Montana Declares War On Wolves, AGAIN!


I’ve always loved Montana, especially Western Montana. The Rocky Mountain Front, Bob Marshall Wilderness, The Great Bear Wilderness, Glacier National Park, The North Fork,  The Swan Range, Jewel Basin, Flathead Lake, Logan’s Pass, Going to the Sun Road, Spotted Bear, The Bitterroot Mountains and so many other wonderful places too numerous to mention.  Even its name reflects its majesty, Montana, land of mountains. Louis and Clark journeyed there on their epic exploration.

“In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson commissioned an exploration to trace the Missouri River to its source and find a water route to the Pacific Ocean.

Under the leadership of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark the Corps of Discovery covered almost 8,000 miles from St. Louis, Missouri, to the mouth of the Columbia River, returning two years later. They journeyed westward across Montana from April 1805 to September of that year. On the return trip to St. Louis in the summer of 1806, the leaders crossed Montana using two separate routes.”….

Lt. Col. George Armstrong Custer was struck down by the power of the Sioux Nation, on a bloody Montana battlefield.


“It is estimated that as many as 12,000 Indians, of whom 4,000 were warriors, gathered near the Little Big Horn River, in what is now Montana, to meet with Sitting Bull. The encampment included Lakota bands (Oglalas, Brules, Sans Arcs, Minneconjous, and Hunkpapas) as well as Cheyenne and Blackfeet. The Sioux had a reputation as warriors”….eyewitnesstohistorydotcom

Montana is the third largest state in the Lower Forty Eight,  it’s huge. When I was a kid I dug for fish fossils there.

During much of the Cretaceous Period (144 to 65 million years ago) a large portion of Montana was covered by the waters of a shallow, inland sea called the Western Interior Seaway. The sea was formed as west-central North America was subsiding to an elevation below sea level. As this sinking occurred the area filled with water from the Gulf of Mexico and the Arctic Ocean….“formontanadotnet

I can still remember sifting through the shale rock looking for a perfect two-sided fossil, it was great adventure. My childhood memories were filled with Montana, a magnificent place where the sky never ends.

Montana is blessed with abundant wildlife and certainly plenty of room for wolves. Montanans’ should be proud to live in a state that supports all top predators in vast intact ecosystems, the grizzly, the mountain lion, the gray wolf. But sadly the state has been hijacked by people who care nothing for trophic cascades or apex predators.  They want to turn Montana into a giant elk farm for their pleasure, as if elk or any of the wildlife belong to them.

I still love Montana’s beauty but there is an ugliness that hovers there now, an intolerance that holds Montana in its grasp. Montana is killing wolves, just as they did decades ago.

“In the United States, large-scale predator control programs were carried out, with wolves hunted and killed nearly to extinction.  By the middle of the 20th century, few wolves existed in the Lower 48 states.  Only several hundred gray wolves in Minnesota remained, with a few Red wolves and an occasional Mexican gray wolf reported. Both the Mexican gray wolf and the red wolf were eventually completely eliminated in the wild and prior to recent reintroduction efforts, existed only in captivity”..National Wolf Fact Sheet

The Endangered Species Act was signed by President Nixon in 1973 and by the late seventies wolves started to return home to Northwestern Montana, forming packs, some large, like the Magic Pack.

“Reports of wolves near Glacier National Park began to trickle in during the late 1970s. In 1979 a wolf was captured just north of the U.S. border in British Columbia. She was released with a radio collar. Three years later this same wolf had mated and produced a litter of eight pups. According to Hank Fischer in his book “Wolf Wars,” this pack was named the “Magic Pack” due to its tendency to appear and disappear for long periods.The Magic Pack became the first pack of wolves to inhabit the western United States in 50 years.”..Wolf Report 8/18/96

They weren’t reintroduced, they reintroduced themselves. They belong there and no hysterical elk hunter is going to tell me any different. Montana is prime wolf country and it’s their home. It’s been their home for thousands of years, before European settlers ever set foot on the continent, where Native Americans lived peacefully among them, where gray wolves co-existed with Dire wolves.

Now with wolf hysteria reaching a fever pitch, Montana has declared war on wolves once again. Ready to do the bidding of the ranching and hunting lobbies, Montana legislators aren’t satisfied that hundreds of wolves have died in the state since wolves lost their ESA protections in 2009.  They want to make life even harder for wolves. Science be damned, let politics reign. A particularly nasty piece of legislation, HB 73, sailed through the Montana Senate last week and is waiting newly elected Governor Bullock’s signature. Will he veto it? I don’t hold out much hope for that.  Again politics before science.

House Bill 73 lets the Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks increase the number of wolves one hunter can take, allows for electronic calls, and removes a requirement to wear hunter orange outside general deer and elk season.
The measure also prohibits the state wildlife agency from banning wolf hunts in areas around national parks. Its swift passage would allow the changes to take effect during the hunting season that’s currently under way…missoulian

Take note Montana legislators, you’ve turned a once beloved state into wolf killing fields, becoming a smaller version of Alaska, a state who kills wolves without mercy or an Idaho clone, where it’s now legal to use wolf carcasses to bait wolves to their deaths.

Montana is a place where wolves howl but those howls could be silenced forever and the state I loved will never be the same again!


Contact Governor Bullock and ask him to veto HB 73

Governor Steve Bullock 



Two Big Horned Sheep Rams, Glacier National Park (Nabeki)


Top Photo: tumblr

Middle Photo: Wiki Commons

Bottom Photo: Nabeki

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  1. Scumbags in Montana


    • I have been to Montana before they even tried to kill off all the Wolves and I wore a T Shirt with a Wolf on it – and boy if looks from the locals could have killed – I would not be here today – and that was years ago – they have never accepted them – and they had to have the last word as much room is up there for the Wolves – they heartless nasty people – take you dollar and make it two just because you don’t live there and the hateful looks on top –
      I also visited Yellostone – when the Lamar Valley was still a safe place –
      I now cry over all this blood and carnage that can only be done by people that have no humanity or mercy on anything –
      I would never go back – not if my life depended on it – they have nothing else to kill anymore because that’s all they do is hunt – so what? Only Wolves are left? I hope they are snowed in up to their noses and their lights are out maybe they will stay home and worry about their Children – naw – they don’t care about them either I guess because they are teaching them to become Killers of the Innocent.


      • I agree. But in some ways I even blame the people who reintroduced the wolves. Yes, the wolves belong in the ecosystem, but wolf hatred has such a long and sordid history in this country that people should have known that the wolves would suffer and die if brought back. Are those who wanted them back in the frontlines fighting for them now? I hope so.


      • I agree with Marcia below. Those who worked to bring wolves back to the Rocky Mountains must share the responsibility for what is happening to them now because those people surely must have known that it would. Why could we (as a country) not have waited until attitudes had changed? Maybe it would have taken several more generations, but much as I love wolves and know that they belong, I don’t believe it was worth the price they are paying now. Or the price paid by we who love them. The carnage we have been forced to witness is so painful to me that I doubt whether I want to see them relisted. Wouldn’t we only be causing more wolves to be slaughtered in the future?


      • Yes – I supported bringing them back – I never believed the American People would turn out to be so cruel and act like they do – yes they are being sacrificed – but I doubt that anything would have changed if we had waited – because no one learns from the mistakes that were made – and I could name a few but I do not want to disclose names. I don’t think that the future will teach anybody to accept the big bad wolf – because it’s worse now then when they first came. If we had a strong enough Leader in the Government and if that Rider on the Budget bill had not passed this would not be happening – now whole States going against Federal Laws of the few protections remaining – for example if the Wolves set one paw outside Yellowstone they are dead – only one Person can stop it – but nobody listens to what the people want –

        I am in shock of how cruel this Country has become – I am from another Country and was very proud to become an American – now it would not have made a difference – I did not get away from blood and death – I see the pictures and cry.

        Did we do so wrong they they once again have to be wiped out? I don’t think so – there is still room for them – had we waited – maybe we would not have reintroduced them – but they are killing them just as much in other Countries now – Alaska leading with Canada right behind and several European Countries too.

        So what did we do so wrong? We learned a lot – but some people have closed minds – and they will never change – not in a hundred years.


      • I don’t blame those who reintroduced wolves – it is the right and moral thing to do. Wolves were here before Europeans came, and just because they are inconvenient to what humans call progress is no reason to destroy them. It is a horror. If the scientists are guilty of anything, it is having a ‘too reasonable’ approach, and maybe reducing the ‘subject’ of their studies to an object, but it certainly is the lesser evil. But the other side is anything but reasonable. We shouldn’t coddle these A**H***S.


  2. Shameful and ugly Montana,


    • If the Wolf would be placed back on the Endangered LIst where they really belong – only the pups born here would be new – no new Wolves from somewhere else would be brought in –

      And Nature takes care of overpopulation – we need to let her do her job and not always interfere in the worst possible way.


  3. For Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SAVE THE WOLVES!!!!! <3


    • What is happening is shameful, immoral and disgusting. But they are hell-bent on killing and no amount of opposition is helping. They have taken a stand, just as the NRA has taken a stand, and will not back down. The big organizations are the ones with the money to lobby the legislature.


  4. All of you murderous scummy humans.,The wolves were here first.Its just tearing my heart apart draining my spirit Please do the right thing and stop the meaningless murder of these beautiful souls!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. no words for the utter Stupidity of this bill. .sorry,montana..just can’t think of anything positive about you right can you do this to your own beautiful state? to pass this bill is just shameful and the work of ignorant people.i called the govenor’s ofice a couple of weeks ago.. will keep doing what i can.


  6. This state is just as pathetic as Wyoming and Idaho. It’s a shame. When do they realize without a balanced ecosystem even their beloved elk will waste away……including themselves?


  7. boycott Wyoming and all wolf killing states.


    • Unfortunately, boycotts just do not work until a big enough number of people engage in them and it has a direct and immediate effect on the economy. Most places do not even take the threat of boycotts seriously. I wish we could find something that would send a message to these idiots and sadists that would stop them.


      • What boycotts?! All the supermarkets in Massachusetts are selling Idaho potatoes and Wisconsin cheese, to name a few, and people are happily buying them. My coworkers proudly spend their vacations in Montana or Idaho or Wyoming, unaware about the wolf killing that will not end until all the wolves are slaughtered. NOBODY except us knows about this “boycott”. How can we expect it to work if nobody knows about it? Do I make a dent in their profits if I am the only one who does not buy Idaho potatoes or Wisconsin cheese?! No Way! And we come back to the old issue, the need for press coverage to inform the people of this country what is happening to the wildlife in the Northern Rockies.
        As for those who initiated the wolf reintroduction, President Clinton and Bruce Babbitt, his secretary of the interior, I wrote to them and begged them to do something to stop the wolf killing. President Clinton did not bother to reply. Bruce Babbitt replied to say that he is aware and to advise us to keep writing to politicians in Washington. We all know how useful this is… So much for any help from those who spent our hard earned tax dollars to reintroduce the wolves.


  8. what a Shame ,why can’t they just leave them alone?


  9. The blood lust in these kill orgies seems to be insatiable. Disappointing is an understatement.


    • They teach their Children to kill innocent beings and then are shocked when there is a School Shooting – if it’s okay to kill living things that have no defense – well what do you expect?

      I am very much against all that – teach them gun safety okay – but don’t teach them to kill – there is enough of that going on –

      I saw a picture of a 7 year old that had killed a Deer with his Father grinning behind him – that Child did not walk out into the Woods with a gun and kill a Deer – so now he is admired – oh that is so wrong in my book – so wrong and against everything i believe.


  10. PLEASE leave our wolves alone, they have every right to be here as we! Like the native Americans the wolves where here first! The white race has ALWAYS tried to destroy what they don’t understand. Wolves are as easily misunderstand as everything.. Wolves understand love on so many different levels & they are more humane than what we are; They DO NOT kill for sport, needlessly, trophy, They kill to feed & protect their families.. We as a human race can not say the same thing!! I am ashamed to be called human if we keep continuing letting people Kill wolves & other animals needlessly, for trophies! DO THE RIGHT THING; LET THE WOLVES RUN FREELY LET THEM SURVIVE!!!


  11. Montana & all the other ignorant states that are killing wolves should be forever boycotted. They are nothing but “water carriers” for ranchers & it needs to stop. The wildlife & the public lands they live on belong to all of us & we don’t want the wildlife/wolves & bison killed so the ranchers can run their cattle on our public land!


  12. I’m saying a firm NO to House Bill 73. No open wolf hunts, calls, trapping or increased numbers of wolves hunters can kill.


  13. If I ever got the chance, I used to want to visit Montana BUT NOT ANYMORE! – A state of murderers.


  14. i used to vacation in Montana every summer, i loved it ! But now i will no longer support Montana by spending money in their state.. Montana has ruined this beautiful state! I will do everything i can to get the word out in defense of Wolves ! SHAME ON YOU MONTANA..!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. You are right about Alaska! When I moved up there in 2002, there were 1200 wolves and when I left in 2010, there were 300 wolves and they were still killing wolves. It was part of Sarah Palin’s “Kill Baby Kill” Plan. In 2010, hunters were finding wolves during denning season and gassing the wolves and their pups. TV and newspaper accounts showed helicopters carrying wolf carcasses and newspaper reports showed heaps of dead wolves and people standing around the pile smiling. Understand that Sarah’s husband works for the oil industry and they are very instrumental in this slaughter.
    I tried to fight this carnage and stood outside in subzero weather with petitions to try to stop the aerial shooting, poisoning, baiting, trapping, and gassing of wolves.
    I moved back to my home in Montana in 2010 hoping to live in a state where wildlife was more humanely treated. It makes me very sad that the problem followed me here.
    Toni Stark
    Truth About Wolves


  16. What looks to be a good program coming up on PBS about wolves and buffalo:


  17. Governor Bullock has not made his decision about HB73 and he is currently consulting wildlife biologists. Please have everyone write to him now at: and present facts on why this bill must be vetoed and why the wolf hunts must stop immediately. I wish that Nabeki’s articles could be sent to him in book form. Then our Governor would see a true picture of how wolves are being victimized and tortured.


    • Toni…I’ll add his contact info at the end of the article. I wasn’t too impressed with his response in the Missoulian the other day…but you’re right, we should keep calling and not give up until he makes his decision. If he’s speaking to biologists, he should speak to Jay Mallonee, a Montana wolf biologist who could educate the governor about wolves and why these hunts are totally unnecessary!!
      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


  18. Reblogged this on bearspawprint.


  19. Please add the Raven logo and the name of The Ravensong Group to your webpage.Thanks,Dr. Catherine


  20. It breaks my soul and if I wasn’t in a public places I’d crying my eyes out of frustration, sadness, & confusion. The wolves mean so much to me and I’d give everything even my own life if it would guarantee their safety. Please please don’t kill the wolves don’t turn them into a myth…


  21. These people have hatred in their hearts,for some reason they are not happy and take their disgust on the wolf,I will never go back to either of the three states,wyoming,Idaho,Montana,only California is left for me. When is I bama going to wake up !


  22. I find it hard to believe in today’s world it would be open season on wolves. Wolves are such an important part of our heritage. It’s like being a traitor to the American way to kill any of these wonderful animals. Who approved such a horrific act? Please reconsider.


  23. are you people sick!!!!!why would anyone want to kill these animals…what are you going to say to your children and their children, you were the reason there are not any wolves. you are a sick——–!!!!


  24. These same people who have no conscious and kill out of bloodthirst are the same who proclaim to be “good Christians.” I follow the Native American spiritualism, but these hypocrites need to remember that God created wolves and only he has the power to take away the life he has given…


  25. Reblogged this on Time for Action.


  26. Don’t give up, Nabeki! We need to stick together – Defenders, NRDC, et… Maybe put a full court press on Sally Jewell if and when she becomes DOI Sec. There is always hope! Your leadership is greatly appreciated!


  27. I’m really worried for wolf conservation at the moment, especially with the Swedish government trying to push through a cull even though they have a tiny population of around 200 wolves :(. Norway are always trying to cut their tiny population and France are wanting to get rid of the few wolves that have only just started crossing their border…

    Lets get them reintroduced to Britain, we’ll look after them with no risk of migration across borders thank you very much North Sea :)


  28. If there is any message we need to get out to all advocates of the wolves and defenders of wildlife, it is that we must not give up now, when the battle seems lost!

    I have it on very good authority that it was precisely because of the insanity of the Coyote 2013 hunt in California that happened this last weekend that the tide may be turning here. Hands were tied until the hunters and loud-mouthed sheriff broke laws, and now the advocacy groups, attorneys, law enforcement, federal and state attorney generals, and national media are all over it. Thankfully, OR7 is still safe, even if the poor coyotes were martyred for this cause, and thoughtful new leadership in California has ordered an investigation in to the entire matter.

    Please continue calling, emailing, and writing letters to public officials and state agencies, and sign up with groups such as The Center for Biological Diversity to get their timely alerts for contacting the decision makers. Over 1,000,000 people like you and me are following these organizations who have people on the front lines defending the wolves, and our voices are being heard.

    I was also told that one of the most important and effective things we can all do is to write letters to the editor in every newspaper writing anything about what is happening to the wolves, because the more we raise public awareness, the more people are going to wake up and cause a stink that cannot be ignored.

    Please, please do not lose hope, and realize that there are silver linings to these dark clouds of hateful bloodlust! Don’t give up now, because this is exactly what they want us to do. Our passion and voices are powerful and meaningful, if we just do not quit now! The more insane the wolf haters become, the more they are going to do themselves in, because our world is truly changing to understand the value of all forms of life, not just human.

    For all of the wolves!


  29. i was hoping to travel to montana for our vacation this year. my g-son really wanted to see the state. i wanted to see big fork ,,yellowstone, and some of the wilderness areas. now with this new info. … .We have decided to spend our money in washington state. stop the killing of wolfs and we’ll start our future journeys to montana. not until the killing stops !, :(


    • Sue, I’m glad to hear it, Montana is a beautiful state but it’s developing a black heart. What’s happening to the wolves is poisoning the atmosphere in the state. The politicians have allowed a right wing fringe movement to take over policy and scapegoat wolves. This is all political theater and any biologist that goes along with this should be ashamed of themselves. Instead of putting science first many who work for the state of Montana are riding the wolf persecution train. There is no reason to be hunting wolves and they know it. They know tremendous damage is being done but it seems they don’t care. This has to stop and the only way it’s going to stop is if the state has to pay a price by losing tourism dollars for their disgusting display of cruelty and ignorance. Montana is the new Idaho. It’s almost like living in Selma, Alabama in the 1950’s, wolves and wolf advocates are being treated abhorrently.

      For the wolves, For the wild ones,


      • I read an article today that they now have bills to start in on the bison population in Montana also!


      • Francene, Montana has been killing Yellowstone bison for years. Since 1985 they’ve killed over 7000 bison. It’s a national tragedy.

        Buffalo Field Campaign
        Total Yellowstone Buffalo Killed

        Winter 2012/2013
        (past counts)
        Yellowstone Buffalo Killed Winter 2007/2008

        Yellowstone Buffalo Killed
        Since 1985


        For the wolves, For the bison,


  30. I think the same can be said of all of the states that are killing wolves. In the past I’ve been to Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming (among other states) and they are absolutely beautiful states! I’ve been to Yellowstone, and I saw so many gorgeous elk and bison, and even a pronghorn (didn’t see any wolves, though). I vowed that I would return to Yellowstone and the Northern Rockies one day, and I hope to go back soon, before all of the wolves are killed off.

    That must of been fun, looking for fossils in Montana. When I was a kid I always dug in the dirt looking for earthworms and isopods; they are just so fascinating. How I wish for a return to those days, where I can just appreciate nature without having to worry about wolf hunting and coyote killing contests and the persecution of flying-foxes (fruit bats) by farmers and etc. But at the same time, I know that I can never go back to those days and that, more importantly, I have a duty to protect all life from extinction and persecution. After all, that’s why I want to be a conservation biologist in the first place!


  31. I wonder if they would chop down the tree of life if it grew in their state.


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