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Yellowstone wolf Lamar Canyon Pack Alpha Female_832F and Wolf 754 killed in the hunts

Yellowstone’s 06 Female, 832f and beta male 754, both tragically killed in the brutal wolf hunts

January 14, 2013

Took a little break from the madness this weekend but will be back up to speed this week, ready to continue the fight.  It may have delayed approving some of your comments, I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

For the wolves, for the wild ones,



Sacred Spirit – A-La-Ke

Sacred Spirit – Looking For North




Photo: Courtesy NYT, Doug McLaughlin

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Tags: Iconic 06 Female killed, stop the wolf hunts, wolf hunts, wolf persecution, Wolf Wars, Yellowstone 754 beta male killed, Lamar Canyon Pack, Sacred Spirit

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  1. the more we try to protect our beautiful wild animals on this planet the more mad men there are out there – I just hate people


    • I’m so in agreement with you.


  2. I would like to see the looks on their faces when the universal law of reciprocity comes flying back as these evildoers like a boomerang. RIP 832f and 754. You are loved, and you always will be.


  3. Sick and perverted these laughing huntspeople will regret it all when it is too late.


  4. tragic loss!


  5. Shame, shame on humanity.


  6. Please stop these killings of our Wolves,animal cruelty applies to all animals,stop before it is to late


  7. Front page of San Francisco Chronicle TODAY story about CONCERN for our state’s lone Wolf – apparently there is a video circulating funded in part by who else – Koch Bros. – making outrageous statements and fueling this hatred. These people are sick, sick, sick and I guess they keep the “troops” in line by focusing on The Wolf or the President – not unlike the nazis! The article makes reference to the horrible toll taken as a result of delisting and quotes “Butch” from that killer state of Idaho. I hope OR7 is safe, stays safe and finds a mate soon – I feel so sorry for him looking all over and no female Wolf.


  8. Do you have any feedback yet as to whether or not our calls to the Colville Reservation helped get the hunt stopped there? Also, any news on the court hearing this morning near Yellowstone?


  9. You deserve a break; you work so hard to help our wolves. And I can’t blame you for wanting to take a break; I too have been trying to take a break from all of this heartbreak (not that it’s working).


  10. People are disgusting. We believe that we are the superior species, and we are, but we take complete advantage of that. The slaughters say that their actions are doing justice because occasionally wolves kill a cow or two. We killed almost a thousand of them! We also eat cows, sheep, chicken, etc. What’s the difference?! It’s absolutely fine that you took a weekend off. You shouldn’t have to work so hard to get people to be civilized. I’m disgusted with mankind.


  11. Your website has always been one full of knowledge and I was wondering if you had found out who replaced Salazar? I was not able to find any record yet.


    • wind dancer….a person named Sally Jewel was selected for the Interior. We all wanted Grijalva but Obama did the little dance he always does and picked someone he thought would make the fewest waves and have little impact. She was the CEO of REI, a company similar to Patagonia…they sell outdoor equipment, etc. Jewel has a history in the oil and gas industry as well, so that’s a red flag. The one positive thing she has going for her is she’s NOT Salazar.

      She seemed to roll over on wolves during her confirmation hearings but we’ll see what she does. I think we have a good chance to educate her and bring her to our side but I don’t know much more than that.

      Hope that helps.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


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