Wisconsin Judge Allows Hunting Wolves With Dogs But Decision Mixed


January 5, 2013

Judge Anderson split his decision, allowing the hunting of wolves with dogs but not under the present DNR “wolf management plan”. That means Wisconsin hunters cannot train their dogs to hunt wolves at this time. BUT what I can see happening is the Wisconsin DNR will go back to the drawing board and include clearer rules and regs on hunting wolves with dogs, to be ready for the 2013 hunt. Wisconsin’s current wolf hunt is closed.

How crazy and demented is it to even think of chasing wolves with up to six dogs per hunter?

There is no science behind this, only political pressure from hunters, you know the people who pay money for wolf tags, money that goes directly into the coffers of the Wisconsin DNR.

The fact hunting wolves with dogs has been resurrected is proof positive wolves MUST be relisted and soon!!


Judge allows wolf hunting with dogs

By Associated Press and Paul A. Smith of the Journal Sentinel
Jan. 4, 2013

Madison – A Dane County judge said Friday the Department of Natural Resources had failed to enact adequate restrictions for dogs used to track or trail wolves, thereby prohibiting the practice under current state law.

However, Judge Peter Anderson’s ruling would allow dogs to hunt wolves.

“There is no evidence that there is a safe way to undertake training of dogs to hunt wolves,” Anderson said. “The agency had authority to put in place rules, but it failed to act.”

Anderson’s specific ruling was that NR 17.4 on dog trials and training was “invalid” with regard to wolves. The section of Wisconsin Administrative Code was written in 2003, before wolves were a game species in the state, and includes no language about wolves.

“It is not sufficient for the agency to disregard all the evidence on this issue,” Anderson said. “Or more specifically, to do nothing.”

Simultaneous with his ruling, the judge dissolved a temporary injunction issued last year that prohibited the use of dogs to hunt wolves.

The ruling was met with mixed emotions by both the plaintiffs and defendants.

“We are pleased that Judge Anderson removed the injunction that banned the use of dogs for hunting wolves,” said DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp. “However, we are disappointed with his decision to prohibit training of dogs to hunt wolves.”

The lawsuit was brought by animal welfare groups and individuals who claimed the state had insufficient rules to protect dogs. The defendants were the DNR and the Natural Resources Board.

A wolf hunting and trapping season was authorized in Wisconsin by Act 169. The legislation, passed last April, allowed the use of dogs to hunt wolves, as well as to track and trail wolves.

Wisconsin is the only state to authorize the use of dogs to hunt wolves.

The legislation included few restrictions on wolf hunting or training with dogs.

While DNR officials claimed their hands were tied by the legislation, the judge repeatedly stated the DNR and Natural Resources Board had authority to put additional restrictions in place.

“The court took the DNR to task for what amounted to bad policy and bad decision-making couched behind poor process,” said Jodi Habush-Sinykin, an attorney for the plaintiffs.

Although Wisconsin’s first wolf hunting season ended when harvest quotas were reached in December, the ruling would allow hunters to use dogs to hunt wolves next season, said DNR attorney Tim Andryk.

The DNR is in the midst of creating a permanent rule for wolf hunting and trapping in the state, as well as revising its wolf management plan.

Andryk said it was premature to say how the judge’s ruling might affect either. Both the permanent rule and the wolf plan are expected to be finalized in 2014.

Carl Sinderbrand, attorney for the plaintiffs, said the overall effect of the ruling was favorable for those seeking additional protections for dogs and wolves. Without the judge’s ruling, dogs could have been used to track or trail wolves immediately in Wisconsin.

Wolves killed a hunting hound as recently as last week in Jackson County.

“In the bigger picture, this case has helped people see if the DNR uses science to make decisions or whether they base them on political pressure,” Sinderbrand said.

Sinderbrand said it was possible a bill would be introduced this session to modify portions of Act 169, including the use of dogs to hunt wolves. The 2013 wolf hunting and trapping season is scheduled to start Oct. 15.

Judge Peterson said he would issue a written version of his ruling next week.



Is this next?

A hunting dog bites a chained wolf during the hunting festival Solburun in the village of Bokonbayevo Kyrgyzstan on October 18  2008. VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO AFPGetty Images

“A hunting dog bites a chained wolf during the hunting festival Solburun in the village of Bokonbayevo Kyrgyzstan on October 18  2008. VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO AFP Getty Images”


Top Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Bottom Photo: VYACHESLAV OSELEDKO AFP Getty Images

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  1. this is so very wrong and barbaric…….its like going back to the dark ages !!!


  2. Speechless……..


    • I am too. Just keeps getting worse. Hunting any animal with dogs should be banned. It is inhumane (as if hunting weren’t already cruel) for both animals and dogs. You have to ask what kind of people think this is fun–animals tearing each other apart while people shoot at them with guns or bows and arrows. I thought getting pleasure out of another’s pain constituted sadism.


  3. We abhor and criminalize dog vs dog fighting yet we allow dogs to attack, rip up, kill wolves???? hunters need to quit endangering their dogs AND need to rethink all this ‘kill the predators’ nonsense!


  4. I am sick of wolf haters. Thats whete our dogs came from. They help to balance nature. We have to do something drastic to savd them as time is running out jusr like Chief Theresa Spence did on other issues She is my hero.


  5. My heart is broken into pieces … no words can describe the sorrow towards the dying majestic creatures, and anger I have towards the wolf haters. What this world has come to?!


  6. This is just so very SAD. Dogs need NOT fight each other!!! And that INCLUDES WOLVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Total DISGUST!! Makes it hard to believe in GOOD. We need something more to throw at these ‘wolf haters’!!! Makes me SICK!!! Dear God, please help people understand and think clearly about the horrible abuse of our beautiful wolves. Amen! ❤


  7. Unbelievable!!! What the screw judge up! DNR got the sweet to let the people’s hunting with dogs ahead! But got upset with new rules no trainings on the wolves, what’s their point??? Not to believe it that they would do it when nobody looks at them… Likely the poachers does to do that! Hound Cruelty and abuse on the wildlife animals. Fightings are illegal but not at Wisconsin with the ugly traditions! Montana and Idaho are the worst with the trappings and snares … Cruelty torture the wolves and rest of the animals bad! Bans all of them!!!


  8. Makes me sick to my stomach that anyone can even contemplate this. Dog fighting is illegal yet they want to let a pack of dogs rip a wolf to pieces? A little contradictory if nothing else. At least Wolves are naturally animals.. This makes HUMANS nothing less. It’s disgusting!!


  9. This is disgusting & without honor toward another loving living being
    This slaughtering must be stopped !!!


  10. Please, no. Tell me this is never going tohappen. We are going back to the dark ages! Humane Society of the US, where are you? They are probably the plaintiffs in this law suit. I can’t make sense of the judge’s ruling.


    • Nancy…we are going to work to make sure this doesn’t happen. The judge states under the current rules hunters cannot train their dogs to hunt wolves. The DNR will have to re-vamp their wolf killing plan. If they do, the environmental groups will certainly go to court to challenge this again. Also we have to work to see wolves relisted. HSUS filed a lawsuit in October 2012 challenging the entire Great Lakes wolf delisting. If that is successful, wolves in the Great Lakes will be regain their ESA protections. All is not lost, we’ve just begun to fight.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


    • In the dark ages they did it out of necessity, not cruelty, this is far worse.


  11. This decision shows the power of the outfitter and houndsman lobby that dominates state wildlife decisions throughout the country. These groups are a tiny percent of America’s population, but have a stranglehold on some legislators. Fight back. Keep the message simple and logical – (1) America has outlawed dog fighting, why allow dogs to tear apart wildlife? (2) Stray dogs are treated better than states like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin – treat wolves.

    Also – something you can do today – go to the Outfitter and Guide website in your state (or the Midwest or N Rockies) and start looking up which outfitters are guiding wolf hunts. Most of them also have Facebook pages where they like to post photos of dead wolves, or mountain lions in trees before they are shot, and/or black bears including yearling cubs – hunted over bait or treed by hounds and then killed.


  12. What is happening to this country?? The killing of wolves itself is barbaric, but to allow dogs to chase them to exhaustion and tear them apart? These hunters not only hate wolves but care little for the safety and welfare of their dogs. The argument of “tradition” …that George Washington hunted with dogs, so I should be allowed to… is ludicrous… some traditions should be allowed to die. How about evolving as a society instead of living in the dark ages, where good science is ignored and hatred and ignorance prevail ?


  13. They are all idiots

    Sent from my HTC smartphone on the Now Network from Sprint!


  14. What is the matter with people. Is this justice. I hope this criminal, yes the judge is a criminal meets his peers in a lonely street.


  15. Reblogged this on Happy Tails and Tales Blog and commented:
    More terrible news except now idiot humans want to torture and murder wolves by putting their dogs in danger!! What is wrong with these people!!


  16. Judge Peterson must have been reincarnated. Stupidity is alive and well in the form of Judge Peterson. Overall, so-called decision makers, be they judges, jackasses sitting in Washington and those they appoint to various jobs (i.e Ken Salazar appointing Dan Ashe, etc., etc.) and many elected officials throughout the 50 states have reverted back to medieval times. So, I’m reverting to witchcraft – may they all “burn in hell”.


  17. Judge Petersen is obviously ignoring laws that are already in place to protect dogs. Imagine that….someone in a position of authority who ignores science/logic/reason and existing laws and the will of the majority of people and spiritual laws/the Lord…..he needs to be removed from the bench/fired immediately and the dnr needs to be sued again….specifically targeting felony animal cruelty and endangerment by the potential use of dogs….

    why can’t all these wolf haters be imprisoned? I’m not suggesting doing instant Karma on them (as much as that is appealing…we have to transcend)…but if they were all in prison, then Wolves would be safe!

    We need to have a Federal license to remain free. The license is issued based on our humanity. If we treat all animals (that includes our own species) with respect and love….we are our brother’s keeper (and Wolves are our brothers), then we’re issued the license. Otherwise, prison.


  18. This is an inhuman act! Everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves and should be tied to a poll or tree or something and be treated like this poor wolf was!!!!!


  19. Do these pictures get to “the” assholes in congress and do any of them have a dog? I understand Biden has a German SHepherd AND how would the President and his family like to see “Bo” out there – in either position? WHERE IS PETA, DEFENDERS, SIERRA CLUB, ETC. As bad as that chained Wolf is – it is the same as the picture to the right of the Wolf caught in leg trap, while people drive by and shoot AND the trapper is grinning while having his picture taken. It is also same as the bear-baiting that goes on in Pakistan where they chain a bear, declaw and let dogs attack. This is so far out of my being able to understand and I would give anything to be there and have the pleasure of stopping this nightmare. If “humans” can do this I guess it is easy for them to rape or beatup a child or all the other horrible things they do


  20. HEY JUDGE while were at it why dont we bring back public hangings? You know all this time i thought that i lived in the 21st Century with civilized people but i see it’s more like the 15th or 16th century that i live in now. Barbaric is what hunting wolves with dogs is. We’ve outlawed dog fights what makes this so different from that? I’m ashamed anymore to call myself an American were other nations look -are suppose to look up to us when in fact they laugh at us behind our backs. THANKS FOR PUTTING ME BACK TO MIDEVIL TIMES.


  21. How can mankind be so cruel and unfair..Leave the wolves alone..
    Someday they may have the chance to hunt you..But I have no doubt that their hunt will be alot more compassionate than man’s..


  22. I read once about a young female mountain lion captured and kept by Fish and Game and used to “train” hunting dogs. This could happen with wolves too I am sure. The lion was eventually saved by a rescue organisation. So-called wildlife services in the US needs a serious overhaul. We need to make the general public aware of what is really going on.


  23. I don’t think the Habushes will take this lying down. Look for further action.


  24. This is horrible! I was really hoping that the judge would’ve decided AGAINST allowing wolves to be hunted with dogs, but as usual my hope goes to waste. In contrast to what hunting proponents believe, there is no need for dogs when hunting wolves; the results of the recently closed 2012-2013 Wolf Hunting and Trapping Season prove this. Regular hunting and trapping is bad enough, and adding dogs only adds more cruelty to an already cruel wolf hunt. Not to mention that this also puts the dogs at risk!


  25. God is watching them Karma sucks.


  26. This is sickening and disgusting! We must fight back!


  27. And when does the 2013 season start, March? Total barbarism.


  28. Dogs are wolves .. They are more closely descended than apes to humans. To have them track their own kind is simple for dogs .. They will always find their prey .. But why? Why do this, why are we killing the still wild version of the dog? . Are we afraid of an animal that won’t be domesticated? Can’t they just be wild? These folks are all mixed up .. Why are they killing a source species?
    We need some biologist to stand up and have some real discussion regarding this serious issue. I want to know more and surely the public does too and then we can stop vilifying a beautiful being


  29. For evil to survive – good men do nothing!


  30. How much longer do our wolves have to suffer for human insanity


    • I hope that Wolves are relisted REAL SOON and traps/snares banned and wild death services closed (the budget cut WE WANT)…here’s a sign on.org petition for Grijalva for Interior Secretary (that will REALLY HELP)….thanks…






  31. Reblogged this on SunnyRomy.


  32. I feel so much sadness hopelessness, for then we try and try to speak out to save them its not working its almost UN bareable to read what is happening inside my heart is fill of so much pain heart ache I won’t stop I never will but that is what my heart is feeling…..


  33. I really don’t like people who hurt such beautiful and misunderstood animals. Wolves are my pursinal favorite animal and i hate people who face dogs and wolves to battle or kill eachother for fun or game. Humans are responsible for the killing of most wolves. Without wolves, dogs would NEVER even EXIST!!


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