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  1. oh God that face speaks for all the dead wolves…living in England I can only make people aware of what is going on in America so that they too can e mail the appropriate people. but these governers and hunters a so steeped in greed and money lust do they even hear or care ? If there is a God up there, please hear our pleas …. and those of the wolves who lived there before man stole their habitat and presented them with an alternative prey how can they possibly know the difference. when so often now they are reduced to loners or a disorganized rabble because their alphas have been murdered.


    • England has no more wolves? Are there any in the wild? I am ashamed of being a citizen of the U.S. where our government allows animals who were not too long ago, close to extinction, to be hunted again. I hate to be mean but hunters who kill for sport are the people I hate above ALL. I mean ABOVE ALL. May they reap what they sow.


  2. They will never save the wolf especially the governor of Montana. Any of these western states will always be pro wolf hunting and it makes me sick.


  3. This disgusting greed and blood lust in America has sickened so many people in the UK we see how corrupt and distorted the American government and legal system has become. How greedy and distorted the lifestyle of so many American people is. I feel so sorry for all the decent Americans who are being tarred with the same brush. I despair for the human race


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