Wolf Blood Soaks The Ground – Over 600 Dead… » Wolf Killed_Source FB Posted November 13

Wolf Killed_Source FB Posted November 13

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  1. That s the USA the worlds ethical leading Nation…. Or to use OBAMAS words; the greatest Nation on Earth !!!!
    Killing and endangering their Wildlife , led
    By the weapon industry, playing with Lifes
    so unhuman like no Neandertaler would have
    been done!….
    Wake up: we are in the 21 Century …. It s Time to preserve what we have !!


  2. Unbelievable… I am at lost words of human STUPIDITY and ignorance… And yet, so many are proud of such brutal and barbarian murders, cause to me, this is not a natural death, but MURDER!


  3. When I see this, my mind wanders to “places” I’ve never been before. I cannot say that I wish anything good for these wildlife killers – and only hope that when Karma confronts them, they will have the ability to recognize the injustices they committed against animals.


  4. Who do you think you bloody are, killing a beautiful creature, human are the true animals of this world, without there guns or knife, how would that feel.


  5. A dark empire of “Ignorance” has been unleashed over wolves, Moon – Dogs of freedom persecuted by believers of fake tales and traitors with no heart. My spirit is mourning by such wolf’s lost, when the forest has lost its balance. When corrupted politicians don’t care because are blind by power. I pray GOD shows its Justice…
    WOLF: Wisdom, Loyalty,Teacher, Pathfinder, Teaching How to Know and How to Be,Survivor.


  6. It’s not a real hunt! It’s not a fair one! You know what they say about people that KILL Animals not for food…..It would be a real hunt if your gun jamed and you had to use your hands.one on one. Lets see you smile then……little man syndrome is what you killers are.


  7. Hate humans more and more. We cannot be from this planet. Our drive to kill, kill, kill is insatible. Put a human with nothing but their wits and a wolf with nothing in the wilds of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho and see who lives. Humans need clothing, guns, knives and the like to survive, wolves do not. Humans are the foreigners here. Obamas interior secretey Ken Salazar Montana rancher is responsible for this, hate him, hate him, hate him, hope he drops off the face of the earth soon.


  8. Sad, So Very sad these beautiful animals have to be slaughtered for trying to survive to live, and to think they have never harmed a human after so many of their family pack members have been murdered, I hope everyone that has taken a wolf life suffer the same kinda loss as they have, maybe then the slaughter will stop, Maybe Just Maybe !!!!!!!


  9. Unbelievable I can not understand such killling. Their heart must be pure iron!


  10. I would like to knock that smile of his face. Those people are nothing more than barbaric savages!!


    • Me Too, what a jerk and that is being nice


  11. Wolfs are amazing thay just want a normal life leave them along or else! grrrrr
    That man on the picture should be the wolf. Sorry but i love these animals!


  12. That was a kid saying this.


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