feeling that I can’t do anything to help them. I am going to write my senators and representatives again and hope that they will have a change of heart. Why can’t they see that this isn’t right? Why do we have to write to our senators and representatives about something this is so blatantly wrong? To me killing animals for sport is just another excuse to kill something. Here is a quote that I found motivated me to not give up the faith and to continue moving forward to protect and save the wolves. (and any other animals that are under fire.) “Everything will be alright in the end, and if it’s not alright, then trust me, it’s not yet the end.”


  10. What if we start an initiative to get those who wrote the delisting rider charged with treason? I’ve heard it suggested, but nobody’s done anything about it. It’s a long shot, but it may be our best hope. Mike Simpson, Jon Tester, and Max Baucus, the writers of the rider, must pay for their crimes.
    Meanwhile, I’ve started this petition to have the Oversight Committee investigate the DOI for their unethical practices under Salazar’s reign.
    It still needs signatures. Much more signatures.


    • Well…long shot or no, I think anything is worth a try in this wolf-hating climate we’re facing. I signed your petition — hope its gets some notice. All we can do is keep protesting any way we can!


  11. I know there is a lot going on in the White House right now. Obama and cohorts are scurrying around like rats to make some major cover-ups, so, while they are ever so busy hiding there nuts and crumbs, I wrote to John Boehner, Speaker of the House. Nothing to loose, that’s for sure. Letter below:

    “Many of us have been fighting to save the Northern Rockies Wolf. The Fisheries and Wildlife are in the pockets of the hunters. The slaying of these beautiful animals is against God. It has been proven by ‘real’ scientists (biologists) that most of the livestock taken is not by the wolf, but by coyotes, packs of wild dogs, large cats, bears, etc. The wolf is at the bottom of the predator list. They are social and family oriented and are being slaughtered in the most barbaric ways man can come up with. Even the puppies are being speared to death. We need them especially for the balance of nature. When they hunt, they take down the sick and old of the wild herds of elk, moose, caribou. They keep the herds moving which prevents overgrazing. Grass has a chance to grow, trees have a chance to become homes to the birds to raise families. When Pres. Obama de listed the wolf (illegally) for the popularity of the hunters and farmers this led to a bloodbath made out of money. Please, so many, even people around the world, have fought for our wolves to be reinlisted on the Endangered Species List, permanently. I have copied a link which is just one of the hundreds that been posted since Obama made that fatal stroke of his pen against the wolves…..for money and popularity. ” Link: https://howlingforjustice.wordpress.com/2012/11/10/wolf-wars-focus-on-the-big-picture/

    Very Sincerely,


  12. This killing of the Wolves makes no sense at all to me. What kind of a world are we becoming when ignorant people kill beautiful, family packs of wolves. When is enough, enough. I pray the killing of Wolves comes to an end more than soon. It is a devastating and needless outcome for our Wolves.


  13. we need to get people in the dnr,fish a d game, and legislature, to make a change – just like the animal abusers have already done.


    • Thomas…Yes that is key and a long term solution. The animal destroyers are in power. But I would love to see the fish and game agencies abolished or completely re-vamped into something that actually is responsible for the welfare of wildlife, not busy figuring out ways to make money off their deaths by catering to their hunter customers.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  14. Nabeki,
    So far, I have found one newly elected official in Montana willing to listen to us about the cruel slaughter of wolves.
    To me, that is a big first step.
    It really upsets me that Obama got reelected as he eagerly attached wolf delisting to his budget during his first term. I don’t, however, think that Romney would have been any better. The Green Party candidates were the only ones supporting biological diversity and protection of wolves, but they did not make it onto the ballot in Montana.
    It is also upsetting that Tester got reelected as he is the one who asked President Obama to include the wolf delisting as a rider to his budget bill.
    Any changes will have to be made locally and at the state level.
    No petition or action will get the officials at the federal level to change their mind.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


    • Denny Rehberg, Tester’s opponent, is a lot more radical when it comes to wolves, wants total elimination or close to it. It sounds cynical, but Tester is the better choice!!!! Even more cynical, it is a good thing he won!!!!


      • Astrid…Jon Tester has done more damage to wolves in Montana and Idaho then Denny Rehberg ever had the chance to do. Neither of these two men deserve to be Senators. Montana is getting ready to hold their first wolf trapping season on December 15 and that is all on Tester who introduced the rider into the budget bill, without judicial review, with help from Max Baucus, Montana’s other Democrat Senator. Democrats, what a laugh? The Democratic party as we knew it is gone!

        For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  15. I just got out of hosp. – open-heart surgery (doing great – just a valve not lifestyle related, i am vegetarian, exercise, not fat- had to tell you that, sorry!) this is harder on my heart ! I also was angry that tester was re-elected the only good ? or at least hope- the republicans are not in charge of the wh (even though the democrats are responsible for this nightmare, it could be even worse) – isn’t Imhoff (of Oklahoma) trying to wipe out the ESA? Without which there is no list to put the Wolves back on, and at least federal judges for the next 4years won’t be appointed by a republican & no additional conservatives on supreme ct. NOW, how in hell do we get them back on the ES . I don’t know how changes can be made @state level in “those” states – they seem to reflect the “will” of the people. If they did what they are doing in California not only would I be there, but so would most of the political “group” and yes, I know Boxer and Feinstein voted for the bill


  16. Since President Obama has no more presidential elections to win – he will have nothing to lose now by doing the right thing for wildlife. Send your ‘wish list’ to the President—this is my short list:

    #1 – Replace Ken Salazar with Bruce Babbit
    #2 – Re-list our wolves under federal protection (actually #1)
    #3 – Veto the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2012

    #4 – Work toward banning barbaric trapping in America
    #5 – Work on banning bow hunting and eventual phase out of sports and trophy hunting.
    #6- Ban poisoning of wildlife and Compound 1080
    #7- Don’t drill in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge
    #8 – Develop clean energy like wind and solar
    #9 – Ban assault weapons
    #10 – Tighten regulations against polluters
    #11 – Protect wild horses and burros
    #12 – Work on banning all grazing leases


    ‘0’ ZERO PEOPLE DIED FROM WOLVES (even though wolves have been relentlessly stalked and attacked by people).
    Combine this stat with the fact that less than 1% of all livestock predation is from wolves —-Do you think the wolf hunts are an excuse for predator trophy hunting?

    https://www.facebook.com/REVA4PublicLands <<< Pushing this through finally getting a lot of people behind and adding to it in the past 2 weeks


    CALL these people..SCOTT SUDER Rep in Abbotsford 608-267-0280 along with Sen Terry moulton 608-266-7511 THEY WROTE Act 169..which is the bill to hunt wolves. We NEED to organize and STOP this hunt…read the Wi natural resource board…the committee members are appointed by SCOTT WALKER..who will do ANYTHING for money! Their "goal" is to get the wolves down to 350 in number…with incidental kills, illegal kills…and a couple more years..the wolves will be gone. We need to stop this insanity NOW!






  17. Ha! They don’t think we’re too bright, do they. The enemy of the wild horses is the BLM. I try not to let negative comments get me down and ignore them unless they are especially heinous and need to be exposed. Also, some of them are downright humorouse and a little comedy in your day can never hurt. Human problems never seem to change or improve, no matter how much time and money are devoted to them, for example we are still debating women’s reproductive issues that I thought were decided 50 years ago. I devote my time and energies to the environment and wildlife who always are at the bottom of the heap, with little or no attention.


  18. While I am at it, I should weigh in with my opinion of the Democratic Senate candidates. IMO, the only thing that Jon Tester and Elizabeth Warren have going for them is a (D) after their name. We know what Tester has done; and Elizabeth Warren has been accused of making false claims to American Indian heritage and taking advantage of Affirmative Action to further her academic career, which I think is the height of fraud and self-centeredness, and shows poor character. She was listed in Harvard University directories as a “minority” and a “person of color”. She potentially took a spot away from an authentic minority. It stands to reason that if she is “1/32 Native American”, the remaining 31/32 of her heritage is something else, probably European descent. That does not a minority make. In this case, Scott Brown would seem to be the more honest candidate.


  19. Remove Interior Secretary Ken Salazar.

    You can view and sign the petition here: http://wh.gov/XgKD
    or: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/remove-interior-secretary-ken-salazar/MWmNYvxS

    Here’s some more information about this petition:

    Interior Secretary Salazar has been a poor steward of the public’s lands often caving to extractive industries. He has wasted the taxpayer’s monies by directing regressive policies that defy scientific studies.
    For example, after spending millions of dollars to successfully reintroduce the wolf to their historic range in Yellowstone National Park, Salazar approved the removal of the wolf from endangered species listing thus allowing Idaho, Montana and Wyoming to launch an all-out war on the wolves and vowing to reduce the species numbers by up to 80 percent. This action is completely contrary to the most respected wolf and wildlife researcher’s recommendations.
    Secretary Salazar should be removed and replaced with a person who will protect the public’s natural resources and lands.


  20. I couldn’t agree more that wolf advocates need to stay focused on the positive. Arguing with hunters online only fans the fire. I just read “Never Cry Wolf,” by Farley Mowat. And I’ve ordered the movie. A great story to share with everyone you can.


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