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  1. Blood on Their Hands says it all-blood is on Obama hands and his coharts-some kind of leader.


  2. You know, it’s not just one person. It is many people who are causing this injustice to the wolves. We need to work in our communities to change people’s perception and misconceptions of wolves. We need to keep fighting the many small fights to win the battle or at least make progress towards out goal. Blaming the president is too “easy” in my view.


    • Susi…the blame lays squarely where it should lay..in the lap of President Obama and Ken Salazar. Obama delisted the wolves in the Spring of 2009..mere months after he was sworn in. The wolf haters have always been here but they were constrained by federal law, even though they still poached wolves and Wildlife Services killed them. What President Obama did is unprecedented for a Democrat. A total betrayal of not only wolves but the ESA. The contrast is Bill Clinton and his excellent Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt, who oversaw the reintroduction of gray wolves.

      Everything we worked for, what the American taxpayer paid for, to return wolves to their rightful home, has been undone by this President and the Democrat Senate!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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