Idaho Wolf Trapping Torture Is Here AGAIN…

Idaho opened their second wolf trapping season yesterday. Wolves in Idaho now face more pain, suffering and brutality.

Warning graphic Video

A helpless, struggling wolf is shot while caught in a leg-hold trap. Can it get more cowardly than this? Some trappers stomp and strangle wolves to death to preserve the “pelt”.  This video was uploaded December 23, 2011, on YouTube by someone called wolfkillr. This is the ugly face of trapping. I know it’s hard to watch but America needs to see the brutality and the evil that is trapping. Can you imagine the fear this wolf experienced?

Idaho Says “Make It Hurt!”
NIWA (Northern Idaho Wolf Alliance) was in Coeur d’ alene yesterday protesting the opening of wolf trapping season in Idaho.
My good friend, Ann Sydow brought her beautiful Plott Hound Boomer as a Canis lupus familiaris ambassador, standing up for his wolf brothers.

Opening day of trapping season draws protest

Posted: Friday, November 16, 2012 12:17 am

By BILL BULEY/Staff writer | 0 comments



Video: YouTube uploaded by wolfkillr

Top Photo: Courtesy

Bottom Photo Courtesy CDA Press: SHAWN GUST/Press

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  1. Nabeki, thanks for pointing a glaring light at the brutality taking place in Idaho ! The first step in stopping this is making the public aware of what is happening.


    • And thank you Ann for being the dedicated, passionate wolf advocate that you are!! We need to expose the brutality of wolf hunting/trapping, I agree the only way to wake people up is to show America what’s happening to it’s wolves.

      for the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • One thing that is so very frustrating is that the mainstream media do not have guts enough to show what is really going on because it is “too graphic.” Unfortunately, many people would complain because they find it upsetting. Sad that those people are more concerned about being upset than they are the terrible suffering that is being inflicted on the animals. Hey, folks, if you’re really disturbed, then do something to stop it besides demanding that you not be shown the pain!

        If it weren’t for the Internet, we would not know just how awful the killing is. The same can be said for the work Mercy for Animals has done to expose the evils of factory farming and the the terrible suffering of slaughter-bound horses revealed by Animals’ Angels.

        In my opinion, any country that can stand by and allow such brutal treatment of animals has lost its moral compass, and it is a worse disgrace for the churches who never speak out in fear losing revenue or members of their congregation. Seems like moral failure or moral cowardice to me all the way around.


  2. Hunters and trappers = cowards, murderers and sadists!




  4. I hate to watch this but ,I know it will kill me I love animals so much, I had four dogs of my own. I still can’t see how any human being can be so cruel to any animal espically a wolf,so close to their own dog.They must treat their dogs like dirt.


  5. This is a a hideous crime. Complacency is unacceptable. We need to speak out and act to stop this evil. It makes us look like a nation of satanists.


    • Trying to stop us is like trying to live forever


  6. Well put, Marcia. Too many have lost their moral compass and the numbers are surprisingly escalating everyday. What can be done? It will take a major catastrophe to get awareness back on track and for people to stand up to killers. The media has created a numbness to killing because there is too much of it and nothing is being done.


  7. Acho essas armadilhas abomináveis e cruéis!!!! Deveriam ser proibidas e banidas pra sempre da face da terra…. Não a caça de lobos, não a caça de qualquer animal. Viva e deixe viver…


  8. Always ask trappers if the would willingly put their hand or foot in the traps the call “painless”. If they wouldn’t, why should others be subjected to such barbaric treatment?


  9. It’s too late to change the mind set of the trappers and shooters — so we must change the laws. Lawyers get to work.


  10. Keep posting these horrific inhumane acts. One by one mainstream will become aware. I promise i will not give up. There is so much education to be done here in Idaho.
    All of Idaho should be ashamed of the way they treat their wildlife.


  11. This is horrible news I just don’t get it. God created these beautiful creatures for a reason and man also was created by God what give Man the right to think he can eliminate Gods creations for his own selfish reasons. It makes me sick to think that so many people out there refuse to educate themselves on the eco system and the necessity of wolves. I am sending a letter to our president to stop this insanity and put the wolves back on the endangered species list or take man off so we can just start shooting them and trapping them like they do to animals.


  12. To the families of these MURDERERS!
    Take heed
    Laws even then were meant to be broken, they say the sins of the fathers follow… So lets follow the sins of the fathers by posting there families names of those caught, lets set leans against these children, family members of these so called mighty hunters.
    Deny them loans until the blood upon they’re hands are cleaned, this is an idea but a start.
    Jail doesn’t work, fines don’t work, they cannot support a habit if they don’t work!
    And if an eye for an eye ever does have a meaning, they’re lives will fall to the ol adage you take a life your will be taken.


  13. Big fucking hero
    When the world has true justice, I want to be the one to do this to you


  14. I can’t look, but just to see the misery on that poor animals face in the post says it all. All you monsters who enjoy this will have to answer for it one day, when you are escorted to your special place in hell. Maybe you will come back as an animal trapped in a trap for days, until a half-wit who doesn’t deserve to even share the same air space with such a noble creature such as yoursel finishes you off.


  15. that is horrible coward when it will end this nightmare for the poor wolves that hunter is only a coward sure without a trap without his weapon is not against the wolf


  16. Reallt makes my sick to my stomach. Bad enough to hunt these wolves, but to add pain and torture is sick!!


  17. Hey , Boomer says Thank You for the shout out on your blog 😉
    He was glad to pound the pavement for his wolf brothers !


    • Well thanks Boomer for standing up for your kin (:

      Many Howls To You,


  18. If I was friends with, dating or married to one of these fellows…our relationship would be over! These men are not real men, they are complete loosers!


  19. That poor wolf! Those traps look very painful! Trapping is so cruel and barbaric; why is this brutal practice even being continued these days?!

    I know that it is not a wolf, but you gotta see this picture:
    Look at how huge that trap is compared to this poor African Leopard! And not to mention those “teeth” on that trap! That must be extremely painful!


  20. I would love to get active in outlawing trapping and changing state’s laws so that trapping is banned under animal humane regulations. Trapping is inhumane, it is animal cruelty and long past time for this bizarre activity to be banned. If there is an organized effort to see these changes please let me know how I can join.


  21. PS: Thank you for this amazing blog and what you are doing to educate Americans.


  22. Idaho, stop the hunting and trapping of wolves. It’s not fair.


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