A Little Break….

This is one of the cutest videos. We could all use a break from the constant sadness.


baby sloth and his teddy bear photo by smcmahon44

Baby sloth with his teddy bear


Video: YouTube Sloth Orphanage PoissonEcureuil

Photo by smcmahon44

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  1. OMG – How adorable they are.


  2. Tooooooooooooo cute. Thanks for the break from the heaviness of it all. 🙂


    • That is so sweet. It is a good reminder that people also do good things not just injure and kill.


  3. All sweetness! There was a docu on a couple of years ago about a sloth orphanage in Costa Rica. AMAZING people and the animals were beyond precious 🙂


  4. Adorable. I love them! Precious animals!


  5. Thank for adding a smile to my day!


  6. Thank you Nabeki, this leaves a good feeling after all the anger and sadness. They are really cute.


  7. That was very nice. Thank you. You have good ideas. I respect and love all animal babies.


  8. Awwwwwww that is sooooooooo cute! Sloths are wonderful creatures! I got to feed a (captive) sloth once, and I will never forget that experience; it was amazing! Thank you for sharing this video and helping to raise awareness about sloths.


  9. they do know how to enjoy life


  10. What a cutie. 🙂


  11. How precious thanks I do love sloths


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