ACTION ALERT: December 5th Last Day To Comment On Barbaric BC Wolf “Management Plan”…

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Few places remain on this planet where wolves can live as nature intended.
BC is still one of them….but it’s up to YOU to make sure that is stays this way!

Action Alert!

The BC government released a draft management plan for wolves on November 14th that is heavy on management but lacking conservation, ecology, and ethics. The proposed plan supports the:

· Elimination of wolves where they overlap with ranchers

· Machine gunning of wolves where caribou herds are in severe decline

· Continued sterilization of wolves when a decade of this has not increased caribou numbers

· Ongoing slaughter of wolves through lax hunting and trapping regulations (no bag limits, no specific tag required, year-round killing in some regions)

The draft plan needs to be changed! Your voice is NEEDED. Current wolf management in BC is extremely outdated. What’s missing from the plan? The incredible social nature and family bonds shared among this intelligent species.
Many wolf biologists argue that allowing wolves to express their natural social behavior benefits the wider ecosystem as well as wolves. The BC government wants to kill wolves for sport, to appease ranchers, and to help save endangered species. The number of wolves being killed across the province is at an all-time high since recording began.

Tomorrow (Dec. 5th) is the last day to tell the BC government that their barbaric wolf management plan does not represent the future we want for BC. We demand better! Please take a stand and use your voice if you have not submitted your concerns already.

Top predators are among the most outstanding achievements of wilderness, evolving over hundreds of centuries. The social structure of wolf packs has evolved with this. It is the wolf pack that is the top predator, not the individual wolf. Wolves are more than mere numbers. Their social bonds and kin-based families define what it means to be a wolf. Management plans need to take this into account.

We have noticed that the on-line comment form limits the amount of feedback you can provide and does not request your name or address. Please send comments to :

Honorable Steve Thomson, Minister of Forests, Lands and Natural Resources

Premier Christy Clark

250-387-1715 / Fax: 250 387-0087

Rob Fleming, MLA (NDP environment critic)

The proposed plan does not consider the unique gene pools of wolf populations across the province, the intrinsic value of this intelligent and social species, nor recognize BC (and Canada) as one of the last places where wolves can still live as nature intended.

Please include the following in your comments:

1. Extend the deadline for public input to January 30.

2. NO helicopter killing or sterilization of wolves.

3. NO leghold traps, snares or baiting.

4. Return to former species license, quotas, bag limits, restricted seasons, and mandatory reporting of kills for hunting wolves.

5. A decision and statement that lethal predator control is NOT an option for the recovery of mountain caribou and a stop to the Quesnel Highland wolf sterilization and removal project.

6. A provincial management plan for wolves that considers the social stability of packs as well as population size to ensure the long-term conservation of the species in its most natural form.

7. A commitment to reduce wolf-livestock-human conflicts through prevention, and provision of educational initiatives and incentives for responsible husbandry practices.

8. Protection of large tracts of habitat for wolves and their prey. Ensure that protected areas are large enough to support multiple wolf families with no hunting/trapping allowed.

Polls across the province show that the majority of residents are against trophy hunting and killing for sport, yet the proposed management plan supports the continuation of killing wolves for pleasure as well as for hate. I urge you to revisit the plan and make the amendments that have been put forward in this letter.

A better BC for all includes recognizing the intrinsic value shared by all creatures in this province; a future where tolerance and coexistence with iconic predators is fostered; natural resources are managed in a sustainable way; and wild spaces large enough to support wide-ranging species are protected from human impacts and connected through wildlife corridors.

Enough killing! We seek justice for wolves, wildlife, and intact ecosystems. Without them, we are much less…
Please cc. on letters sent. Thank you for taking a stand and using your voice!

“Be the change you want to see in the world. ”
-M. Gandhi

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