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Yep, you read it right, according to Randy Newberg, who hunts wolves and makes hunting television programs, many people who live in Wyoming, Montana and Idaho don’t like wolves and hate that the federal government forced their recovery on them, “Having these hunting seasons has provided a level of tolerance again.” Newberg told NPR News that wolf hunts are easing the animosity many local people feel toward the predator. And Yellowstone biologist, Doug Smith, adds, “To get support for wolves, you can’t have people angry about them all the time, and so hunting is going to be part of the future of wolves in the West. We’ve got to have it if we’re going to have wolves.”

So, let me get this straight, in order to placate and appease good ol’ boys and get them to put up with the presence of one of North America’s most historically embattled endangered species…

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  1. Dear Nabeki,

    It has broke my heart to see our beloved wolves being slaughtered by the weak but barbaric humans. Besides praying for the wolves, signing the petitions, I want to know what else I can do to help saving them? I want to try my best within my capability. I live in Vancouver, BC in Canada where we also do wolf hunting: http://www.huntdriftwood.com/Wolf.htm http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2011/09/03/british-columbia-wolf-open-season-ranchers-poor-science_n_947623.html

    They do a lot of trappings here which is part of how they kill. I’d love to know how do you remove the traps, is it safe and legal to remove the traps? I’m looking into that in BC as well. Any hunting is an unfair game, its a sign of human psychological sickness and mental weakness.

    Thank you for doing all the work you do for trying to save the beautiful wolves. Look forward to your reply.


    Vicky Tang

    On Fri, Dec 14, 2012 at 12:53 PM, Howling For Justice wrote:

    > ** > Nabeki posted: ” “


  2. Disgusting, and it isn’t even working out in reality. Far from creating a tolerance, it is making it worse, and it is spreading like a disease all over this nation.


    • I am disgusted by the wolf hunting and deplore their pain and death. But frankly I thought it might be a mistake to reintroduce the wolves into areas where wolf hatred is a big part of the culture. You cannot make people change their history of animosity. The people who wanted the wolves as a part of the ecology and insisted in bringing them in spite of the local resistance are not paying the ultimate price. The wolves are doing the suffering. The haters are doing the killing. Maybe this is something that should be kept in mind for future planning.


      • What’s sad tho is there is no logical reason for the hatred. Why encourage it? And who or what will be next?


      • Marcia, I agree with you 100%. I have no firsthand knowledge of the climate of acceptance prior to introduction (which is confusing in itself; some places did not reintroduce and others did … never could get that straight. Seeing many blogs, it seems the more you try to save wolves, the more angry and belligerent the wolf killers become. While biodiversity is the natural order of things, some people just will not “allow” it. Why set up more wolves? I do not look at them so much as a species, but more as individual beings. I hate what is being done to them.


  3. This blog said it all. I also want to add that the idea of killing wolves will make people tolerant of wolves is the most ridiculous and asinine excuse I have heard to date! How does killing wolves create tolerance of them? They were nearly made extinct in the 1930s by people hunting and killing them so I would like Randy Newburg and Doug Smith to explain why their wasn’t any tolerance with all the hunting and killing back then! Killing them will not make these sadists any more tolerant than they were 80 years ago! In fact with the outrageously loose hunting regulations that are set on the wolves, it looks like they will be wiped out again while doing it under the guise of wildlife management. Killing wolves will not make these people more tolerant of them because they have made it clear they want them wiped out and they want to have their sadistic thrills while they do it! So I want them to explain how killing the wolves will make wolf haters more tolerant. I want them to explain Toby Bridges who has an anti-wolf organization called Lobo Watch and why he and his followers talk about torturing wolves and ways to make them suffer while killing them so they die in the most painful ways they can make them during their hunts. I want them to explain why Toby Bridges and his followers have threatened, harassed, bullied, and intimidated wolf lovers and have gotten away with it. I also want them to explain why hunters and trappers have been flaunting pictures of the wolves they killed and rubbing it in the faces of wolf lovers while thumbing their noses and taunting them. I also would like Randy Newburg to explain why he publicly taunted wolf lovers on the episode of his show when he killed wolves and even put a cap that said Team Elk on the dead wolf’s head while posing with it’s corpse for the cameras? The behavior displayed by these hunters is pretty self explanatory that they hate wolves and have no intention of being tolerant of them. They will only become tolerant of wolves when they hunt them to extinction. At the same time, I wonder why wolf lovers have not done more to fight back? Wolf Lovers need to become more aggressive and forceful if they ever hope to stop this and save the wolves that are left before its too late! I don’t know about my fellow wolf activists but I have absolutely no tolerance for hunters and I will only become tolerant of hunters when they cease to exist! I want to destroy and take away the hunter’s sadistic hobby for all the grief they have caused. I just hope other wolf lovers sincerely feel the the same way I do.


  4. Gail and Marcia bring up interesting points. We all want relisting but it seems like a sham, like somebody set us all up, especially the poor wolves.


  5. So we should let them go extinct in North America, or let the killers brutally kill them off, give them their way. Great choice. And after that, the bison, the wild horse, an so on and so on. What an ugly place we will be then. That mindset is irrational, from the time this country was settled, and hasn’t changed. As an American citizen, I personally will not cave in to that until my last breath, the wolves belong here. The answer is simple. Keep the killers out of and away from the National Park boundaries and protect park wolves, put up a buffer. They should be satisfied with having the rest of the states of MT, ID and WY to kill.


  6. I dod not understand why peopel are killing wolves for a level of tolerance. Leave them alone and they will leave you alone, this is sick and disgusting and should not happen. Wolves are just trying to live and survive in the wild like every other animal in the wild.


  7. What’s very telling is how much irrational hatred is directed to the wolf, but not mountain lions or other predators. WHY?


  8. I would like to put these barbaric fat, white hunters in a leg trap and leave them there for days


  9. What a bunch of wankers! They don’t belong in this century, wish they’d go back to Hell where they came from.


  10. I live in the heart of wolf hunting country and I don’t see how the attitude about wolves has improved. Ranchers still freely kill a wolf if it enters their property and wolf poaching is still going on.
    This type of hunter is very spoiled and they want Montana FW&P to allow them to kill wolves with no limit, using airplanes, baiting, and electronic calling and they want more than leg-hold traps. They want to use snares that are the most painful kind of trap for any animal.
    Before the wolves were delisted, Governor Schweitzer allocated funds to have the wolves poisoned and Federal Wildlife Services destroyed wolves that were considered a “problem”.
    There is no end to this profound ignorance about wolves and their importance in our ecosystem.
    The truth is, politicians in Montana don’t care either way about the wolf issue. They side with the wolf haters because they think that it makes them “popular” and will guarantee votes in an election.
    The truth is, a greater number of game animals and livestock are killed by mountain lions than wolves, but wolves are the “scapegoat”. Wolf fur can bring in a lot more money than that of a mountain lion.
    It’s all about politics and money and it makes me sick to think how our wolves are being tortured daily. People who do this have no soul or conscience and should not be allowed to have a gun or be around wildlife.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


    • Toni..that’s why we have to work to see wolves re-listed. It’s their only hope. Working with the states is pointless.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  11. I have never seen one iota of tolerance from the killers. Ever. And I’m not expecting any because, quite frankly, the whole point of the myths is to divert from the primary desire: they want to kill something to make themselves feel heroic. Of course, the intolerance comes from the morons who actually believe in the “evil giant canadian wolves” b.s.


  12. I would expect this type of excuse from a hunter like Newberg, but not from a top wolf biologist like Doug Smith! As a scientist, he (Dr. Smith) should test this “wolf hunting creates wolf tolerance” hypothesis first before making claims like this. I get where he is coming from and all, but so far this hunt has NOT increased wolf tolerance; if anything, it has brought out the worst in wolf haters – the exact opposite of creating tolerance. Hunting did not create tolerance in the past, so I doubt that it will today. So far, it seems like the “wolf hunting creates wolf tolerance” hypothesis is failing. If they really want to create tolerance for the wolf, then they should EDUCATE the local people about them, and disprove the myths with scientific facts. It has worked on much of the general public – so much, in fact, that us wolf advocates now exist.

    I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: where is the scientific evidence proving that wolf hunting creates wolf tolerance? I have yet to see any.


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