Howling For Justice says:

This is a huge problem and one of the reasons the pro-wolf movement has been stalled. Too many people are depending on the big Orgs to save wolves when in fact they have very little to do with grass-roots organizing and mainly shun the smaller groups who have done much of the footwork concerning wolves. We are treated like step children while they beg for money to “save wolves” when in fact there is little “saving of wolves” going on. Before you give one cent to any large green group, find out their stand on wolf hunting. If they won’t tell you or equivocate, then pass them by.

Howling for Justice, Wolf Warriors, NIWA and Howl Across America do not support wolf hunting or wolf managing, which is a euphemism for killing wolves. Wolves do not need to be managed, their numbers are regulated by prey availability. Please do not be fooled or sucked into working with state game agencies who are in the predator killing business. They don’t care one whit about wolves, mountain lions, grizzly bears or other apex predators. What they care about is selling tags to trophy hunters who  love to kill predators. Wolf advocates need to put away the pipe dream of working with hunting centered agencies and push for relisting of gray wolves. That is their only hope of recovering in the lower 48. As long as the state game agencies are in charge of wolves they will continue to kill them.

The wolf hunts are purely political and have nothing to do with science. As of today 868 wolves have been wiped out in the combined hunts and if we don’t get serious this year about stopping the wanton slaughter of America’s wolves it  will become the norm and wolves will vanish from the lower 48 or will be kept around as a novelty in small, splintered packs, to be  hunted and persecuted, without ever being allowed to fulfill their role as vital apex predators.

 Thank you Jim for your clear thinking, excellent analysis of hunting and how far it is from being remotely connected to conservation. It’s the same as calling Ted Nugent an environmentalist.

Exposing the Big Game

So you don’t get the idea I go around unfairly picking on small grassroots groups, here’s an excerpt from my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, wherein I take on the Goliath of all national green groups for siding with hunting…

Sport hunters have enjoyed so much laudation of late they’re beginning to cast themselves as conservation heroes. What’s worse is that many modern, influential green groups are swallowing that blather, hook, line and sinker. Maybe they ought to reread the words of Sierra Club founder, John Muir:

“Surely a better time must be drawing nigh when godlike human beings will become truly humane, and learn to put their animal fellow mortals in their hearts instead of on their backs or in their dinners. In the meantime we may just as well as not learn to live clean, innocent lives instead of slimy, bloody ones. All…

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