Who’s The Violent Predator?

Security guards break up fight between shoppers in Bowling Green, KY

Fighting Over Phones at Walmart


Photo: Daily News/Alex Slitz

Video: Daily Motion Black Friday Chaos In US

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Tags: fighting over stuff, decent into depravity, Black Friday a disgrace,  wolves more civilized

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  1. Greed,Greed Greed.Need to read “The Ethics of Enough”,Mortimer Adler..Wolves need no such book..They are in tune with the balance and rhythms of the natural world.Wouldb e of benefit to all shouldwe humans follow their example..


    • Unfortunately, people have the power and propaganda (religious and political) behind them. The behavior of humanity, past and present, reveals we don’t deserve to control this planet.


  2. Hello!

    I’m one of your email newsletter subscribers and follow you on Facebook and Twitter.  I also do what I can to financially support both Earthjustice and The Center for Biological Diversity.  The Center sponsored an emergency campaign a few days before Thanksgiving to raise necessary funds to hire a full-time wolf advocate on the West Coast, and thanks to donors, and a matching donation by a wolf advocate who is also a donor, they have exceeded their goal.  Now, they have posted the job and looking for the right individual.  If you feel so moved, you may want to post this link on your web page.http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/about/jobs/index.html#wolf

    Also, they are asking all wolf advocates to take action immediately in these two areas:

    Save the Fox Mountain Wolf Pack’s Pups


    Minnesota: Stop Wolf Killings for Sport

    Thank you so much for all you are doing, and all of the people you are inspiring to help save these magnificent creatures.

    Francene Stonebraker


  3. Will that just prove my point,people are the real savage Beast


  4. You would expect this behaviour if there was a famine or some major disaster waiting on the doorstep, but this is over supurfulous junk (and that is what all these things will be in the next couple of months…JUNK).


    • agree John d.
      Glad I wasn’t working security, I’d have walked away on “another more important call” and let them finish each other off. Winner takes both toasters !


  5. Who is the violent predator? Who uses bait? Who refuses to enter a fair fight (or be “sporting”)? Who kills for fun? Who skins sentient beings alive? Who kills for a fashion statement? Who uses euphemisms (“manage”, “cull”, etc) to deny what they do? Who causes the extinction of most of the creatures God created? Who is wasteful of life? The beings who claim to be moral; who claim to be created in God’s image; who ridicule anyone who doesn’t want their violence.


  6. The latest from the HSUS:

    “The Obama Administration has endorsed a perfectly miserable federal bill, S. 3525, that is a grab-bag for the hunting lobby, and Congress seems hell-bent on passing the so-called “Sportsmen’s Act of 2012.” The bill before the U.S. Senate has a provision that would prevent the Environmental Protection Agency from restricting the use of toxic lead shot ammunition, and one other that would allow American hunters to import the heads and hides of polar bears they shot in Canada, even though the species is listed as threatened under the federal Endangered Species Act. The New York Times panned this atrocious bill in an editorial, in an attempt to shame the many Democrats and Republicans who seem intent on supporting this political sop to the hunting lobby.”

    You cannot shame these politicians because they are shameless. I don’t even differentiate between Democrat and Republican anymore. You would think that with all the important issues to take care of, that hunting rights would be the last thing on the list. Safari Club International is even getting in on the wild horse issue, and why they think they should have any input whatsoever is a complete mystery to me. What a disaster for the environment and wildlife.


    • Ida, re Safari Intl’l getting in on this bill….does anyone think there is a possibility they’d like to have the wild horses declared a game animal? That would be some Pandora’s Box, wouldn’t it? I can’t stand that organization.


      • Check out SCI.org. They usually list their ‘agendas’.


    • Ida….we just can’t catch a break from the Obama admin. Having to fight 8 years of George Bush and now 8 years of the anti wolf, anti wild horse group over there on PA Avenue, is exhausting and maddening. Who would have ever thought? The last decent environmental President was Clinton…since then it’s been down hill. I’m sick of both parties, like you I don’t see much difference. They will both do whatever it takes to push their agenda…as in Tester’s case..wolves be damned.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  7. Also, here is the “goal” of Safari Club members:

    “It’s S. 3525, introduced by Sen. Jon Tester, D-Mont., and it’s the first order of business in the Senate today.
    It’s the kind of special interest legislation that makes Americans frustrated with Congress, and it’s designed to benefit a small number of wealthy trophy hunters who travel the globe bagging the most imperiled creatures for their collections. Such as the Safari Club members who wish to acquire “bragging rights for the “North American 29” award in the record book, by killing a minimum of 29 species and subspecies of animals, including the polar bear, in North American habitat.”

    But as long as the American public is occupied by fighting for phones and toys on Black Friday, they can slip anything by us.


    • Follow up on 3525
      hahaaaa, NRA and Mr Tester-your-Patience). The bill did NOT pass. http://goo.gl/BwWXi .


  8. Hi Nabeki keep up the good fight and dont let the Hunters get you down we are better than them!


    • Thanks Maree!!

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  9. Re: the Big Picture:
    President OhNo! is expected to proceed with NAFTA. Online research will bring you http://www.citizen.org/Page.aspx?pid=531 discussing loss of worker’s rights under this agreement. GJAE
    has a slideshow which illustrates what citizen.org discusses quite graphically.
    Under NAFTA agreements, slaughterhouses (such as the one that received almost 2k wildhorses from Salazar’s next door rancher Davis) will proliferate for all livestock and animals. Add dogs and cats.

    The interconnectedness of many social and animal cruelty issues source with NAFTA.
The big picture includes and goes far beyond Safari Club, which is unspeakable organization, I so agree.
They have an estate/club outside of Jackson Hole,where they host summer camps promoting their ‘environmental’ approach to animals. Their mission is to teach science teachers, good place to start the propaganda, eh?. 

    Also, anyone have the scoop on peter palm? Search engine ‘ wolf pelts’ and he is the top link, as is ebay and amazon. Ebay has a policy against selling animal products that are obtained cruelly or illegally. They never answered my complaint. Maybe someone else can get an official statement?

    As for the American Fur Exchange, I am sure they are doing very well this year.
    Never give up for the wolves, for …each other.


  10. N
    Here are some actions I’ve collected from posts from various sites. Please post them?
    There’s an array. Thanks for this blog. Everyone can keep returning to it and sharing ideas, beyond prayers and including them. Action is prayer manifest.

    1 Know who your elected officials are – research them.
    We see that the judiciary appointments are almost more important than the ones who appoint them. Cases in point- Ken Salazar being the hit man for the Obama administration’s energy assault on federal lands via the wolf de-listing.
    You can check by state list at http://www.alecexposed.org. If your representative is affiliated with the beef associations or energy corporations, they are probably for one of the following, none of them ecologically sound: exploiting the federal lands with private cattle, exterminating any wolf, coyote, badger, et al.wild horse that might in the slightest way compete with the cow-energy agenda. (They also want to open up roadless areas for energy, as we see being challenged in court at the proposed Utah Tar Sands, a Canadian company that named itself US Oil. And in a new development the USFS is closing off roads to the public. The fine is $1400 if you are on a closed road. What are they doing back there?There is also a video interview with Bill Moyer on American Legislative Executive Council. United States of ALEC http://billmoyers.com/episode/full-show-united-states-of-alec/#.UGsCcx4pur8.twitter …

    2 Boycott Beef.
    Needing beef is a social construct from the beef industry itself, it’s a luxury food historically, since cows eat grass and grain a human could eat directly, and cows take up space that could be garden, they also compete with indigenous wildlife. What we do need is a certain amount of protein and there are much better sources of protein than meat, especially now with GMO alfalfa, grains, and the hormones and antibiotics fed to cattle. Grain is getting expensive as the drought is starting to show in production and storage. We can expect to see more fake wolf predations as cattlemen need to subsidize their lifestyle. In any case, now there are GMO cattle, individual animals with manipulated genes. Even if you don’t mind Frankencows, consider that the beef industry funded lobbyists to enact AETA in two states and pushed it in more. AETA makes filming animal abuse in slaughterhouses a felony. The movies will make you cry- the abuse is so horrible. Note the concern is not about the abuse, but the filming. That’s very interesting – up to ten years in prison for filming men stomp on the face of a dying cow. This is the industry. Simply and truthfully put: consider that buying beef supports the enemies of wolves and the poor livestock treated cruelly though the entire process from birth. Your dollar is your vote.

    3 Organize peaceful demonstrations when Trapping and Snaring Classes are being conducted in your state. The First Amendment allows time and place for demonstrations to be limited, so have your legal ducks in a row. Consult with the National Lawyers Guild about best situation. It may come as a shock for trapper-wanna-be’s to know they have enrolled in an animal abuse training session. You could also enroll and ‘mic check’ the training session. Be creative. Be peaceful. Wit is a good thing. Expect to be kicked out.

    4 Troll the brag sites. Log in and leave comments with people. This is legal. I myself was trolled by an individual that was trying to force me to sell some property by dissing my ads with negative comments online. This went on for 8 months. The police were sorry, there was nothing they could do about this form of harassment. So, no it’s not protected. To comment, just login with a fake or temporary email, do some trolling, tra la. Your account will get canceled by the moderator after a point. So what? Remember, use a dispose able email. Don’t out yourself and no pics. There is face recognition on most cameras and facebook, keep yourself anonymous. Mr. Pinching, the bragging USFS killer of the beautiful black wolf (shot at from the road and had a circle of blood from it’s paw and other wounds) was found out by face recognition.

    5 Collect images from the brag sites for posters and documentation. Just drag them off the website onto your computer desktop, or copy them and paste if you have a pc. It’s useful to log the url.

    6 Write the UN, International animal welfare organizations, as well as, journals and periodicals for investigative type journalism.

    7 Push to REPEAL the TAYLOR GRAZING ACT. Elimination of all cattle from federal lands state by state forest by forest. Take back the land they are ruining.

    8 BE ceaseless in tracking the NCBA and ALEC paid-legislators in your state. They will continue to give the energy corporations access to federal lands, right now they are removing all ‘endangered’ species first. The next step is to include new building of slaughterhouses for wild horses. Ken Salazar’s Colorado neighbor, Tom Davis, who is under investigation for selling around 1700 wildhorses to a MX slaughter house has already stated he wants to see US have slaughterhouses again. If this is stopped in the US, (and who in DC would care actually) NAFTA will allow more selling of ‘protected by BLM’ wild horses and burros to NAFTA countries, like MX. Check GJAE’s website for the slideshow that shows the effect NAFTA will have on animal abuses. Destroying the environment for private corporate profit is the current White House agenda. The last 4 years are proof.

    9 Fight in your state against funding the Depts of Natural Resources/Wildlife whenever you can. They are all the same killers gaining profit from overtime personal wolf hunts and making landmark money from overselling tags. Idaho sold 6000 wolf tags in 2012 fall season.

    10 Organize and support the banning of trapping, snaring, and poisoning currently promoted by US FWS and state departments of ‘wildlife management’. State training courses in trapping and snaring should be stopped.

    11 Email the following companies to NOT trade in wolf pelts: ebay, amazon. Email the American Fur Exchange that you do not support their trade in animal cruelty products.

    In closing, this is a short list. I would like to see other ideas. Please, just keep doing something. Sociopaths never feel remorse and they are killing the wolves at the individual level and the corporate level. If this sounds a bit woo woo, if you research the behavior of sociopaths it is verified in grounded psychology writings. HSUS has some excellent writings on the parallels between animal abuse and spouse/child abuse. Feeling sad for wolves is not useful: I honor it and often feel sad also ! Just don’t stop there, move the energy.


    • This is very helpful information, Daniel – thank you. I am so immersed in this issue, yet I often find myself completely clueless as to where to start. I sign all of the petitions but clearly even that is not enough. Same with emails to legislators. We need more people to add power and we need a few understanding, humane legislators to listen and support the cause. (Look at what the public did to Dennis Kucinich!).
      Meanwhile, I will support the larger organizations financially however I’m able since I believe litigation is key.


  11. just look at the history of humans – wars, looting, killing – for power, money, sex, land – then look at wolves, kill to feed themselves and their young.


    • Thomas are you trolling ? What are they supposed to do – get their meat from slaughterhouse sales like you do? My local Safeway has a sign “No shirt, No shoes, No wolves, No Service”.


      • I believe Thomas is one of us and was pointing out the difference between the various greedy human needs to kill and the wolf who kills to sustain itself and it’s family.


  12. I agree – fuel the sadness and anger into constructive actions!

    Here’s a link to a causes petition to remove salazar:


    Thanks, Nabeki, for all that you do…for the Wolves!


  13. Even if the wolves are relisted, a lot of damage has been done. I will never, ever, vote Democratic again for allowing this. Ever.


  14. Just wandered on here from MN, where the trapping portion of the wolf hunt is starting. Our local yokel newspaper just had an article about why two particular slobs “want” a wolf carcass, i.e., one to go along with his moose head (or something), mounted fish, and now wants a full wolf mount…sickening. The outright greed is astounding and illustrates in a nutshell, what’s wrong with this country and why things aren’t going to get better anytime real soon. Hopefully, these so-called people who hunt aren’t reproducing, ‘cuz then we’ll be guaranteed another generation of nose-pickin’, ass-itchin’, cousin-marryin’, bed-wettin’, book-avoidin’ Neanderthal cave dwellers.


  15. You description is priceless, swcrystal!!


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