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UPDATE: The video is back up, shared under the Fair Use Doctrine. Thank you WE VOW!

UPDATE: November 19, 2012

Well that didn’t take long, the user took down not just this video but  other wolf trapping videos. Does that mean trappers want to hide what they do, so we don’t see the cruelty? I think we all know the answer to that.


This is what state management of wolves has brought to this iconic species.

This is not exclusive to Wisconsin, wolves are being trapped in Minnesota, Wyoming and Idaho. Montana wolf trapping follows on December 15.

A beautiful wolf was trapped and killed for nothing. Trapping is banned in 89 countries yet we’ve allowed fish and game agencies to hijack our wildlife and legalize this torture for the benefit of a few.

If the video upsets you, if it bothers you to see an animal imprisoned in a leg hold trap, pacing in fear, unable to defend itself, then shot while laughter rings out as the wolf is dying…please don’t just lament the wolf’s death, get active to see that wolves regain their Endangered Species Protections!!

Share this post with everyone you know. Spread the word. Don’t let this wolf die in vain.

Contact the Wisconsin DNR  1-800-847-9367



Born Free USA Releases Details of Trapping Investigation

Unprecedented Video and Photographs Show Brutality and Illegal Practices by U.S. Trappers, Including Images of Trapped Animals in New Mexico


Ban Cruel Traps

Footloose Montana

Protect America’s Wolves!

By Robert Goldman

To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

Petition Statement
President Obama and his Interior Secretary, Ken Salazar, a Colorado rancher, have adopted unjust and heartless “tea party” policies towards America’s wolves. And the U.S. Congress is equally guilty in this ecological and ethical injustice. Wolves are highly intelligent, native, and vital natural predators that belong on the land. Too many brutish ranchers and misguided hunters have unfairly demonized and maligned wolves for centuries. An American majority wants an end to demonization and massacre of America’s wolves and other native wildlife.

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By Louise Kane

To be delivered to: The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama

Petition Statement
We, the people of the United States of America, supported the Endangered Species Act (ESA) which protected animals through a legitimate scientific process. That process was upheld and protected via the courts. The rider that stripped wolves from the ESA is unpatriotic, was not supported by most Americans, caves in to special lobbying anti wolf extremists, and is unscientific. It is outrageous that the rider that stripped wolves of their ESA protections went against public support, the courts, and the intent of Congress in implementing the ESA. It is extremely disturbing that the rider also prevents any review by the courts of the so-called “wolf management plans” that are calling for killing up to 60% of our wolves in the first year. It is disgusting that these animals will be trapped, poisoned and shot on sight, even in our national wild lands. I call on our Congress to rescind the ESA rider and to restore wolves to their rightful place on the Endangered Species List.
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Video: YouTube Published on Nov 15, 2012

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