“How lonely is the night without the howl of a wolf.” ~ Unknown » wolfhate2

Wolf Hate

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  1. This is disgusting, What a tragedy very sad makes me angry,,sick


  2. These men hate wolves and the state and federal agencies are catering to them. They can shoot to kill wolves in most of the state outside Yellowstone. What do these draconian laws teach us? That wolves are disposable? That wolves should be exterminated? Wolves are worthless? A lot of these people think this even though the opposite is true. Maybe you could give the adults incentives like they do in 3rd World countries to keep villagers from poaching endangered animals. You could try to educate the children. There are not enough wolves in the lower 48 to sustain this level of carnage. Make it illegal again to kill a wolf. That should save some of them from the bloodthirsty hunters!


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