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Exposing the Big Game

In a scene all too reminiscent of something out of the movie, Mississippi Burning, a rural sheriff is urging his hate-filled, violence-prone constituents to defy federal law enforcement officers and continue their attacks on the objects of their redneck derision. This time, instead of the Deep South, the setting is extreme Northeastern California, and rather than the Civil Rights Amendment, the federal law being defied is the Endangered Species Act. The potential victim warranting protection is a wolf known as OR7, who could be caught in the crossfire of a depraved tradition know as a “contest hunt” targeting coyotes with the savage glee of an angry lynch mob.

The above analogy highlights how far we’ve come in terms of civil rights since the early ‘60s—and just how far we have to go before the country embraces the mere concept of animal rights. Try to suggest relegating any group…

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  1. How barbaric can you get? What sort of sick people get pleasure from killing these wild animals? Please stop the blood lust.


  2. I am anxious to see what Federal Officers are going to do about this ding dong. When is this all going to stop?


  3. the animals have become a pawn in the war against Pres. Obama and the “feds”. I fail to understand how they think “public land” means anything else! I do understand there are probably very few of this sick group of fat white men who have an education past high school but you would think a simple word like “public” could be understood.DUH! We need to get rid of the fat people and the stupid people – what a wonderful world that would leave!


    • I agree, but I also think the hunters represent a huge amount of hatred of PETA and the HSUS, two of the biggest and most successful organizations fighting abuse of animals. Both organizations have been successful in bringing attention to the issue of cruelty to animals and have done much go help make things better. However, all the groups and people who have been affected by the success of pro-animal groups are fighting back, and I think we are seeing that backlash in the wolf hunting, bison hunting, horse roundups, etc. The big anti-animal groups are joining forces–including their organizational members, money, and lobbying influence, and they are successful in getting laws passed and coopting law enforcement to go along with them. I believe they are taking a lesson from the National Rifle Association by never giving up or giving in when it comes to their hunting sprees, rodeos, or other abuses of animals, no matter how many individuals oppose them. Some of the hunts of wolves, squirrels, coyotes, and pigeons have had opposition from all over this country, as well as from foreign countries, but the killing goes on. Maybe it will take an animal equivalent of Newtown to get enough caring and compassionate people to really fight back. But as we can see in the battle to enact gun laws, even though approximately 90% of the American people want stricter laws, the gun lobby may still win. I plan to keep fighting, but the outlook right now is pretty bleak.


  4. WHY does this country have to MURDER everything that THEY THINK is a threat? PEOPLE ARE THE THREAT.


  5. Look at the expression of the mother coyote in this image: http://www.trapfreenm.org/images/Coyote-Mother-and-Pup-250-2.jpg

    How can anybody even think about killing, hunting, trapping, abusing, etc this beautiful, intelligent, sentimental, emotional, creature? Doesn’t she look like she enjoys her life – and her pups? How can anybody knowingly destroy this wonderful creature and feel good about it?

    I love coyotes just as much as wolves, and I will never stop fighting for these animals. Once I’m a biologist working in the field, I’m going to try to outlaw predator killing contests and try to remove coyotes from the varmint species list in all states that this occurs in. In fact, I’m gonna try to stop all coyote hunting in general! The science does not support hunting as an effective coyote control method and hunting is cruel to those poor coyotes.

    Save the coyotes!


  6. Is Rod Steiger in lead role in ” heat of the night” as the Sheriff ? These boys like to take the law into their own hands.. I haven’t heard any outcome if the Feds were able to keep him and his buddies off the public lands for their fun filled coyote killing contest weekend .. I think this Is quite a story. Nary a word in the San Francisco chronicle today .. Does anyone have info from Adin, Ca?
    They stated they lost $4 million a year from coyotes attacks ? I think not ! Those welfare ranchers still got their hands out for back pay ., that’s some accounting system they must have !!!


  7. When does the Governor get involved Brown? Any Fed ?


  8. I hope that karma & the great people who are fighting to save what’s left of our wildlife make these cruel murdering mean people pay for the many deaths of these beautifull creatures who do not deserve what these ugly people are being legally given the right to cause unfortold pain,heartache to these brilliant creatures who deserve to live in love,peace & happiness..


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